Saturday, January 19, 2019

The "Human Bargaining Chip Kidnappings" - Latest Trend in Deep State False Flags

Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer
 of Huawei Technologies Co.
leaves her home while out on bail

 in Vancouver, British Columbia.
 Government "Human Bargaining Chip"
 Kidnapping Victim

Has anyone else noticed that the stereotypical deep state false flags, like mass shootings, bombings by police-mentored vulnerable patsies, and catastrophic "accidents" are in decline?  I chalk this up to the civil war going on in the USrael Deep State between the various factions of the White House/State Department, "Intelligence" Community and the Pentagon/NSA/MIC, military industrial complex. It appears that the False Flag factions within the US bureaucracy have been thrown into disarray by the Trump Government...more power to Trump for doing this, even if it is an inadvertent side benefit of his disastrous leadership.

Unfortunately, the taxpayer-funded criminal element constantly needs "busy work" or the "Devil [might] make work for idle hands"...i.e., this element will work for whatever faction of the USrael deep state offers the most sheckles.

Therefore, the "False Flaggers" have recently been put up to a new form of international criminality.  Let's call it "False Flag Kidnapping".  Yes, folks it's a whole new meme.  There have been several victims of this "busy work"---Maria Butina, a Russian gun lover who lived in the US was kidnapped several months ago and has been in jail ever since....lots of grist for the anti-Russian pre$$titute mill.

Funny how almost all of these victims are women...but an analysis of the "logic" behind that would be another post entirely.  Next to be kidnapped was the CEO of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou. She's being held under house arrest by the Canadian government for the dubious crime of doing business with Iran, disregarding the arbitrary sanctions placed on that country by the United States on behalf of Israel.  Canada's Trudeau, not knowing the meaning of the word "arbitrary", doesn't have the guts or political independence to call China's leader Li and sort out this grievous and humiliating self-inflicted suicidal wound to Canada's economy.

Americans face deadline to file paperwork
for Huawei executive's extradition

Then, we have the shocking and disgusting arrest of Marzieh Hashemi, an American-born journalist who is an established Iranian news presenter and journalist. Hashemi has been held without charge or bail by the US government for over a week now. Nobody knows exactly why, although the official rumour is because she's a "material witness". I'd never before heard that a person in a civilized western nation could be kidnapped and incarcerated...solely for being a witness. But I guess that's what passes for "justice" [sic] in the United States of Israel.

You can also include Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, Russians living in the UK in this emerging meme. Following their supposed "poisoning" on a park bench in Salisbury, UK, they have been disappeared by the UK government. Even their formerly close relatives in Russia are prevented from knowing their whereabouts or even if they are alive. The Skripal case was used by the UK to demonize Russia.

Now these kidnappings have understandably led to retaliatory arrests of others by the affected countries. Russia recently arrested an American/UK/Canadian/Irish citizen who they say was "caught in the act" of spying in Moscow. China has arrested two Canadian men who were travelling in China and who, they say, were "threats to Chinese security".

I guess this is the only possible way of deterring Western countries from a wholesale rounding up of innocent travellers and holding them for ransom or for nefarious political reasons.

Summary and Conclusions 

Due to logistical factors, the Criminal Deep State is no longer able to pull off as many or as regular traditional False Flag attacks. In an effort to keep these criminal elements employed and loyal to the Satanic deep state..."make work projects" have been found for them in a new strategy....the kidnapping of innocent "human bargaining chips". While it appears on the surface that these are random and unrelated's obvious to the non-sheeplized, critical mind...that these are another variation of the False Flag. Pretending to be a result of the "rule of law" they are, in fact, crimes authorized by criminal elements within the "intelligence" community...and are in diametric opposition to the fundamental principles of law.

IMO, The purposes of these "Bargaining Chip Kidnappings" are:

1. Destruction of tourism...forging social and cultural links between national populations;

2. Destruction of economic ties and trade between nations;

3. Furthering the pre-military attack "demonization" of the targeted nations;

4. Continuation of the "War of Terror" by another, more insidious methodology;

5. Destruction of the Rule of Law in the West as preparation for Tyranny on Western populations;

6. Another "humiliating test of loyalty"[TM] for foreign "vassal" governments---i.e., destroy their own popularity/credibility in subservience to their "deep state" criminal benefactors/mentors--this is most evidenced in the Trudeau government's suicidal antagonizing of China.

7. "Make work" projects for thugs and criminals who have been temporarily laid off under the bureaucratic chaos of the Trump administration.

8.  Finally, for use as "bargaining chips" in negotiations over release of US spies who are apprehended by authorities in countries such as Iran.

My feeling is that these "Human Bargaining Chip" kidnappings are just a temporary stop-gap method. As soon as the Deep State gets rid of Trump...the big, regular and typical False Flags Terror Attacks, like mass shootings, bombings by vulnerable police-mentored patsies, etc. will return in full force.

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