Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentine's Day Post 2019

Valentine's Day Unicorn

It's Valentine's Day and time for some schmaltz.  All year long I avoid schmaltz and cheesiness like the plague...but on February 14th I revel in it.  The above photo I took a few minutes ago here in my office.  It's of a half-finished wood carving of a unicorn I'm working on.  I put some temporary beads in his eyes for the photo shoot.  When finished he's supposed to have "sapphire" eyes.

This year, I've chosen some personal favourites for my Valentine's Day romantic music.  The first song was a hit in 1977, the year I met my husband.  It's from the classic Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" album.

You Make Lovin' Fun
Fleetwood Mac

The second one is ultimate Schmaltz by Michael Bolton but also reminds me of my husband because it really describes my feelings for him.  They're beyond mere words.  Enjoy! and a very happy Valentine's Day to all you lovers out there...which includes all of us, whether in a relationship or not.  We're All Lovers and particularly on Valentine's Day!

"Said I Loved You But I Lied"
Sung by Michael Bolton


Anonymous said...

Thanks for finally talking about >"Valentine's Day Post 2019" <Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Great story
Good for you folks
In your online together video
I got a vibe
But on this day
I keep to myself
My unicorn story
My coworker about ten or so more years older than I had a girlfriend who liked unicorns
He was married by the way and he wanted me to sleep with her.
I was teens early twenties?????
I will not reveal that outcome but I was going to the beach in Salsbury and Hampton and he asked me to get her something with a unicorn on it
I got her a mirror of a unicorn on it
Exciting huh????
Since it is songday
I will give a wayback tune I loved singing along to
There are sooo many tunes to choose from
I never met no one
If you pay attention to my posts
As a critical thinker???
I would think you knew that
I fight with feminists or independent witches
Hey stop fighting with the girls you pussy
I say
They think they are men and I am gonna treat them like men
The tune

Here is another tune I have to sing everyday to no avail
So to the single or alone
There are people together that are alone
I think it is called settling or the spell wearing off
I do not Mike Bolton
My ears cringed to have to listen to him
And like a true sleezeball he kept using the lie word
But I listened
Quick slap me
Does your hubby like that tune???
Slap me again
Now my other tune that somes me up
And yes I can belt this out and no I am not in a band
Just a dude that likes to belt out soul full tunes

greencrow said...

Hi anonymous:

I knew Michael Bolton's "I said I loved you but I lied" was a controversial choice. Bolton's music is not all that popular and I don't care for any of his other songs. Just that one. And mainly because I like the lyrics. The mystery of why you fall in love with one person over another cannot be put into words. How love can totally change one's like to be like you had just "started living" is another feeling expressed in that song. Hey. I just like the song and it's my blog. Anyone who doesn't like it and has another song...start your own blog.

Just kidding.