Friday, March 8, 2019

Another Greencrow Prediction Comes True

Trudeau Mansplains Breakdown
of Communication by his Staff
"Everyone Sees Things Differently"

Way back on February 19th, 2019, I wrote a post titled:  Canadian Regime Change Update: Trudeau's Principal Secretary Falls On His Sword

wherein I predicted:

….We will hear how Butts "never told" Justin that he bullied JWR. Justin will act "hurt and betrayed" (TM) at suddenly finding out what a sexist/racist/stupid clod his Chief of Staff was...."

Now I read in this morning's paper that's exactly the excuse Trudeau gave in his Sorry/Not Sorry speech yesterday.  It was all an unfortunate miscommunication between his staff and JWR of which he [Trudeau] was unaware until it was too late.

Unless something dramatic happens on this issue, I hope to give it a rest and concentrate on other geopolitical newz for a while.  It seems both sides of the Deep State are retreating to their corners to access their losses and plan new strategies.  This attempt at regime change Canadian-style is NOT going away.  I predict that a few more Liberal cabinet ministers/backbenchers will "see the light" and resign...once they peruse the polling figures that will come out shortly reflecting this debacle.

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