Friday, January 11, 2019

Tulsie Gabbard Running for US President

Tulsie Gabbard - US Congresswoman
 Running for President in 2020

Great News!  I always wanted to know all the supermarket check-out stand magazine garbage about Tulsie.  Now, from the Main$tream Media I will find out every salacious detail.  I will find out how she lost her virginity at 17 in the backseat of a Jeep Cherokee.  Whatever.  That is what happens in Amerika to anyone who runs for any prominent public elective office....they get reputationally destroyed.  Check the link at the beginning of this paragraph and read the accompanying "Tweets" to get a flavour of what will be said about her...and who will be leading the attacks...can we all spell "chosenites"?

By the time they're finished with her...she won't be able to get elected as dogcatcher.  She's a member of the Democratic [sic] party but that don't matter.  Both Dems and Repugs will attack her because she's anti war.  WORSE...they'll attack her because she seems to be a real leader and not a proxy puppet.....The United States of Israel is NOT ALLOWED to have a real leader.  They're only allowed to have mediocre SOB's like Bush Jr.,  Brainwashed Zombies like Obama or Demented egotists like Trump.

And if they can't get rid of her by destroying her reputation...they'll do it by other means. Tulsie may be a "Samoan/Hindu" but she looks like a "Kennedy" to me.


Greg Bacon said...

If she's for real, Tulsi will be deep-stated one way or the other. She'll either be slimed to death or will be the victim of some tragic 'accident.

Reading between the lines said...

You are so right on the money about US politics / deep state interference and the quality of the individual Tulsi Gabbard .She is the real deal ,is not about the bullshit but it would probably take a divine intervention for her to win given the state of affairs we have witnessed in the US political sphere since the assassination of JFK.
She would be such a good president in my opinion ,based upon who she is ,what she has done,the trip to Syria to find out for herself what was happening there for instance, and the integrity she has .Maybe the US is too far gone for any salvation .

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

Last year when I wrote about Tulsi I got a comment that she belongs to some "extreme cult"...I think that's the way they'll go.

greencrow said...


Yes, she would be a GREAT president. And Yes, the US is too far gone for any salvation. The United States of Israel is an occupied nation...owned lock, stock and barrel by the Satanist Ziofascists.

Aletho News said...

She shares many of Trump's popular positions.

If she fails to sweep the primaries we will know that the Democrat derangement is not about Trump but some new form of death cult.

Unfortunately she backs the genocidal war on climate change. No meat or dairy for the plebes. 500 sq' maximum living space, families not accommodated.

wallflower said...

...and Israel OWNS ALL OF THEM!

don't forget that

MachtNichts said...

I wouldn't place too many accolades on that woman until she tells us where she really stands on Israel.

Apparently, Richard Edmondson found that out already awhile ago and even published it.

So, unless something has changed, she would not be a good choice for president carrying the usual baggage. A friendlier face than bite-me ocasio, but nevertheless an Israel firster.

Reading between the lines said...

If she went anywhere close to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict she would not make it past the gate on her run for presidency .No one ,outside of Jesus Christ himself and possibly not even him as most would not recognize him anyway , would stand a chance telling the truth about the Israelis in the US .As to her personal religion / faith
etc. ,it is a just a cheap shot .
In any case ,the fact that she dared to go to Syria and see what was going on ,on the ground and report about it puts her in very good standing in my eyes.Not that it makes any difference as I am not American anyway.Besides going to Syria and speaking positively about the Syrian president is not ingratiating herself towards the
Israelis .She should gain a few points for that alone IMHO .

wallflower said...

Here's Tulsi crying a river over arms being sold to SA given there are HR abuses...
Not one word about beloved Israel murdering and dismembering Palestinian children, their mothers and the elderly....NOT ONE WORD.

She can rest in hell with all the rest of the OATH signers and stay there!

GC...I remember 'when' you also thought Trump was going to change everything and now everyone can clearly see he's just another! THEY ALL SIGN OATHS TO LICK THE BOOTS OF AIPAC, JIF AND SO ON JEWY CANCER.

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

Nobody's perfect. Not you. Not I. Not Tulsi.

From the beginning I noted Trump's obvious shortcomings but insisted and still insist that he was vastly better than the alternative--Hillary Clinton.

If Americans are going to insist on damning any putative leader with faint will never have a leader worthy of the designation...just as you haven't had a real leader for several decades now...and what a DISASTER that has been!

wallflower said...

...and what about your leader GC?

Make not mistake...there IS NO LEADER and will not be UNTIL ISRAEL IS DEALT WITH!!! That is the plain TRUTH!!!

I don't make my bed with ANY TRAITOR GC...nor am I guilty for voting for them!!!