Tuesday, February 5, 2019

BC False Flag? Train was parked and "began to move on its own" prior to derailment killing three workers

Train Wreck Near Field, BC
where three railway workers were killed
on Monday, February 4, 2019

Sometimes I hate it when I'm right.  Just a week or more ago on Tuesday, January 29, 2019 to be exact, I predicted that there could be a spate of false flags in British Columbia due to British Columbians not "going along to get along" with the globalists and their minions here in Canada. Here is my direct quote:

….So...according to today's newz….Canada has 30 days to rule on the extradition of Meng to the US. Can we expect a lot of False Flags in BC leading up to that decision...kind of like "encouragement" to make the "right" decision? Stay tuned.

Sure enough, hardly more than a week later, a proto-typical suspected "False Flag" happens.  Please read the details of the "strange and mysterious" but deadly train derailment near Field, BC courtesy the Nazi-supporting CBC and I will have further comments to follow:

Investigators say a Canadian Pacific freight train was parked and began to move on its own before it derailed and killed three crew members near the Alberta-British Columbia boundary on Monday.

The Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday the westbound 112-car train had been parked on a grade for two hours near Field, B.C. — about 80 kilometres west of Banff along the Trans-Canada Highway — when it started rolling.

It barrelled along for. just over three kilometres before 99 cars and two locomotives derailed at a curve ahead of a bridge, the TSB said. Only 13 cars and the tail-end locomotive remained on the tracks.

"The lead locomotive came to rest on its side in a creek and a number of derailed cars came to rest on an embankment," said TSB senior investigator James Carmichael as he provided an update on the investigation in Calgary on Tuesday.  "The remaining cars, including the mid-train remote locomotive, piled up behind."


Greencrow says:  Of course, it's early days...but this latest "accident" already stinks like a five day old fish left out on the counter.  "Train is parked but moves on its own"?  C'mon.  Where did we see that kind of "accident" before, oh yes, the "Lac Megantic" train wreck in Quebec.  I have always had my suspicions about that one.  And after a very lengthy public hearing...many of the relatives of the victims of that mass casualty event said that the real perps never saw the inside of the courtroom.

When some powerful entity wants to get back at Canada or any part of it...they usually go for the jugular...our railway system.  This is a fragile string of railway tracks that binds the nation together socially, economically and, at one time, culturally.

When I predicted there would be some false flags in BC to create a subliminal kind of terror and lack of self confidence amongst the population, it was exactly this kind of scenario I envisioned...a train wreck, a major explosion, a huge fire.  Something that appeared to be an "act of nature" or a terrible unforeseen tragedy on the surface, but with enough anomalies to make the small hairs stand up on the back of the necks of the 33% of the population capable of critical thinking.


Scorp Six Four said...

Railroad locomotives, like semi-trucks, when parked are held in place by braking systems that require the air lines to be charged before the brakes release. To charge the brake lines requires human intervention.

I once had a trailer supply airline break on a truck I was driving. The system immediately dumped all pressure resulting in the trailer brakes to immediately set.

In other words, it is the air in the system that keeps the brake pads/shoes away from the discs/drums. That is why a detached trailer or railroad car doesn't move.

This is not to say that if the engineer or driver stopped their vehicle and forget to set the brakes (dump air) that the machine won't roll away. Human error does happen. But with three crew members on the train this likely wouldn't happen. Chances are those three were killed and then the brakes were released by the kill squad before the throttled was notched up.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comment Dwayne. I seem to remember one of the early reports saying that the crew members were calling for help as the train was moving just before the derailment/crash. It seems they were caught unawares when the train began to more. Suffice it to say we will NEVER find out the truth about what happened.