Friday, March 15, 2019

Christchurch - Where is Joe Vialls when we need him?

Christchurch Police

Another False Flag Friday on Planet Earth and I'm wondering... Where is the late, great Joe Vialls when we need him?  If Joe hadn't been killed years ago by a "fast acting fatal disease" (TM) he would be hard on solving the latest Christchurch, New Zealand mosque mass shooting atrocity case that occurred this morning.  HERE is a link to Joe's great investigation of the Port Arthur event which has some amazing similarities to the event in Christchurch today.

Joe was the one who first got me into Conspiracy Theory speculation.  He had his own blog way back in the days before blogging became commonplace.  He was a former policeman and honed his superb investigatory skills examining all the very first False Flags...back in the late 90's and early 2000's. Joe blogged from Australia and specialized in conspiracies that took place "Down Under". This was back when most of us accepted the various official stories we were fed.  But not Joe.  He was like a Pitbull when he got hold of a stinky story. the way this most recent incident in Christchurch stinks.  Aanirfan said it first.  

Hey, it's very early days to state definitively that it is a False Flag...BUT it has all the usual pungencies:

- It happened on a Friday so it can mesmerize the Talmudvision Watchers all weekend

- It happened in one of the NATO/Five Eyes vassal states....funny how these incidents almost never happen elsewhere

- It started off with multiple shooters then ended up with only one arrest...of a "lone nut"(TM) young white guy

- YWG [young white guy] fits usual profile and left an online "manifesto" for the convenience of the brain dead official story swallowers.

- New Zealand and Tasmania are "Plan B" spots selected by the 'usual suspects' who hate that one of the major cities is called "Christ"church.  Christchurch has been the victim of several previous unusual catastrophes--including a rare earthquake and a previous massacre in nearby Tasmania.

But, most significantly, today's "senseless" atrocity coincides with several newzstories that are putting governments and leaders of the globalist demonic Deep State in uncomfortable positions.  It is bound to provide a distraction from ongoing embarrassments like the Brexit fiasco in the UK, the election in Israel where Netanyahu is facing corruption charges...the latest Israeli attacks on Gaza, coinciding with the election...and the stalled/failing US regime change efforts in Venezuela, just to mention four. So, while distraction is an important motivator of the False Flag perps, the main purpose of False Flags/False Flag hoaxes is to maintain and ratchet up fear and terror in the targeted populations.

NOTE:  It is important to re-state that calling an event a "False Flag" DOES NOT mean that there was no violence and/or deaths.  There are False Flags...and then there are False Flag hoaxes.  The Christchurch event might well be a False Flag.  We know the Mossad is very active in that part of the world, including an alleged assassination attempt on the former Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Like I say...where is Joe Vialls when you need him?

Joe Vialls RIP


Anonymous said...

Ides of March; you might find this interesting
Nuttyyahoo personally called NZ 4 times.
And this;

Anonymous said...

Here is your false flag
People crying and blood
Scenes in the Mosque right after

greencrow said...

I watched the video. There is some blood. But why is everyone walking around checking their cellphones. Even a small boy lying on the ground wounded is checking his cellphone. Everyone is wandering around slowly. How come we always get videos of the aftermath...never of the act in progress? This video does not show an act in progress. Not that I want to see violence...but I know in a real incident there would be shots of gunfire and people running in panic being hit...not lying around checking their cellphones.

greencrow said...

The second video is shot from a car and shows bits of a police car parked by the side of the road...nothing can be seen and the entire seconds long video is an insult to the intelligence. In summary...some of the stills show weaponry...means nothing. One video shows people lying on the ground, screaming in the background and people wandering around checking their cellphones. There is some blood on the ground but no pools of blood as would be evident if 49 people had been shot in one room.

Conclusion? More bullshit!

Anonymous said...

How about this video from Turkey square meeting???

Anonymous said...

How about body cam from cop
He called him bro
The bro said he has voices in his head
Where am I
The cop says
Shut up bro
I am getting a vibe
R U??