Friday, February 22, 2019

UPDATED: Defacto Leader of the World Gives Annual Address to Russian National Assembly

UPDATE:  February 23, 2019 Demitry Orlov analyses the Putin speech.

Putin Speaking before the Russian
National Assembly, February 20, 2019

...Colleagues, Russia has been and will always be a sovereign and independent state. Either Russia will be like that or Russia will no longer exist. We have to be clear about it. This is non-negotiable. Russia can only exist as a state if it's sovereign. Other countries [like the vassal Canada] can, but Russia will never be like that...."

The above link is a short clip of the portion of Putin's speech specifically dealing with Russian military defense.  In response to the US dropping out of strategic arms agreements, Russia has had to made some recent adjustments to its policies, including a decision to counter any missiles that the US is threatening to place in Europe.  Putin announced at 1.15 in the video that Russia has developed a new project:  this is a hypersonic missile, Mach 9, that has a range of 1,000 km and can reach targets on water or land.  It can be launched from land, ship or submarine.  Putin said that should the need arise, Russia will not only target the launching sources of military aggression, but also the "decision-making" centres behind the aggression.  I guess, ultimately, that means Tel Aviv.

Watch Entire 90 minute speech here:

Greencrow says:  It is a relief to know that there is at least one sentient being at the helm of world governance.  As usual, Putin's logic, restraint, positivity and motivational acumen stands in stark contrast to just about every other so-called leader on this planet.  There is no Western leader who even comes close.  Some, like Donald Trump, are an insult to normal intelligence. The only other world leader who even approaches Putin's eloquence is, shockingly, President Dr. Bashar al Assad of Syria.

Highlights of Syrian President Bashar al Assad
Speech of February 19, 2019

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