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CawRANT Events #73

CawRANT Events #73

It's been months since I posted a CawRANT Events.  Reason being there have been so many crises Domestic and International...I've hardly been able to keep up with them, never mind a potpourri post...which is what the CawRANT Events format is.  Now I have ended up a backlog of dozens of smaller posts searching for a venue so here goes:

The Domestic Scandals enveloping Canadian dauphin Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have shaken Canadians to their roots.  Most Canadians had no idea until now how corrupt the Federal government in Ottawa is.  Former Minister of Justice, Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould has flung back the curtain and overturned some rocks to reveal scenarios and actors that appear like aliens from another planet. Witness Michael Wernick.  Supposedly a non partisan fact a sleezebag, neoliberal manipulator thug.  And wait. He's Still Got a JOB after JWR's take down....what Svengali-like hold does he have over Justin?  We might well ask.

Just in case some readers do not yet appreciate the seriousness of JWR's testimony, here is a video that provides some highlights:

What MP's asked Jody Wilson-Raybould

JWR's concerns go to the very heart of our government and our democracy.  She was standing like the little Dutch boy, with her finger in the dike, holding back the ocean...and now she's gone.

Before I get on with the other matters on this CawRANT agenda I want to briefly touch on two more crises that have arisen just in the past 12 hours...that's how fast this thing is moving.  First we have the lawsuit filed in the BC Supreme Court by Weng Mangzhou in the Huawei matter.  This lawsuit deals with her arrest at YVR last December 1st.  I wrote about it in my previous post but want to add my suspicions about John Doe #1, #2 and #3 who were the "Border Security" individuals who illegally held Meng in a room for three hours prior to telling her she was arrested.  They illegally took her electronic devises, her passwords and then illegally scoured her personal information.  My suspicion is that these individuals probably weren't even Canadian...they were [as is mentioned in the lawsuit] possibly agents from the US Department of "Justice" [sic]...or perhaps some of them were.  The Canadian RCMP official came after 3 hours to inform Meng of her arrest.  IMO he probably was the only Canadian involved.  If this turns out to be the case...then the SNC Scandal is peanuts by comparison.  Just sayin'.  The second crisis just broke an hour or so ago.  One of the more significant female members of the Trudeau Cabinet just resigned...citing loss of confidence in Trudeau over the SNC Lavalin Affair.  The E N D is near....

Now on to some of the tidbits and associated links saved over the past several months.  First we have this video regarding the directed energy that I believe was used to start the California "wild" fires last Fall:

California "Wild" Fires Created
 by Direct Energy Weaponry?
link from TheTruthseeker.UK

If the Main$tream Prestitutes don't cover a demonstration...did it really happen?  In the previous link we have a report about a public demonstration in Mongolia that didn't hit the mainstream newz...however there is a 24/7 frenzy every time there's an anti-government demonstration in Venezuela, for example.

Here in British Columbia there's been a lot of controversy surrounding some brave parents who refuse to allow their children to be vaccinated...but don't ever voice support for these souls...or you will be treated like YOU have leprosy.  In the M$M reports no reason is given for the uptick in anti-vaxxers.  Nobody mentions videos like this:

RFK speaking about Vaccine Cover-up

And no mention of the several scientific reports on the established connection between vaccinations and no no!  We can't talk about that.  These anti-vaxxers just arose spontaneously, like Venus from the waves!  Here's an interesting story:

Truther-style journalist - aged 26 - dies suddenly of "bird flu" - did she receive a "flu shot"?  And then there's this:

Vaccine connection to cancer

BIG Question about the media coverage of the vaccination issue.  Why do they continue to LIE?

Readers will remember how I thought something might be fishy regarding the recent train derailment in British Columbia.  I connected the dots between it and the refusal of British Columbia to support the building of pipelines through our First Nations territories and out to our very ecologically vulnerable coastal environment.  Well here's a headline about the "spate" of train derailments in BC and the West within the past month" or so.  Hmmm.

Middle East Newz

Looks like Bibi Netanyahu is getting down to the short strokes of his long inflammatory and toxic career.  Here is a headline from back in December:

Bibi threatens Donald

The US is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that all their trillions of dollars spent on trying to reconfigure the Middle East according to the Jewish Yinon Plan have come to naught.  They are still trying for a "Hail Mary Pass" to come up with one more Kurdish "deal with the devil".

Canadian citizen, Omar Khadr, victim of the US illegal invasion of Afghanistan in 2001... tried to get his draconian bail restrictions changed late last year but he was denied by the court.  Why does this matter now?  It's just further evidence of how our judicial system is being controlled/interfered with by the Perps to the south...with their CIA occupiers.

Just last week the Americans were holding 40,000 Syrian refugees hostage near their illegal military base in al Tanf.  Guess the "Rukban camp" refugees are serving as a shield against any attempt of the "landlord to kick out the squatter".  Syria and Russia had lined up a convoy of busses ready to take the refugees back to their original homes in liberated Syria...but the Americans consider the Middle Eastern indigenous as little more than bargaining chips.

Finally, a few items regarding the USrael Regime Change Crisis in Venezuela

US Mass Murderer Elliot Abrams
now "Special Envoy" to Venezuela

Casting our Lot in With Death Squad Perps

I have personally spent more than a decade, now, being politically aligned with Russia against the West, including my own Country, Canada. There is no end in sight and it is very sad.  I did not abandon the [the perps] abandoned me.  You can't morally throw your lot in with mass murderers and common horse [land and resources] thieves.  Here we have Lavrov saying how I feel...that the United State's intervention in Venezuela is "flagrantly violating established norms of international law" with its current regime change policy towards Venezuela:

"....Russia has strongly criticized the United States for its interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs under the pretext of offering humanitarian aid, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov saying Washington is violating accepted international norms and laws in a flagrantly shameless manner...."

Of course Canada, led by the ziofascist Nazi-supporting freak, Chrystia Freeland, is fully supporting the aggression against Venezuela and in fact "leading the way...with the "Lima" US proxy group.  The Canadian media never questions Canada's lawless stance and is all nodding in unison like bobble head dolls.  Here is a typical story from the CBC.  Note that an indigenous woman was "shot" during conflict at the border with Brazil.  The US wants to stir up the entire region and it's a wonder there hasn't been more violence and "sniping" at both sides as per the usual modus operendi.  It is only the cool leadership of Nicholas Maduro [under guidance from his Russian military advisers] which has maintained calm under extreme provocation by the USurper, Random Guyaido.


Speaking of provocation.  One of my faithful readers recently sent me a link about Canadian meddling in Haiti.  Canada has been involved in "training the police and army" for decades now.  But with age comes wisdom and while I used to believe the "training" stories...I no longer do.  What is more than likely...Canada is acting as enforcers for the US puppet regime and spies on the civilian population.  It's what vassals doooooooooo.

Well, that's about it for this CawRANT.  Got to get out in that Spring-like sunshine.  Until next time, bye for now.

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