Sunday, February 24, 2019

It's SO hard to have a decent False Flag these days...when everyone has a cellphone camera....

Opposition supporters unload humanitarian aid from a truck
 that was set on fire at the border line between Colombia
 and Venezuela on February 23, 2019. © Reuters / Marco Bello

...and the CIA/FBI isn't right there on the spot to rip all the cameras away--like they were on 9/11.  Here we have a report from RT where Venezuelan militants are filmed making, then throwing Molotov cocktails at their own "precious" aid that they were attempting to "establish a corridor for" (TM) between Columbia and Venezuela.  As some astute pundits have noted this morning.  It's not about the aid at's all about "establishing a corridor" ostensibly for the aid but in actual fact so trained proxy militants can invade Venezuela from Columbia and do a "Syria" on it, i.e., Destabilize it and lead to massive air bombing--which will reduce the Venezuelan nation to rubble and make it ripe for "regime change".

I agree with what Northerntruthseeker said in his RANT today.  This is NOT about the oil.  It's about having the ability to control the international price of oil [in American dollar$] either by slowing down production and/or limiting who it will be sold to.  It is an exact replay of what happened just before the invasion of Iraq.  Russia and China had just signed huge oil production contracts with Saddam Hussain--that were to be paid out in currencies other than the American dollar.

In the case of Venezuela, it is exactly the same scenario.  Russia and China are working on the oil production capacity of Venezuela...and will be dealing in their own currencies...not the petrodollar.  So....if all the pathetic effort to put a pseudo-legalistic face on the daylight robbery doesn't work...they could, very shortly resort to a huge, perhaps "nuclear" false flag and get on with it.

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