Monday, February 11, 2019

The UNZ Review puts the current "vendetta du jour" into perspective: Blackface History Is Jewish History

Jewish music publisher Isidore Witmark created and
 distributed disgraceful “coon” images of Blacks
 for world consumption. Witmark, along with his
 Hollywood brethren, were leaders in institutionalizing anti-Black racism.

We're snowed in here in the Pacific North West.  Currently 7 degrees below zero [Celsius].  Good day to get some carving done.  In the meantime, I'm presenting this excellent article from the UNZ Review.  It is a revelation of the real history behind the current controversy in the Jewish-owned media about "blackface" in the United States.

When I was a young person, the concept of blackface was nothing out of the ordinary.  We saw it on the TV all the time.  It started during the "vaudeville" era in the United States entertainment scene.  Funny, the article linked above does not reference the peak era of "blackface"--the Vaudeville era.  Vaudeville was before my time but, when I was young, we saw blackface in movie depictions of vaudeville [Al Jolson] and even on variety TV shows like "Ed Sullivan".  We took it for granted and I was oblivious to its "racist" elements.  It seemed an intrinsic component of American history and "culture".  It was kind of like how leprechauns, with their "pots of gold" were emblematic of "Irish culture"...or how "Dracula" characters were emblematic of eastern European culture.

Now, "blackface" has been resurrected by the proponents of "identity politics" in the Jewish-controlled media...and vilified as damnably racist.  So racist...that anyone who ever covered their face with blackened cork must immediately resign from whatever meaningful and/or gainful employment they might have and go into permanent hiding.  Thank heaven I'm retired...because I can vaguely remember trying to blacken my face with cork for Hallowe'en when I was about 10.  Hopefully, there's no photo of me lying around in an attic somewhere.  Whatever.

BUT...What a distraction!  The media frenzy should be good for a couple of weeks or maybe even a month of obsessive media coverage and, perhaps, even hatch a mini #me too movement.  Like the other "victims of blackface" I can also shout out that I had to watch black-faced Jewish performers all the time on my black and white TV.  What harm did it do to my tender psyche?  I'll never know.  But I can state that it was only a small part of a completely bogus US history narrative  [like the cowboys/indians of the "Wild West" and the Apollo lunar landing hoaxes] that North Americans were being fed all the time and continue to be fed even today!

So, my dear readers...ask not why the perps are distracting you with this "blackface" twisting of history into a pretzel at this time.  INSTEAD, ASK WHAT THEY'RE DISTRACTING YOU FROM.  What satanic maneuver are they perpetrating behind the curtains of this "blackface" show?  Most of the article linked above and learn your history!

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