Saturday, February 23, 2019

General of the Army of Satanic Liars Gives Order to Attack!

A demonstrator runs into barbed wire strung across a street in Ureña
Protesters/CIA Assets in Venezuela

Why doesn't the BBC just come out and reveal that it is a CIA asset?  Why doesn't just it state publicly what every sentient being knows by's an active Satanic warrior in the battle for Ziofascist hegemony on planet Earth?  Why?  Because deception is the badge of honour, the chevron on the sleeve of the Satanic army on earth.  Even if the lies are unnecessary...they must be told as a signal of solidarity.

In the "report" below the BBC issues a "Command to Attack" its presstitute vassals around the world...the entire western mainstream media--with NO exception!   Within minutes or hours...the entire battalion of  non-stop liars will fire off a volley of lies.  The lies are contained in the orders below.  I have copied the Command and will identify the lies [aka ammunition] in brackets in red [LIE] and will have more comments to follow:

Soldiers from the Venezuelan national guard have left their posts[LIE] ahead of an opposition-led effort to bring aid[LIE] into the country, Colombia's migration agency said.
In a separate development, Venezuelan troops have fired tear gas at people looking to cross into Colombia to work. [LIE]
Tensions have been rising over a row about the delivery of humanitarian [LIE]aid.
President Nicolás Maduro said the border with Colombia is partly closed to stop aid being delivered[LIE].
But self-declared interim president [LIE]Juan Guaidó has vowed that hundreds of thousands [LIE]of volunteer[LIE]s will help bring in the aid [LIE]deliveries, which include food and medicine, [LIE]on Saturday.
The first delivery of aid h[LIE]as already entered Venezuela through Brazil, Mr Guaidó tweeted.[LIE]
The delivery of aid[LIE] to the stricken country has proven to be a key area of contention between the two men who see themselves [LIE]as Venezuela's leader.
Pictures at various crossing points show security forces firing tear gas at volunteers[LIE] and protesters [LIE] burning outposts and throwing rocks at soldiers and riot police.
On the Venezuela-Colombia border, at least thirteen members of the security forces defected [LIE]on Saturday, Colombia's migration authority said.
"We are fathers and sons,[LIE]  we have had enough [LIE] of so much uncertainty and injustice[LIE] ," they say. 

Greencrow says:  The General of the Liar Battalion [BBC] is an old battle-hardened creature.  This General has already garnered medals for service above and beyond the call of duty, starting destructive wars in Iraq (9/11), Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and countless other resource-rich but militarily vulnerable nations.

US military personnel man the cockpit in the C-17 cargo plane
 carrying "humanitarian aid" to Colombia
 on February 22, 2019. (Photo by AFP)

The 5-star General BBC counts its "kills" in the dozens of millions of humans...mostly civilians and particularly children.  But, hands and fangs soaked with blood, it rises once again to the latest call to action...from it's insatiable Satanic master.

Abby Martin - An Ocean of Lies in Venezuela

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