Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Canadian Regime Change Update: Trudeau's Principal Secretary Falls On His Sword

Gerald Butts Out

It's a cold, rainy Tuesday on the West Coast and time for an update on the ongoing regime change project back in Ottawa.  This project is proceeding along standard regime change lines and includes almost all of the elements....fake crisis blown up into 24/7 frenzy by the jack-boot, goose-stepping, controlled Ziofascist media; a "leader" who has flouted domestic and international laws for years, suddenly obsessed with "Rule of Law".  It was all going nowhere and beginning to look tedious when...

Yesterday, we had a dramatic escalation.  A sudden resignation of one of the previously unknown to the outside world [outside of Ottawa, that is] backroom boyz.  Trudeau's principal secretary, Gerald Butts, suddenly resigned, claiming innocence of the SNC Lavalin scandal and vowing to "clear his name".  This was a name none of us had ever heard before.  Butt...according to the media, he was the "brains" of the Trudeau operation.

Lol.  We were wondering where all the stupid ideas and policies were coming from!  Now we know.

Stupid is as Stupid Does

Stupid ideas like the failure of Canada to vote against creeping neo-Nazism at the UN a few years ago...one of the handful of nations failing to deplore its resurgence in eastern Europe.  Stupid ideas like the trip to India, the flamboyant dance costumes and the party invitations extended to convicted assassins.  Stupid ideas like all the virtue-signalling/identity politics political trappings.  Stupid ideas like the support of the neo-Nazis in Ukraine and their deadly coup and civil war.  No.  Wait.  Wasn't that the stupid idea of Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland?  Now, when's SHE going to resign?  That would be a real house cleaning!

Stupid ideas like the arrest of the Huawei CEO Weng and then the phony invocation of the "Rule of Law" to cloak the flagrantly political act...juxtaposed against the astoundingly hypocritical failure to investigate the lawlessness of CSIS and the RCMP in the "Travesty of Justice" Nuttall/Korody patsy case. Stupid domestic ideas like the purchase, at a stupendously inflated price, of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.  Stupid ideas like the complicated Carbon Tax Shell Game surrounding the boondoggle "Climate Change".

Stupid ideas escalating all the time, culminating in the recent support of the CIA agent-Venezuelan Usurper Juan Guido.  What with Trump's Nazi-like threats of violence against Venezuela made over the weekend, and the threats of a false flag occurring on the Columbia/Venezuelan border...the circle of fascism supported by the Trudeau regime seems to be complete.

So, now that Butts has stepped down, we finally learn the source of all the stupid ideas.  What now?  NO ideas?  Canadians will surely know when Justin Trudeau gets an idea.  We'll all hear that distinctly hollow sound of a couple of pebbles rattling around in an empty tin can.

Spoiler Alert

Now that the scapegoat has fallen on his sword...we can expect the final car chase/explosion/cliff hanger in this Grade B movie.  It will come out that former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould was actually grabbed by the lapels and shoved up against the PMO wall by Butts last fall...while he was threatening what would happen to her if she didn't make the SNC Lavalin legal mess "go away".

We will hear how Butts "never told" Justin that he bullied JWR.  Justin will act "hurt and betrayed" (TM) at suddenly finding out what a sexist/racist/stupid clod his Chief of Staff was.  Justin will try to appeal to Jody--and the rest of us--for forgiveness, saying that "he too" was a victim of Butts.  [Aside:  the only unscripted part of this pantomime are the CBC phone interviews with Wilson-Raybould's father, hereditary chief, Bill Wilson.  Those are a laff... due to their unbridled, politically incorrect "truthiness"]

Then, "suddenly", more newz will come out that will indicate that Justin "knew all along" what Butts was up to.  Game Over.  Trudeau will then resign and a "fresh face" will immediately jump out of the woodwork to carry the Liberals into the Fall Election...which was the goal of the entire caper.  Only a very few sentient beings will understand that it was all a kabuki dance...from the very beginning.

Boots or Hearts - The Tragically Hip
"When it starts to fall apart, it really falls apart"

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