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Canadian Regime Change Crisis UPDATE: A Tragicomedy in Many Parts

Comedy and Tragedy
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The world politely averts its eyes while Canada self-immolates.

Just returned from visiting with family on Vancouver Island.  I was away from my computer for several days and unable to read or post on the 24/7 media frenzy that has been taking place in Ottawa over the Trudeau Attempted Obstruction of Justice Scandal.

This morning I wanted to see how the rest of the world viewed the scandal. The best report I could find was from Iran's PressTV. It focused on Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer's shocking grabbing of the headlines Wednesday afternoon when he publicly called for Trudeau's resignation.

The United States' media, in particular, is ignoring the immersed as it is [and always is] in plucking out the lint from its own bellybutton.  The interminable and relentless efforts by the Ziofacist entities that run USrael, to bring down the demented Trump, have reached a crescendo [or nadir] of their own with some testimony by a lying lawyer named Cohen.  But, since there is absolutely no justice system in the US anymore...nothing will come of the latest "revelations" and the hamster wheel will continue to rotate.

How American Politics Looks to Foreigners

Before I give my assessment of the latest developments in the Canadian Regime Change Crisis I would like to "crow" about the fact that I was the very first alternative blogger [that I am aware of] to recognize this "fact situation" for what it is...a regime change--"democracy"-style.  For the convenience of my wonderful and patient readers I am listing all my past posts on this topic for easy reference:

Canadian Regime Change Crisis
 A Tragicomedy in Many Parts
 - by greencrow
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Part Five - February 21, 2019 Top Canadian Bureaucrat, formerly unknown outside of Ottawa, reveals himself to be the Pimple on Canada's Ass

Greencrow says:  Well, folks I am unable to complete this post because I see from the CTV top link in paragraph one of this post that there is going to be an "emergency debate" in the House of Commons on the SNC Lavalin Attempted Obstruction of Justice Scandal and I don't wanna miss it.

In the meantime, while I am soaking up the angst, Readers are welcome to bring themselves up-to-date by reading my previous posts on this topic listed above.  You are also welcome to browse through the links embedded in this paragraph which I had lined up to support my "analysis".  Suffice it to say that this is a very hot topic here in Canada.  It is evolving almost exactly as I predicted in my posts Part One and Part Two linked above.  Forget all the trappings and legal minutia of the scandal.  Forget all the increasingly desperate efforts by Trudeau to avoid his fate.....This is, IMO, beyond any doubt a quintessential "Regime Change".  The Globe and Mail led the way and still leads the way.  The top editorial in the G&M this morning calls for Trudeau's resignation.

When this is over I hope my faithful readers will congratulate themselves at having the brains to follow an extremely prescient and eccentric truth blogger.  I accept your kudos in

Snakes and Ladders
How Canadian Federal Politics Works

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