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UPDATED: UK Democratic System is Broken -- Unable to Execute Directive of Democratic Majority...Yet, it refuses to Leave

UPDATED:  January 17, 2019  Craig Murray describes the Machieavellian strategy the ruling government has come up with to get rid of BREXIT.

January 16, 2019: Theresa May's Government Survives "No Confidence" motion.  Corybn refused May's invitation to #10 Downing Street for talks.  IMO the fear of Corbyn by establishment won over the Democratic rights of the people to Brexit.

Prime Minister Theresa May and
Leader of Opposition Jeremy Corbyn

The ongoing crisis of government in the UK has reached a pivotal moment with the "No Confidence" vote called by Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, for this evening.  One would hope that, finally, the Parliamentary logjam will be broken and the democratic stalemate will end. Although that hope is faint at best.

Almost two years ago now, the people of Britain voted, in a national referendum, to leave the European Union.  The vote by the slim majority to leave sparked an ongoing crisis which hopefully will conclude this evening with a vote to bring the government of Theresa May down and the initiation of a general election.

Here is the latest from the BBC which, as per usual, is bending over backwards to minimize the crisis and pretend that its bidness as usual in "Jolly Olde".  The BBC represents the Establishment and the Deep State...not the UK people.  Therefore the focus is on maintaining the decrepit government of Teresa May at all costs.

Brexit and no-confidence vote: Corbyn targets 'zombie government'

Readers can watch the UK parliamentary proceedings live on RT. HERE,


Greencrow says:  My opinion, for what it's viewed from across the pond here in the dark boreal forests of British Columbia is this:

I was surprised to learn that the "No Confidence" process has become so dragged out and complicated in the "Mother of all Parliaments".  Back a couple of decades ago a parliament could call for a "no confidence" vote at any time and, if the vote were successful, the ruling government party was immediately turfed out...and an election was called.  Apparently in the UK all that changed in 2011.  New rules were installed that there needs to be TWO non confidence votes...weeks apart...before the government can be brought down.  Time for a lot of finagling, even criminal acts including assassination IMO.  I think these new rules are not only stupid, but dangerous.  I suppose its now the same here in Canada...which apes everything that happens elsewhere in the "Five eyes vassal states of USrael".

Listening to the commentators last evening I became aware of how complicated this BREXIT thing is.  It affects Scotland, which doesn't want to leave the EU and will vote again to separate if Brexit goes through...and it affects Ireland...which could find itself finally re-united North and South, as a result of Brexit.  Both outcomes the UK Deep State desperately wants to avoid!  In short, Brexit is a total disaster for the Establishment UK.

But have any of the establishment ever stopped to consider what got them into this incredible mess in the first place????  IMO, the reason they're at this disastrous cross-roads goes way back to 9/11 and the Iraq war.  It was former Prime Minister Tony Bliar and his M16/MosCIAd crony's who got the UK into this mess by going along with the USrael war against the wishes of the people.  The people of the UK knew that the war on Iraq and all that followed...all the "NATO" invasions of ME countries...was trumped up war crimesThe people of the UK became totally jaundiced about their leaders and the British parliament in general.  Every political initiative was an opportunity for the British People to show their disgust for the establishment.  Even the initiative where England turned its back on Europe was an opportunity for the British People to "give the finger" to the establishment.  And so they did.

This is what always happens in democracies where the citizens become convinced that they are being lied to and manipulated...used and abused.  This is, BTW, the way Canadians also feel at the moment...but we don't have the opportunity to show the finger to the Canadian government that the people of the UK had with the BREXIT referendum...c'est dommage!

While we're on the topic of referendums...anybody else see the massive hypocrisy between the world accepting the referendum of the UK to leave the EU...and the refusal to acknowledge the referendum of the ethnic Russian Crimeans to leave the Kiev Junta-run Ukraine????  The hypocrisy makes you want to puke.

Finally, and in summary.  The most sane outcome would be for the non-confidence motion to succeed, Teresa May to FINALLY resign and for there to be an election...where most likely Jeremy Corbyn would come to power.  Unfortunately, Jeremy Corbyn as prime minister literally scares the shit out of the perps.  Think about it.  All those war crime skeletons tumbling out of the closet...a workable BREXIT plan being executed with the subsequent loss of Scotland, Ireland and not to mention....the centuries olde rats' nest of perp power in London...from which the entire MI6osCSISAd has been run since 9/11 and from which it controls the perpetual war of terror and the globalist, neocon Ziofascist empire of death and destruction.

Somehow, I don't think the perps will give up that "easy".  Hang onto your's going to be a rough ride...and Stay Tuned.

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