Saturday, March 30, 2019

Canadian Government Deep State Corruption Unravels - SNC Lavalin at core

Jody Wilson-Raybould is a descendant 
 Laich-Kwil-Tach peoples, which are
 part of the Kwakwaka’wakw, also known
 as the Kwak’wala-speaking peoples.
 She is a member of the We Wai Kai Nation.
 Wilson-Raybould carries the Kwak’wala name
 Puglaas, which roughly translates to

Yesterday, I posted the actual recorded telephone conversation that took place between then Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould with then Chief Clerk of the Privy Council Michael Wernick.  I have to admit that I went to bed last night very disturbed by my reaction to what I had listened to

I tried to determine which of the two, JWR or MW, was right in the issue they were fiercly, but calmly, debating.  I came at it from at least three different POV's.  My political instincts, which I maintain humbly are sharper than most; my background as an 18-year bureaucrat of the BC government where, for the last 8 years I worked as a child protection social worker in aboriginal services; my earlier background of 7 years as a legal assistant in a large Vancouver law firm working in all areas of the law---and my experience even earlier than that, where I spent 4 years as an administrative assistant at the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law.

Even bringing all this life experience to the table, it was hours of tossing and turning before I was able to get a handle on who captured the ethical and professional high ground between JWR and MW.  For that, I had to return to what I said in my very first post about Jody Wilson-Raybould's experience of "Speaking Truth to Power".  I will quote from that March 1, 2019 post:

….employed as a social worker in "aboriginal services", I naturally came in contact with hundreds of first nations people over the years. I learned to distinguish certain traits and triggers in their mindsets. One of the main triggers for First Nations is white people lying to them and/or breaking promises...Hello? First Nations people don't have the same sense of expediency as white people. They certainly do not understand moral relevancy the way we do. When the rumours were spread that Jody Wilson-Raybould was "inflexible"...I immediately recognized what they meant. These distinctions are difficult to discuss without being accused of racism. IMO, the lack of expediency and moral relevancy in the First Nations psyche is what has saved Canada on several historical occasions, most importantly during the Meech Lake Constitutional Crisis, which I was personally involved in as a constitutional committee member from my riding here in British Columbia. I also went to Ottawa and testified before the Parliamentary Constitutional Committee.
So, First Nations people, because they don't have the tools of expediency or moral relevancy at their disposal...can often be viewed as "risk takers". They can push matters to the brink, After all...what do THEY have to lose? They can only GAIN if laws are obeyed and moral values are upheld. So, with these learnings taken into account, while I was watching Jody Wilson-Raybould's testimony, I could not help but wonder what she thought about the many other files on her desk...some of which were far more serious than the serially corrupt company, SNC Lavalin..."

Because I am a white person brought up in a white culture, I do have the "tools" of expediency and "moral relevancy" at my disposal and have used them countless times in my daily dealings...I'm somewhat ashamed to confess.  So, I could see where Michael Wernick was coming from...and I kind of agreed with him.  Why not just go along for the sake of the Liberal Government Team?  Why be such a G-D shit disturber???  After all, it was not a very big matter in the scheme of things...the case was not very well known to Canadians...99% of them would probably never have been aware of it had she not raised such a fuss. 

Hey, had JWR 'gone along to get along', there would probably have been some perks and prerequisites coming her way as a reward.  Justin Trudeau would have been in her debt.  If I were in JWR's shoes...I would probably have backed off and had a "long talk with former Chief Justice Beverley McLaughlin" was constantly being suggested.  Maybe McLaughlin had some magical formula for how to sell out the judicial system while not really appearing to do so. I would have been interested at hearing what it could the very least.

But perhaps Jody knew more about why SNC Lavalin was rejected for the DPA by the Chief Prosecutor than has been let on.  There was that significant matter of the "Section 13" report, written by the Chief Prosecutor for the government explaining her reasons for rejecting the DPA.  Hilariously [but, sadly, typical for a bureaucracy], while this S.13 report had been issued back last September, when the Chief Prosecutor made her decision, it had not yet been read by Michael Wernick or any of the staff members of the Prime Minister's Office!  Wernick claimed to JWR that the PMO had "not received it".  JWR said of course they had, but...and this was doubt it was lying around the office somewhere gathering dust.  It was most certainly not read by the Prime Minister either.  No.  Their minds were all made up and single mindedly focused on pushing through the DPA that they had created special legislation for, which itself had been pushed through government, hidden under a huge Omnibus bill.  

This lack of information and curiosity by the PMO re the S.13 Report was summed up neatly by PMO staffer Katie 'turd blossom' Telford..."We don’t want to debate legalities anymore".

Perhaps one of the reasons for the denial of the DPA to SNC Lavalin had something to do with its other nefarious involvements...including the projected sale of bulk water to the US.  SNC Lavalin apparently has its tentacles buried into some contracts for future infrastructure related to same.  In reading the Global Research article at the previous link, I was fascinated to read the following:

...SNC-Lavalin has had its eye on continental water-sharing for at least three decades. Back in the 1980s the SNC Group (as it was called at the time) was part of a consortium called Grandco, which was promoting a continental water-sharing plan entitled the Grand Canal Project. Grandco’s other consortium members included the UMA Group of Calgary, Underwood McLellan Ltd. of Saskatoon, Rousseau, Sauve & Warren Inc. of Montreal, and Bechtel Canada Ltd. (son of U.S. Bechtel, the world’s largest engineering firm).

Grandco’s head lobbyist was Canadian financier Simon Reisman (uncle of current Bilderberg member Heather Reisman). After Simon Reisman publicly advocated for Canadian water export, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (himself an advocate for large-scale water exports) appointed him as Chief Negotiator for the 1988 Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (FTA), the predecessor to NAFTA, signed by Jean Chretien in 1994. Both the FTA and NAFTA essentially strip Canada’s sovereign right to protect our water resources and make Canada vulnerable to massive water export....

The above snippet was fascinating from a personal perspective.  You see, it was my father, who was a "mega-project engineer" who created and developed the Grand Canal Project.  He was working on it all the time I was growing up in Sudbury, Ontario and I am intimately familiar with the concept and its history. Lol, I was my father's secretary in our little office in our home and worked on it from there.  He worked on the project right up until his death in St. John's, Newfoundland in 2013 at the age of 100.  My father's papers are maintained in the archives of the Memorial University of Newfoundland and are available to all Canadians for research purposes.

I was totally unaware that his project had been "taken up" by SNC Lavalin or that Brian Mulroney was a proponent of it.  My father certainly would have told me if that was the case.  He was very proud of an autographed book he had on the life of Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa, which had a mention of The Grand Canal as being supported by Bourassa.  My own views on bulk water exports from Canada based on environmental and social impacts on indigenous peoples have always differed from my father's.  Although I am extremely proud of his genius, as shown in this and other engineering projects, analyzing the pros and cons of The Grand Canal Project must be a subject of a future post, if that.

But the Global Research article is absolutely priceless, from the point of view of showing Canadians how broad and deep [Deep State] the international tentacles of SNC Lavalin go.  Perhaps this corporation needed to be reined in on multifarious other grounds...such as this other tidbit gained from Telsur which is a Latin American News outlet banned in Canada.  The actual quote is from Dissident Voice:

The Venezuelan government has accused America of being behind both the March 7 outage and this week's, stating the former was a combination of cyber, electromagnetic and physical attacks on the power grids (like the alleged secret US plan to do the same to Iran's grid), and the latter a direct physical attack on the Guri complex, causing a fire at three transformers.

Clearly, the goal of such attacks is to create so much suffering and frustration among the public that there is chaos, and a “needed” US intervention.

The chaos has not happened, the people have refused it."

The Guri computer system which broke down was bought from ABB Canada, a subsidiary of ABB Switzerland and Sweden, in 2005, to interface with an existing centralized control system that was installed by SNC Lavalin. (yes, the SNC Lavalin)

Adriansa concluded the Guri computer system may already have had a backdoor built into it that would allow it to be hacked. Software or viruses could have been added gradually over a period of months. This would have required internal or ABB Canada complicity. As with the Stuxnet virus, software can be designed so that something would happen on a particular date.

The purpose — to paralyze Venezuela at the perfect moment, to create the psychological conditions the US has been seeking, where they wouldn’t have to bomb Venezuela. The Venezuelan people would give up their socialist project, the scenario goes, President Maduro would be driven from power, and the Venezuelan constitution would be repealed. Happy (imperial) ending."


In summary, while the mainstream media is focusing on all the political ins and outs of the SNC Lavalin affair...and believing that we are now in receipt of all the relevant information.  And even the "Voice of Satan" BBC is chiming in with the delicious news implying that Trudeau is in just as much a career-ending pickle as Teresa May.  Perhaps there is yet more to learn about why JWR supported the Chief Prosecutor in her refusal to grant the "Get out of Jail Free" Card DPA to SNC Lavalin.  Perhaps it had to do more with Jody Wilson-Raybould not wanting Canada to be destroyed by the Deep State Corporatist globalist criminal warmongering scoff-laws.

At least the public should be able to access and read the S.13 written by the Chief Prosecutor for the benefit of the government bureaucrats and elected officials [which, sadly, few of them bothered to read].  Perhaps some of the information I've mentioned in the paragraphs relating to bulk water exports and involvement in computer backdoor Stuxnet crimes are somewhere in that S.13.

Oh, and one more thing.  When I listened to JWR talking with Wernick and telling him that one of the reasons she was behind on some work related matter was that she was obliged to " to Australia and attend that 'Five Eyes' business", I had to smile.  Why was the Attorney General of Canada obliged to travel to Australia and attend a "Five Eyes" matter????? Was this one of those "COG" [Continuity of Government]  boondoggles where elected officials travel the world at tax-payer expense to talk with MI6 and/or other intelligence officials and get brainwashed to support globalism by the Deep State?

Last time I read about that waste of time activity...was during the height of the "logsplitter scandal" that went down a month or more ago, relating to two BC government officials [the Clerk of the Legislature and the Sergeant of Arms] who went on not one but two tax-payer funded junkets to England where they stayed in expensive hotels and schmoozed with MI6, over evening cocktails and dinner.  The sarcastic tone that JWR used when referencing her trip to Australia leads me to believe she was sent on one of those junkets.  Hey...the one in BC was organized by the "Clerk" of the Legislature.  Was the one that JWR was sent on organized by the "Clerk" of the Privy Council?  Are all the Clerks of all the legislatures and Parliament in Canada subversive neoliberal moles?  Well, one thing is for sure, Michael Wernick certainly is/was one.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant Greencrow, thanks for the GlobalResearch link.
Mulroney selling out Canadians on their water heritage with NAFTA, knew about that, but not that he's to be a prime benefactor on the future rip off.
The given rational was we would gain 'preferred nation' status with "extra" benefits, ya ya Trump seemed to have forgotten in the new USMCA.
Back in 06 -09 the State of California owed BC Hydro 6 or 8 hundred million dollars for delivered electricity, for which they couldn't pay.
Christy Clark forgave the debt. As if the Americans would ever do likewise.
Site C Damn is only being built so we can keep LA and the Valley green.
Read in Moon of Alabama that Trudeau and Freeland also attended the 5Eyes Australian meeting, and there they were informed of the plan to kidnap Sabrina Meng Wanzhou.
And these idiots are crying about China not buying Canadian canola.
Keep the faith, we must overcome.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for your comment. The thing just gets stickier and stickier. I just posted on a hunch about the 5Eyes meeting...just a suspicion I had...and then the MofA revelation cited by you makes my hunch look tame by comparison. Now I just read in the CBC that Wernick was actively trying to "direct the Vice Admiral Mark Norman prosecution" from the office of the Privy Council...

….and the rat isn't even actually GONE from the Parliament yet! Gawd!!!

Reading between the lines said...

Excellent detective work .You have pointed out much that I was not aware of.Selling out our fresh water to the US out from under us is surely something that JWR would have been totally against ,being a proud indigenous herself .
Thank you for this information.

greencrow said...


I must be hitting paydirt as I have been assigned my own troll(s) now...

I have always been against selling bulk water to the US...even while a teenager and my own father was designing what still remains the best infrastructure design to do it (The Grand Canal Concept) that shows you how much I've always been my own person with my own set of values and principles.

greencrow said...

I sent the Global Research article about the sale of bulk water to the US to my siblings and and one of my older siblings...who cared for my father during his last years, had this to comment:

"....Dad opposed BC’s site C dam and NAPAWA, and urged instead GRAND Canal as the solution to North America’s water shortage.
Dad had great respect for the engineering group SNC Groups (initials for the three principals) who endorsed the GRAND Canal. He lost respect for the company when it was bought by Lavalin and became “SNC-Lavalin”, a company “ without morals” in Dads opinion.
Apparently the rot has lately been rooted out and leadership changed but the company still has to clean up its historic and monumental legal and moral messes including the new Montreal McGill hospital!
Also: Too bad so much of its activity with local and foreign governments has been in secret...."


Penny said...

"the Guri computer system may already have had a backdoor built into"

It probably did have a back door system built into it for maintenance-It's doubtful that it's unusual for that to be the case.

The problem with these systems is they can be exploited by others... not necessarily the company that installed them.

Listened to the recording- JWR seemed matter of fact about attending the 5 eyes meeting- undoubtedly that's routine as well- since Canada is a 5 eyes nation.

And after listening I wasn't convinced it was indicative of criminality, perhaps just business as usual in Canada- Including, but not limited to SNC Lavalin.
- I can think of a number of large mining outfits that no doubt have the ears of many political leaders-

Going to read the global research article still.
good job on connecting the dots, though.
Trudeau was not going to be easy to dislodge... It looks to me as if he's moved on.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Appreciate your comments. I remember having my eyes opened to the deviousness and possible criminality of computer backdoors when I read Michael Ruppert's groundbreaking book, "Crossing the Rubicon". He talked about how computer backdoors had been installed in the government computer systems of virtually all the vassal states of the US, most importantly, he directly mentioned Canada. That's when I first realized how well and truly buggered we were/are.

I do think Wernick threatened JWR if she failed to interfere in the DPA situation. Whether this constitutes attempted "obstruction of justice" will have to be seen. I have personally reached the conclusion that it does...and that all parties to it must resign.

Anonymous said...


I) With regard to TeleSur, this is a TV channel created by Hugo Chavez and mostly funded by the Venezuelan regime. All the news they broadcast are to more or less extent, just left wing political propaganda with the primary objective of attacking the United States and its Western allies. I would fact check EVERYTHING that they say. They are known to lie, often.

II) About the sabotage story, there is plenty evidence the that Venezuelan electric grid had been failing for at least 10 years due to lack of a) maintenance and b) lack of needed investments. Demand had surpassed generation and for years Venezuela has been suffering or intermittent black outs. The incident in 2019 however, seems to have been caused by a fire underneath transmission lines, not hacking as the government stated. Soon after the alleged sabotage they out the military to cut bushes and clear the transmission towers.
This fire caused a cascade effect.
Since ALL critical infrastructure in the country INCLUDING the hydroelectric plants, has been militarized for long time, no one can blame but the government for this.
The bottom line is, Chavez, Maduro and their family and cronies stole billions of dollars needed to keep the system running and this is coming back to hunt them.
I suggest you do some research. Start with journalists who have quite extensive investigative work such as @maibortpetit, @ArmandoInfo, @alekboyd. They attached documents as evidence of what they report.

You can also look at the dates of the videos I linked. See with your own eyes how many people and reports warned for more than a decade of the imminent collapse.






Journalist Report:

2019: Feb 18 BEFORE the Feb 2019 blackout
(the woman speaking is an engineer for the Electric Corporation and a Union representative and was fired after declaring to the press).

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I'm publishing your long comment and links about the Ziofascist sabotage of the Venezuelan electrical grid as an example of pure and utter Satanic bullshit. In a link I can provide...Random Guyaido ADMITS that HE is behind the collapse of the grid.

greencrow said...

Here's the link to a Global Research post where Guaido confesses he's behind the Venezuelan Electrical grid sabotage.

Penny said...

Greencrow: a quick look up of Telesur shows it to be a south american new outlet

"La Nueva Televisora del Sur, C.A. is a public company which has various Latin American governments as its sponsors. Its primary sponsor is the Government of Venezuela; Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Bolivia contribute as well."

I actually figured it was more Bolivian then Venezuelan- but it looks as if more then one South American nation kicks in for the outlet

from wikipedia which is definitely an Usrael friendly source

and as you read through the wiki article the pro Usrael stance does become clear..

that all said it looks to me to be a South American news outlet, not, just a 'mouthpiece for Venezuela"

Facebook allegedly took down their page?

Not a fan of the Jacobin, but,if facebook did that- why did they do so?
Other then in the battle for hearts and minds- where no alternative perspective is allowed?

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Telsur has been around for a few years that I'm aware of. I've read it on a few other occasions. It is Bolivarian in perspective and probably for that reason is disparaged and repressed by the West....all the more reason why I seek it out whenever available.

greencrow said...

Further to a reference my sibling made in my comment above to the SNC Lavalin scandal involving Magill Hospital in's a CBC report on the matter.

Fraud/bribery was the general business plan of SNC Lavalin.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe you'll publish my response as detailed review of this blog confirms is not even a mediocre attempt at journalism. I was just left wondering whether you and the Penny that keeps trying to validate your opinions are the same person.
Anyways, I suggest you stick to conspiracy theories and bashing Trump.
In case you are wondering, yes, I do keep screenshots of everything. That way I can defend what I write if ever bother publishing in a serious media outlet. This is a very good example of what journalism IS NOT supposed to be.
In regard to your statement/reply:
I) Telesur & Financing: the portion from Wikipedia that was omitted - conveniently - first paragraph: “…Telesur (stylized as teleSUR) is a Latin American terrestrial and satellite television network headquartered in Caracas, Venezuela and sponsored primarily by the government of Venezuela,[1] with additional funding from the governments of Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Bolivia.[2] It was launched in 2005, under the government of Hugo Chavez, with the aim of being "a Latin socialist answer to CNN".
Twitter also confirms its Caracas headquarters.
The blog published by the Parlamento del Mercosur-Parlasur, an multi-government entity, indicates that Telesur was lunched in Caracas as a joint idea of Hugo Chávez de Venezuela and Fidel Castro, and "it served to convey a discourse aligned with those governments.” Impartial? Hard to believe.
Same blog listed the associated countries: Venezuela, Uruguay, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia y Argentina. Also indicated Ecuador had not given any money and Argentina was about to stop it. No doubt, Cuba, which has long been a drain on Venezuelan finances and pays its bills through program exchanges, cannot be counted for cash support. The economies of Nicaragua and Bolivia also are in a sorry state and strapped for cash so is not difficult to surmise they would not be contributing much. This leaves Venezuela and (maybe Uruguay in some measure) holding the bag.
II) With regard to Guaido’s supposed admission, you’re lucky he won’t bother suing you and Global Research in Canada. I would love to initiate an action for libel defamation. Accusing him of such serious criminal act on the basis of a manipulated video, moreover when you are using evidence provided by an organization that has been accused by NATO’s information warfare specialists for spreading pro-Russian propaganda, is beyond a reckless disregard of the truth. It is your responsibility to at least do some basic research into your sources.
I must make you aware of the context so you cannot claim ignorance. The recording was made from the floor of the legitimate Venezuelan Congress and broadcasted to the general public; then it was copied and manipulated by Venezolana de Television (VTV-the state channel) as part of one of its disinformation campaigns. How can anyone be so stupid to think that Guaidó would admit to a criminal act of sabotage in a public broadcast during a congressional hearing is beyond me.
I suggest you publish a retraction with a link to the full unedited video because this is not the first time that VTV has been caught manipulating videos to create a matrix of opinion against their political opponents. I provide you below the links to the case of journalist Luis Carlos Díaz, who was jailed on the basis of a similarly edited video. Here Díaz was talking about a COMMUNICATIONAL blackout and the government neat picked the recording to make it look like he was discussing an ELECTRIC blackout.
EDITTED video:

greencrow said...

"...Accusing him of such serious criminal act on the basis of a manipulated video, moreover when you are using evidence provided by an organization that has been accused by NATO’s information warfare specialists for spreading pro-Russian propaganda, is beyond a reckless disregard of the truth...."