Friday, March 8, 2019

UPDATED: Canada Guilty of War Crimes Against Venezuela? - US waging "War of Electrical Terror" against Venezuelans

"...We discovered that they were carrying out high-tech… attacks against the power systems..." Maduro
UPDATED: March 9, 2019 Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza directly implicates USrael in war crimes against Venezuela resulting from the Electrical Terror Attack of the past few days.  The whole world now knows what fiendish monsters the USraelicans are.

March 8, 2019  - watch the video clip of Abrams speaking at the State Dept. briefing where he literally rubs his hands together with glee while talking about how the USrael "Electrical Terror Attack" on Venezuela will punish the young, the sick, the elderly and the poor.  Disgusting!!!

Caracas, Venezuela

Venezuela has been flung into darkness.  As Northerntruthseeker is saying in his post today, the Venezuelan electrical grid has been subjected to a "Stuxnet-virus like" attack by USrael.  Readers will recall how a computer virus was devised and inserted into nuclear power stations in Iran and then Fukushima, Japan by USrael a few years ago.  Now it appears they've inflicted the same computer-virus destruction on the Hydro-electric dam and power grid in Venezuela.

This War Crime against humanity will no doubt result in many deaths...particularly of the Venezuelan children, infirm and elderly.  Cowardly psychopaths are behind this heinous act of sabotage according to blogger PennyforyourthoughtsPsychofascist nutbars, like those who told the US State Department Flunky below to instruct the "Free Press" to call Random Guyaido the rightful leader of Venezuela:

"Random Guyaido" is propped up in US Media
by the "Ministry of Truth" [aka US State Dept.]

This is an earlier article about the "War of Electrical Terror" that is suddenly being waged against Venezuela...gleefully reported by  "The Voice of Satan" itself, the BBC.  

The evil empire has tossed aside all pretence of a "democratic" change of power in Venezuela.  No more dueling rallies like the one in the photograph below....because the Pro Maduro forces always win the rally numbers and the concert numbers games.

Pro Maduro Demonstration On January 23, 2019
from Twitter account of Marwa Osman

The Diabolical Deep State must therefore be truly launch this draconian and anti-human attack on Venezuela.  What do they think they're going to achieve?  Do they think this is going to win the hearts and minds of Venezuelans?  Even the "pro-Random Guyaido" folks will no doubt have second thoughts after a few days in the dark.  If someone shut off the lights here in Canada and the effects harmed my family...I would rightfully want to fight to the death to eliminate such a tyrant!

The Venezuelans, fortunately, have a few friends and allies.  Russia and China will hopefully send over technicians to fix the electrical grid.  Iran should be able to help...after all it went through something similar many years ago now.  When they eventually separate the Venezuelan grid from the reach of those who would destroy it...the problem will be solved into the future.  But the issue is much bigger than Venezuela. NO country in the world is safe that does not put a firewall in place between themselves and Americans/Israelis.

This is a war crime pure and simple....and because Freeland/Trudeau support it...they're war criminals.


Penny said...

Hey GC

the link for the Venezuela post is

I do wonder what is meant by "attack" on the dam?
Was it an electronic attack or sabotage of other vital systems..
Clearly the US and Canada aren't going to give up- sick.

greencrow said...

Hi Penny: I've successfully cross-posted your link to my blog post, Penny. If this "Electrical Terror Attack is a "Stuxnet-like" incident, then Israel is likely also involved. Thanks for letting me know the wrong link was attached to my post. Blogger seems to be having some "glitches" lately.

Penny said...

Hey GC
check this out

"Venezuela must pay ConocoPhillips more than $8 billion to compensate for the 2007 expropriation of oil assets by the late socialist leader Hugo Chavez, the World Bank ruled on Friday, making the U.S. energy company the largest victor in claims stemming from nationalizations in the OPEC country"

we need some sanity

greencrow said...

They kind of tried that with Russia vis a vis the oligarchs selling off Russian oil and gas resources to the West after the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Putin successfully beat them off. The World Bank is a vassal tool of the banksters. Will there be leave to appeal?