Tuesday, February 12, 2019

More Venezuelorwellian Nonsense from the Trudeau Regime

BC Snowmageddon February 2019

Second day in a row of snow in the lower mainland.  Another "inside" day.  I shot the above video from our upstairs window.

Want to post a couple of updates on stories I'm following.  First, we have a few more tidbits on the "failure to launch" regime change operation going on in Venezuela.  According to RT, Russian and Latin American news outlets were denied access to cover the recent "Lima meeting" that Chrystia Freeland convened in Ottawa.  This was the meeting of USrael vassals who were assigned to "put lipstick on the pig", Juan Guaido.  The ham-fisted effort only served to consolidate opposition to the daylight robbery attempt at stealing Venezuelan resources.

Russian and Latin American alternative news outlets denied access to the so-called "Lima meeting"

The story is interesting from the POV of the Canadian Federal Liberal government's overall approach to freedom of speech in this country.  Freeland has been going around making sure that all the Main$tream media are "on the same page" vis a vis the "official story" on Venezuela.  She even arranged for the small number of Ethnic Venezuelan CUPE [Canadian Union of Public Employees] members to break ranks with the Union leadership and demand that Guaido be recognized.  As I've already reported...CUPE is the only Canadian entity of any note to oppose the Usurper.

On a personal note...the CBC has still 'permanently' banned me from their comments section...with the insistence that I use my own name rather than greencrow, after posting at the CBC under "greencrow" for more than a decade. This restrictive, "silencing of opposition" policy change in CBC policy followed close on the heels of Freeland's installment in her Cabinet Post.  With the growing likelihood that Freeland and her Liberal ilk will soon be history...I'm looking forward to the policy being changed back--and again being able to join in the comments forums on my taxpayer-funded national broadcaster.

Guaido is [amongst everything else] yet another Ziofascist tool

Tidbit number two is the Reuters report that Guaido is promising Venezuelans that, one of his first acts of government...once he finally emerges from his hidden location in the Columbian Embassy in Caracas...will be to re-establish diplomatic relations with Israel.  Apparently Hugo Chavez cut off diplomatic relations with Israel in solidarity with Palestinians.  I have said right from the beginning of this faux "revolution" that one of the main goals of taking over Venezuela is to provide a "Plan B" homeland for Jews....for that day that is coming when Israel disappears into the sands of time...sinking under the weight of its own iniquity.  I said then, and I insist now...that the perps behind the attempted regime change coup are almost all either Jews themselves [including Venezuelan Jews] and/or their Zionist goyim factotums.  In fact look at any of the modern regime changes whether in Latin America or even Ukraine... It is ever thus.


Anonymous said...

Certainly does not require a rocket scientist to realize Israel is the real 'hidden hand' behind the 7 year war on Syria and Iraq before that. But despite the hundreds of billions spent on training, arming and wages, their Wahhabi "moderate rebels" have lost.
Iran is Aryan by the way not Arab, and it does have lots of rocket scientists and they have had 30 years to rebuild after Saddam's 8 year war against them.
"Israel's New Home" would appear logical, maybe that is why the Soros connection.
But realize that karma is not a train to be easily sidestepped.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for your comment. This just in..."Juan Guido, the Attempted Leader of Venezuela, says he will move the Venezuelan Embassy to Jerusalem".


I rest my case.