Saturday, March 23, 2019

Greater Israel Plans for Syria, Africa, the US, and Everywhere Else in the World

Jake Morphonios gives background
to Israeli seizure of Syrian Lands

Further to my post of yesterday, wherein I updated my readers on the deep psychosis/dementia being suffered by the US President, Donald J. Trump, I present the above excellent video...that sketches in who's pulling the Demented Donald's strings.  Interestingly, Jake Morphonios, talks about the South Sudan, which is relatively nearby Mozambique.  Mozambique was recently hit by a big weather-related catastrophe.  In my next post I will connect the dots between the "destabilizing turmoil" (TM) in South Sudan with the "destabilizing turmoil" (TM) currently going on in Mozambique...due to a critically timed and "fortuitous" [to some] weather event.  Stay tuned.

Political Map of Africa


BuelahMan said...

I beat this horse until it was dead BEFORE the election. That is how obvious it was from the get-go.

There is no way Clinton could be as jewy as Trump is, yet I am supposed to believe the Kabuki that "at least Hillary lost".

Just how is it better?

NEITHER are worthy. No D or R alive is worthy. They ALL (and I mean all) are subservient to the jew. Period.

THIS is my stance and has been for decades.

Never an R or D Again (that is until the next election where the undiscerning, again, vote in the one who simply tells them what they want to hear).

Anonymous said...

The Trumpster wins
You heard it here first
Your vote means nothing

Anonymous said...

Further;; If you look up the Sassoon family, a Kurdish Jewish family based originally in Baghdad who control the heroin trade. David Sassoon had three sons, one he sent to Shanghai, one to London and one he kept in Iraq.
They took control of the 'East India Company' (Inc.1601), bought the protection of the British Crown, and have controlled the heroin trade ever since.
That could give one some insight into the real reason for US troops in Afghanistan and Eric Prince's 'Blackwater' move into eastern China.
And why the US and Israel are backing the Kurdish in Iraq and Syria.