Monday, March 11, 2019

Finally! The Slave Owner's Code, "The Monroe Doctrine", Will Be Tested

James Monroe - Slave Owner and
5th President of the United States

Voice of Satan, BBC, Rubs hands with Glee as Venezuela suffers from USrael Blackou

Monday Morning, and the United States of Israel is doubling down on its stated intention to cause Regime Change in Venezuela by hook or by crook.  This morning, the "Voice of Satan", the BBC, is crowing and rubbing its hands with glee as it reports how Venezuelans are suffering under the USrael-created electrical blackouts.  Infants are, or will shortly be, "dying in their incubators" (TM) least that's the fervent hope of the perps.

US wants ‘broad’ regime-change coalition on Venezuela – Bolton

Despite less than half of the world countries [50 out of 190] recognizing Random Guyaido as the "Interim" President of Venezuela...and attempts to foist him upon the Government, and in particular, the Military, of Venezuela looking more and more ridiculous...the appointed "Overseers", Bolton and Abrams, press on with the "broad" regime-change coalition This "coalition" is made up solely of USrael and its vassal states, including Canada.

Some readers may not be familiar with the centuries old policy that is driving this so-far failed intrusion into yet another government of the Americas.  This is a noxious idea called The Monroe Doctrine, a wet dream thought up by the cruel slave owner, and president, James Monroe back in the early years of the United States.

Plantations and slavery

Oak Hill Mansion

Monroe sold his small inherited Virginia plantation in 1783 to enter law and politics. He later fulfilled his youthful dream of becoming the owner of a large plantation and wielding great political power, but his plantation was never profitable. Although he owned much more land and many more slaves, and speculated in property, he was rarely on-site to oversee the operations. Overseers treated the slaves harshly to force production, but the plantations barely broke even. Monroe incurred debts by his lavish and expensive lifestyle and often sold property (including slaves) to pay them off.[19] Overseers moved or separated slave families from different Monroe plantations in accordance with production and maintenance needs of each satellite plantation.[20] One of Monroe's slaves named Daniel often ran away from his plantation in Albermarle County, to visit other slaves or separated family members.[20] Monroe commonly referred to Daniel as a "scoundrel" and described the "worthlessness" of Daniel as a runaway slave.[20] The practice of moving and separating slave families was common treatment of slaves in the South.[20]


The Slave Owner's Code - The Monroe Doctrine - 1823

Greencrow says:  Simply put, James Monroe...using the same mentality as when he chased his escaping slaves around his plantation and beyond, stated that all the countries that make up North and South America belong to the United States.  They do not have independent sovereignty.  In other words, Canada, Mexico and all the other nations of Central and South America are USrael colonies...or slaves.

This is why USrael has behaved so atrociously towards the free and independent nation of Cuba over the past half century.  Cuba has dared declare itself sovereign over its own island...with the notable exception of the torture and false imprisonment centre at illegal US military base.

So, when, over the past centuries, the United States has invaded, destroyed and set up puppet regimes in one South American country after another...don't look at it as an endless series of illegal invasions.  Rather, look at it as a slave owner just rounding up errant slaves and returning them, beaten and manacled, back to their shacks in the plantation fields.

But, wait.  Perhaps a "Lincoln"--in the form of Russia--has finally come to "free the slaves".  Several newz reports are informing us that Russia has determined that it will stand up and protect Venezuela from the planned and threatened "regime change" Invasion.

Russia will prevent US intervention in Venezuela: Official

An official in the Russian Douma has stated that it is in the interest of Russia to prevent regime change in Venezuela and Russia will act to prevent USrael intervention.  We know that Russia [and China] have made huge investments in the oil and gas industry in Venezuela.  We know that China and Russia had also made huge investments in the oil industry in Iraq before the US invasion of 2003.  They were summarily kicked out of Iraq once the USrael "mission was accomplished".  But now Russia has learned that if it doesn't stand up for its right to trade with whomever it will be kicked out of one country after another all over the world.  And Russia has developed defensive weaponry [the S-400 anti-missile system] that it can sell to other countries, to help them defend themselves...from the slave owner bullwhip's crack.

So Russia might as well take a stand in Venezuela....and finally break the slave owner's code--The Monroe Doctrine.  Who knows...Canadians can always hope and pray that the ripple of freedom might even spread northwards--to Canada:

Martin Luther King Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr.
“Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.”

Neil Young - "Southern Man"


RickB said...

Also Agenda-Free TV, jewish-independent-internet coverage, could hardly hide its glee as it was objectively looking for and reporting evidence suffering from the blackout.

I had to shut it down because I could no longer tolerate the glee in finding evidence of suffering and the cheering in accompanying live chat box.

FC said...

why are Russia calling the Elected Maduro government "Regime"

greencrow said...

Hi FC:

Are they? Can you provide a link?