Saturday, January 26, 2019

UNSC Video: Watch as the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Wipes the Floor with CIA Pompeo

Flag of Venezuela

UPDATE:  Read Stephen Lendman's post on the UNSC meeting re Venezuela

lol. Watch the video at this Saker Link  at 1.56 on the video for the start of the speech to the UNSC by the young Venezuelan Foreign Minister at the UN.  I predict that this guy will be the President of Venezuela some day.


From Associated Press

"...The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, said that if there is no announcement of a new election in the next days, the 28-nation bloc “will take further actions, including on the issue of recognition of the country’s leadership.”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza dismissed the deadline.

“Europe is giving us eight days?” he asked the council. “Where do you get that you have the power to establish a deadline or an ultimatum to a sovereign people. It’s almost childlike.” 
Arreaza said Venezuela “will not allow anyone to impose on us any decision or order” and demanded that someone show him where in Venezuela’s constitution says an individual can proclaim himself president..."


The United States and its satellites [including pathetic Canada] called for this meeting of the UNSC in order to pummel the Venezuelan rightful government.  What happened instead is that the young, newly appointed Venezuelan Foreign his maiden speech to the UN...wiped the floor with the USrael perp, Pompeo. 

Laff out loud as you note that Pompeo didn't even have the manhood to remain in the chamber and listen to the Venezuelan delegate...No...he left and his place was taken by convicted felon [pardoned] Elliot Abrams. 

Sadly, the speech by the impassioned, eloquent and truthful Venezuelan Foreign Minister reminded me of another speech I watched that also took place at the UN many years ago. It was the speech given by the Iraqi foreign minister, the charismatic Tariq Aziz, shortly before the United States invaded and destroyed his country on equally false premises. We all know what happened to that courageous patriot, Tariq Aziz. He was imprisoned by the US in occupied Iraq until his death just a few years ago. In spite of the US admitting it lied about the pretext to invade Iraq and kill, maim and dislocate millions and millions of Iraqis...they never forgave Tariq Aziz for his eloquent and truthful speech at the UN.

Coup in Progress? Venezuelan
 Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza on left


marc said...

Spot-On just right on target!

Cloud said...

Thanks GC for the video...

It took me a loooooong time to get through it (buffering after every 4th word; however better on UN Website as the given source on The Saker). The reason for watching the whooooooole thing is the media/altmedia's habit of taking things OUT-OF-CONTEXT. Wow...worth every minuet . The best part? Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza blasting the wet noodle Abrams with his diversions, lies and PAST HISTORY! Better even with his power point proof held up! OMG I had to do a dance after that. I also was continually impressed with Russian rep for his continued boldness to slam the blatant liars. Also the fact that the continual little train that could(n't) starting with the over weight engine Pompeo leaving in a big huff, then the shriveled up wet noodle convict Abrams (wiped off the floor) the puny ding dong that could only take a drink of water staying until the dreadful end (puff puff). haha The amazing thing is how all that was said by FM Jorge Arreaza was indeed carefully documented in John Pilger's:
The War On Democracy (English subtitles) could and should be used at the ICC for proof.

ps...The two men seated behind Mr. Arreaza, I kept fantasizing them confronting Pingpong and NASAL-brams in the great gymnauseum of the UNSC that has plenty of room to practice Bouncing. Imagine the Goy Victory, VIVA CHAVISMO

Reading between the lines said...

I have been following this Venezuelan attempted coup since the beginning and am totally on the same page with you on this.
This Abrams Character is some POS .I had watched most of it before ,it was easier this time to jump to the relevant parts as I can't stand Pompeo's face and his talking with a smirk on his face .

Reading between the lines said...

@ wallflower .
So very well said .

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

Thanks for your comments and for your link. Did you say in another comment that Abrams had been removed from the UNSC? If so can you provide a link. He SHOULD be removed...given his ghoulish record as organizer of the death squads in el Salvador...but of course that's just the kind of guy USrael wants to break Venezuela.

greencrow said...


It is shocking how identical this Venezuela criminal behaviour by USrael is with what went down just before the US attacked Iraq. The people just put up with it over and over again. It will surely bankrupt the US.