Monday, February 18, 2019

An S-400 in Every Pot!

Herbert Hoover and the Origin of the
Political Campaign Promise
"A Chicken in Every Pot"

Back in the halcyon days of internationalism, back when most nations enjoyed sovereignty...say back in the 1800 - 1900's, a standard political cliché for a national political campaign promise was "A chicken in Every Pot". Readers can view the above video should you want more history and context to this saying.

Nowadays, in the era of "globalism"...a promise of a "chicken in every" voters' pot doesn't cut it. In the current power dynamic, nations have been relegated to the status of individuals.  Superpowers with nukes and huge multinational banks/corporations are the wannabe leaders of the world.  It's just a question of whether the globe will be ruled by a uni- or multi-polarity system.  Promises, bribes and threats must now be made to countries--not voters.  The superpowers are now acting like national political parties...offering promises, bribes and threats in exchange for "loyalty".  Read the report below about the recent Munich conference...where Russia was surprised to find itself on the receiving end of unexpected friendliness by European delegates.  Why?  Well, we'll get to that later.  Please read the reports at the links below and I will have further comments to follow:

Lavrov at Munich Security Conference

West ‘starts listening to Russia’: Lavrov says Europeans want better relations after Munich talks

Greencrow says:  Yes, Lavrov was very surprised to discover how "Open" formerly cool European countries were to Russian diplomatic overtures.  Meanwhile, OTOH, it was a very embarrassing week for US Vice President Pence in Europe.  There were some devastatingly long silences during his speeches...where applause should have filled the air.

Worse, Turkey brazenly announced that it was going ahead with its' S-400 deal with Russia even though it has been openly threatened by Pence should it continue negotiations with Russia for the defensive anti-missile system.

It all devolves down to the fact that Russia has made it very public that it has built a better mousetrap [the S-400]...and so, as humans always do...they are beating a path to Russia's door.  It's not rocket science, even though rockets are involved.  What the S-400 has the power to do is give a nation back its sovereignty.  The greencrow flies high and gets the big picture.  The big picture here is that every nation on earth deserves the S-400 system.  Once installed, that nation can trade and bargain with whosoever it pleases.  The dayz of the Shock and Awe method of globalistic compliance is over.

Shock and Awe in Baghdad - 2003 
What would have happened if Iraq
had the S-400 system installed?

Internationalism has been restored to the planet.  All that needs to happen is that ALL countries get to set up S-400's.  I have said in previous posts that I would wager many countries do have the S-400 system already installed.  Included on this lucky list would be India, Turkey, China, North Korea and...wait for it....Venezuela.  In the past years according to blogger John Helmer, Venezuela has been involved in mega arms shipments from Russia...along with its oil trade.  Some would protest that Venezuela could not have received shipments of such large armaments without USrael knowing.  Hey, don't be stupid.  They would not have arrived assembled.  They would have arrived over years in small shipments...a handful of screws here...a bag of bolts there.  They would have then been assembled by Russian military advisers in remote warehouses, perhaps in an underground bunker.  If the greencrow can solve this minor technical problem...certainly the big boyz must have had some ideas.

Why not deliver the weaponry and then announce it later....or not at all?  For the same reason an abused wife should never tell her monster, abusive husband that she's leaving.  The time between the announcement--and the act of leaving--then becomes the most dangerous period of her life.  So don't tell me that Turkey doesn't already have the S-400 stored in a bunker somewhere.  Erdogan's not a naïve abused wife, caught like a deer in the headlights.  Nor is Kim Jong-un.  Nor is Maduro.

Just like civil society is outraged by abusive husbands killing wives who threaten to leave them...society should be equally outraged by entities like Usrael, bombing the hell out of hapless and defenseless nations like order to exploit, control...and/or destroy them.  Every nation should be able to defend itself and so should purchase, either openly or on the sly, a S-400 anti-missile system from Russia.  A multi-polar planet depends on it...and here's the kicker....Russia's very existence depends on a multi-polar planet.  Hey the 2 billion or so dollars is a cheap price to pay.  Like I've said in a previous post...if I had a couple billion dollars I would buy Canada a couple of sets.

So....the old political campaign promise has finally been brought up to date.  Instead of a "Chicken In Every Pot"...Russia should offer an S-400 in every pot.

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