Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Why Don't the Yellow Vests Declare Jerome Rodrigues the President of France???!!!

Yellow Vest Street Painting

According to the latest news from the Sign of The Times blog, The Yellow Vest leadership in France has declared a "state of emergency"... and has called for MORE major uprisings throughout France after one of their main organizers/leaders was shot by police.

The solution to this longstanding and steadily escalating crisis in France seems simple to me.  Why doesn't the leader who was shot by police, Jerome Rodrigues, declare himself the President of France?  Given the dire straits of the country of France and the genuine grievances of the Yellow Vests...surely all the Western countries, and indeed countries all over the world...will immediately recognize his self-appointment and declare the legitimacy of the new French President, Jerome Rodrigues.

Former President, Emmanuel Macron, after all, was very unpopular and was driving his country into the ground.  Canada will surely be one of the first countries to accept Rodrigues' self-anointment. Well, just as soon as we get permission from the CIA.  Trump will enthusiastically Trumpet the Demand that the Usurper, Macron, step down.

Macron, himself part of the "choir" of European "leaders" who demanded Maduro leave office, will of course understand and immediately accept Rodrigues' legitimacy.

Jerome Rodrigues, French Victim
of Police Bullet and... the New President of France???!!!

All the Main$tream media will jump on the band wagon...including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, who are currently wetting their pants over Venezuelan Juan Guaido, and praising his statesmanship to the skies....will similarly fawn over Rodrigues.  The Yellow Vests will have won the day!  The nation of France can finally settle down and everyone can get back to work....and I'm sure there WILL be work for all those unemployed French...just as soon as President Rodrigues takes over at the Élysée Palace.

Like I've said in an earlier post...this Juan Guaido guy is really onto something.

The miraculous political career of 
Juan Guaido
….an example for Democracy worldwide!


Anonymous said...

That graphic that you have with the percentages of votes is something that would be great to share on social media, but I simply couldn't do it because the person who made it mistakenly used a comma instead of a decimal point -- not just once, but throughout the entire graphic. Those in the alternative media need to be very careful about making errors like this because it hurts the message. It makes the person who made it seem dumb (which I am sure they are not). It isn't even a matter of a translation error since math is a universal language. A mistake like this gives ammunition to the opposition. They can attack the mistake without address the actual facts. It may seem like a small thing, but I can tell you that this type of error turns away people from the message.

Reading between the lines said...

It would only make sense that Jerome Rodriguez make the declaration or LePen for that matter .These election costs are so high anyway and besides elections are so passée with this new trend initiated by the US neocons and lackeys.By the way I think Bolton and Pompeo are actually giving the neocons a bad name.LOL

greencrow said...

Scars says:

"...would be great to share on social media,"

making errors like percentage points vs commas on "social media" is a "mistake" and makes the writer "seem dumb"? ….U mst be Kding 4 sure!

greencrow said...


"...elections are so passé..."

Either they bypass elections completely as in Juan Guaido... or they ensure that only doorknobs [Trudeau] and/or flunkies [Scheer] are candidates... Ils sont exactement pareils.