Thursday, January 31, 2019

Separated at Birth?

Canada's Sorosian Mole
Neo-Nazi-supporting Chrystia Freeland


Canada is on the Diplomatic Ropes.  First, vis-à-vis the USrael-ordered kidnapping of Huawei CEO, Meng Wanzhou for economic reasons and then vis-à-vis Canada's ring-leader role instigating the destruction of Democracy in Venezuela by supporting a non-elected usurper, Juan Guaido, over the constitutionally and democratically elected Maduro.  These two simultaneous, self-created crises are being carried, like two buckets of sloshing Canada's crazy broom, Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland.

I saw a headline somewhere that Freeland has actually won a recent award as "Diplomat of the Year".  LOL.  No doubt the award was, like most awards given out nowadays...where the choice of recipient is completely controlled by the chosenites.

Aletho News has a recent update on the Venezuelan crisis written by M.K Bhadrakumar.  In this analysis, Russia and China, the two main economic partners of Venezuela, will be stepping in to protect Venezuela from the up-to-now fait accompli fate of total destruction by the neoCons in the USrael military industrial/security agency complex.  Since the thwarted attempt to destroy Syria, it is no longer a "slam dunk" for the West to obliterate a country in the course of a  "regime change" operation.

So, Venezuela will be rescuedBut who will rescue Canada?  Who will extricate us, like a skilled surgeon, from our predicament, lodged between the rock and a hard place that "the broom" has placed us in with the Huawei debacle?  Unlike Venezuela, we have no powerful friends like Russia and ChinaThe perps have made sure of that, over the past decade or more with the insidious foreign insertion of criminally treasonous moles into our body politic and our tax-payer-funded national media.  The CBC doesn't even pretend to be balanced anymore.  It's now just as fascist a newz outlet as the newspaper that Freeland's grandfather edited back in the Ukraine during WWII.

No.  Canada is out there all alone, isolated and exposed.  When the inevitable sledgehammer falls and Meng, under threat to Canada, is extradited to USrael, Canada will be left alone to mop up the swirling vortex of flooding repercussions.  Tragically, unlike Venezuela, Canada has no Maduro who, in spite of all his least has the best interests of his people at the top of his priorities.


Greg said...

Greg It’s pretty simple,STOP PAYING TAXES.But most don’t want to lose their place in line!.As I watch America falling apart,just by the government closing.down.Could not afford diapers,woman’s monthly,an adult diapers, My mind just rebel’s.30 years ago,there were clothed diapers! We have turned into a nation of idols,Canada not far behind.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Crow... careful on the usage of the term "nazi".... This creature is a tribe member and absolutely NOT a German national socialist at all..

I look at this creature and I honestly want to puke.... But again with no real opposition in Canada with Scheer being a weakling and an idiot, we may be stuck with criminal Justin and his scumbags such as this tribe member for years to come.

greencrow said...

Hi Greg:

It's too bad they print money down in USrael. If there was a REAL shut down and financial collapse...perhaps the silver lining would be that the parasites would find another host.

greencrow said...

Hi NTS. If you look at Freeland's background, as revealed by John Helmer in his blog "Dances with Bears" you will see that her grandfather was the editor of a Nazi newspaper in Ukraine during WWII....and, regardless, the family was allowed into Canada as refugees after the war. I would not hold her background against her...except that she was a prime supporter of the Ukrop neo-nazis in the 2014 western-provoked and paid for coup. She has been instrumental in Canada's military support of the Kievian coup ever since.

Now I know what you're getting at...the Nazis have been demonized re the Hollow co$t and the truth about the real reasons for WWII [and WWI for that matter] are hidden from the sheeple. But what we're talking about with Freeland is her extreme right-wing Sorosian interventionist views.

Scorp Six Four said...

The term "nazi" was a jew contructed perjorative, cica 1938 if I'm not mistaken. It was a means of deflecting the evil that resides in the beings known as the AshkeNAZI jew.

greencrow said...

Hi Dwayne:

I've always found it curious how so little attention has been focused on the acronym NAZI and its actual placement within the word AshkeNAZI. Over the years I've tried to rationalize it and came to the conclusion years ago that in pre WWII Germany, there was an effort to create a Jewish political party and they came up with the name NAZI to attract Jews. If you've been reading the UNZ Review, you will see that in pre-WWII Germany, the NAZI party often did the bidding and carried out policies of the Zionists. The history has been so muddied with lies, distortions and disinformation that we will likely never really know the gonnection between NAZI and AshkeNAZI.

Scorp Six Four said...

I'm inclined to hold the view that the AshkeNAZI were decendents of the Mongol Horde. Many of their surnames are Khan or Kagan. The Horde murdered an estimated 40 million people during the course of their raids of terror across Persia, India and Eastern Europe. This blood lust is mirrored by the Khazarian imposters that the current, modern world dubs "Jew" and their lust to murder the rightful inhabitants of Palastine. They once again want to shed the blood of Persian (Iranians) and white Europe/US/Canada/Australia.

The introduction of chritianity into pagan Europe was the beginning of the genocide of the white race and the eventual enslavement of the left behind brown skin folks. Count Kalergi said as much when postulating the "negroidization" of Europe with the Jews being the "spiritually superior nobility race of Europe". I'll never understand the white race's fascination with the worship of one of the many mythical Hebrew gods and the rejection of their own ancestorial pagan gods such as Odin, Woten, Thor, etc. This genocide was almost stopped by The Great One but unfortunately with the entry of the Jew controlled US in the war the odds were stacked against Germany.

We're seeing the genocide of whites in varying degrees with each new day. Current events in S. Africa will be coming to Europe, Canada and the US soon. Paul Craig Roberts has been putting out some great articles about this topic the past few weeks. It took him awhile to start talking about the elephant in the room (the Jews), but he finally is doing so. Unfortunately it is probably too late.

BuelahMan said...

the NAZI party often did the bidding and carried out policies of the Zionists

Methinks you have been hoodwinked. Who was playing who?

I contend that the NSDAP was using the zionists to rid themselves of jews.

But I'm sure Unz, a jew, is a better judge.