Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Trump, The Real Terrorist Leader, Cuts Out the Middleman

Venezuela's oil minister Quevedo reports that there were no fatalities. 
However, the attack was aimed at economic damage
 since the target was a crude oil processing plant. (VTV)

Its been some time since I wrote about US President Trump.  As regular readers will know already, I did reluctantly support him during the last US Election, but only because the alternative, Hillary Clinton, was probably the worst threat to world peace--since the US got the nuclear bomb and promptly tested it out by bombing two innocent Japanese cities into oblivion at the end of WWII.  So while I did support Trump during the election campaign...I immediately dropped him like a hot potato the night in 2017 when he bombed the Syrian military base as after dinner entertainment for his guest, the President of China.  Since then, the only comments I've made about him are ones to the effect that he's probably suffering from dementia.

Last week, one of Trump's most influential supporters, writer and TV political pundit Ann Coulter also finally gave up on him.  After he declared a national emergency over the funding of his border wall with Mexico, she quipped:  "The only National Emergency we have is that our president is an idiot."  When I read that I thought: "Finally, someone else is seeing it!"

It's not the first time that the US has been led by a president in dementia.  Ronald Regan left a lot of presidential decision-making up to the likes of Dick Cheney.  The main result of Trump's demented leadership style is that US policy is all over the map...literally and figuratively.  There's no consistency, cohesion or, at times, even USrael foreign policy.  But no doubt the "helter-skelter" style suits his Ziomasters.

Just this morning, we have a report that the US did a surprise false flag attack on a Venezuelan oil pumping station.  Please read the details and I will have more comments to follow:

Venezuela Denounces Terrorist Attack On PDVSA

Greencrow says:  The above attack is a clue to the long term modus operendi that will be used to destroy Venezuela.  Because destroying/looting one nation after another is the only clear policy goal the United States of Israel has pursued over the past several decades.  The United States, bankrupt as it is, is like a heroin junkie, stumbling around the alleys of the Vancouver downtown eastside, desperate to find and mainline that next settle the nerves for a few hours at least.  The only problem...the hits are harder and harder to find...and a bigger hit is required for each injection into that ravaged provide a shorter and shorter "high".  "Chasing the Dragon" is where the US is at right now.

While USrael used to think up elaborate pre-texts for its predation on potential sources for its "highs", in desperation, it just jumps the enemy...and to hell with ethics, international law, or even self protection. High risk behavior:  Dirty needles, sharing needles, open shop-lifting, whatever.  The self-declaration by CIA asset Juan Guaido as "president of Venezuela" was certainly an extreme act by a desperate and demented addict.

Another nadir of sorts was reached by Trump last week which was in the form of a "Tweet", of course.  No doubt in the throes of early morning withdrawal shakes...the demented Trump tweeted out a threat to Europe.

The United States is asking Britain, France, Germany and other European allies to take back over 800 ISIS fighters that we captured in Syria and put them on trial. The Caliphate is ready to fall. The alternative is not a good one in that we will be forced to release them........


This "thrweet" [There. I created a new word to describe a threat made in a tweet.]  was a pathetic "payback" response to the chilly reception Vice President Pence was given at the Munich Security Council Meeting...where silence followed Pence's "order from on high" that the European Union members/NATO come up with more money for USrael's wars for the Jews.

Trump openly threatened to do what USrael has been doing anyway for more than a year...deliberately flooding Europe with Middle East refugees of its wars.  The use of the words "take back" confirms the blackmail underpinnings of the threat.  These ISIS fighters were/are originally psychopathic criminals culled from the jails all across Europe [and Canada] who were "freed", transported to the middle east, trained, equipped and then unleashed on Syria as proxies.  Now they've been rendered redundant.  Desperate and demented...Trump is threatening to unleash the "human heart eaters/head choppers of children"--again--in their countries of origin...unless ransom/blackmail is paid.

So, in this final scene of Imperial collapse, we have the crazed Tyrant, holed up and barricaded in his lair, threatening to fight foes and former allies alike in "hand to hand" combat.  No more middlemen.


RickB said...

Trump is a fake populist. If he cared about the American middle class and workers, he'd end the H1-B immigration of Indian IT workers displacing American IT workers. He'll be expanding that in the interests of corporation heads. They have is ear, not the American workers who attend his rallies.

Americans must take to the streets as in France to make themselves heard.

greencrow said...

Hi RickB:

Thanks for your comment. I didn't know Trump was displacing American IT workers with foreign workers. I thought he was getting tough with corporations who exported jobs. Now he's bringing IN foreign workers? Like I said in the post...there's no logic in any of his decisions...ANY of them!

Anonymous said...

IT workers in America and Canada are being undercut by low wage Indian IT personnel.
China offered to staff the Venezuelan oil field workers with Chinese military personnel,an offer unfortunately refused. It should be reconsidered.

BuelahMan said...

Let me point out the operative words:

was probably

The Lesser of Two Evils con worked on a Canadian.

Secret: Hillary was NEVER meant to be POTUS. The bagman, the shoo-in, was ALWAYS Trump.

Reading between the lines said...

I do so agree with you on every count ,on this post Green crow.I would have voted for Trump also ,were I American ,for the same reasons you wrote but quickly realized the guy is demented.The US is fast being exposed as a rogue state ,totally out of control.And what is worse ,Trudeau is bringing Canada down with the US.
Cheers from Chili,South America.

opit said...

I am reminded of the incessant wailing about 'The Chimperator." "He's stupid !" Actually, he didn't give a shit how his games - started under Clinton and administered by Cheney - caused people to suffer. That was merely a bonus. And so it is with Trump. Wondering why he complies with CIA /State Department edicts and the egging on from the Pentagon is only a matter of listening to the dog whistle from his master. What Reading Between the Lines said.