Monday, January 7, 2019

Reptile "Lucky" Larry Silverstein's 2000 Prediction on how he'll Rebuild WTC with Insurance Moneys

Reptile "Lucky" Larry Silverstein predicts
how he will rebuild WTC with Insurance
moneys waaaaaay back in 2000

Watch, if you can, this reptilian humanoid boasting way back in 2000 how he'd designed and put together a deal to re-build the WTC with Insurance bonds.  The impression I've always got from this creature is that he truly believes that he's above the law and it only applies to the cattle goy.

He openly brags about having the design and the "finances" to rebuild the WTC as far back as 2000.  When you have all the judges in NYC in your back don't need to worry about being charged with massive insurance fraud...never mind mass murder!

Read the full report in Iran's PressTV where long time 9/11 truther Dr. Kevin Barrett exposes the details of Silverstein's blatant, in-your-face criminality.  Barrett was asked to comment on the recent release of hacked papers related to the 9/11 MosCIAd atrocity:

…..Dark Overlord’s [hacker group] threat of leaking thousands of secret documents related to 9/11.

The hacker group has said the leak will have devastating consequences for the US "deep state," that collection of members of permanent employees of the intelligence, security and diplomatic services who operate independently of changes in the administration as, in essence, a permanent government.

The group has already released decryption keys for 650 documents it says are related to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, but it is just a fraction of the 18,000 secret 9/11 documents probably stolen from insurers, law firms, and government agencies..."


Greencrow says:  What good is all the hard core evidence in the world where there is no legitimate justice system to present it to?  The Perps long ago destroyed the justice [sic] system--as it applies to crimes involving the elite, the chosenites and their puppet politicians, "security" agencies and MIC corporate whore media.  In actual fact, this is how crime "pays" for the chosenites:

‘Silverstein walked out with close to $5bn in cash’
“....So Silverstein got his contract from the Port Authority. He bought the entire Trade Center on a 100-year lease. He only put down 15 million – with an m – million of his own money, along with a hundred million of his partners' and for that he got the Trade Center for a hundred years,” the commentator said.

“And had the Trade Center not been demolished, this would have been the worst real estate investment in history. But because Silverstein doubled the insurance money from what the Port Authority had held, and managed to get lucky on September 11, he walked out of this with close to $5 billion in cash,” he pointed out....

A couple of random stories.  We have dozens and dozens of brand-new subdivisions "up the hill" in the lower Vancouver mainland. I once heard that of all the thousands and thousands of multi-million homes up on the mountain least 25% are bought with the proceeds from crime.  That shows how common "white collar" crime is.

Another story....I was at a convention a few years ago where the keynote speaker was a goy from New York City, where he had spent his life working in the upper echelons of the construction trade.  After his speech, I managed to briefly buttonhole him and ask what his views were on 9/11.  He first gave me a blank stare but then muttered something about how "tragic" it was.  I said:  "No. I mean what do you think about the conspiracy theories--that 9/11 was an inside job?"  He looked even more confused and said, and I believe honestly, "I don't know what you're talking about...I've never heard such theories."

That response told me just how complete the blanket of lies and disinformation is in USrael.  It's like asking sheep--or cattle--what they think about the nearby slaughterhouse.


Anonymous said...

The American Jew Judges Who Protected the Israeli Masterminded 9/11 False Flag

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

If you will check my post, I've already captured that link in the appropriate sentence.

The way the 9/11 lawsuits and the NIST issues were handled is proof positive that there is NO JUSTICE IN AMERIKA!!!

wallflower said...

Hi GC,
Yes the hope fades when up against a unJustice system...but (may I say) however; when it comes to a Grand Jury the stacks of lies are more credible when the proof is provided against everything else that has been adding up since then. This really gives me hope. I couldn't help but read some comments from the LL video above...with many that agree to your 'reptilian' description. I felt the same loathing of this one:

["He's not even human, blinking like that and why is he chewing his cud like a cow while he's making a press announcement. What a repulsive Reptoid."]

One thing that I hope happens in this chain of events unfolding before the reptoid king in Tel Aviv gets closer to indictment, I believe ALL of its fly feeding companions will follow as you have shared with this report. At this point HOPE is all we have now. Here is another gem I found today to give a clue to the total insanity of the reptoid stronghold of the ME:
Israel to seek $250bn from Arab countries that expelled Jews to ‘restore their rightful property’ NTS puts it..."When PIGS become airborne"

wallflower said...

Anonymous said...

Still chasing an illusion
Yep that is a freaky moment
The eye flashing was very scary
The tone of voice is very scary
But the official story already went mainstream
So case closed
Still chasing the roadrunner
You still can not get him
My coyote story
This summer
Walking out to the garage
Did not notice him until I reached for the door
I froze
He was frozen in a sideways poze with face glaring at me
I put my hands to my side and relax
In a friendly voice or childlike voice
The kind some people use with children or there own pets
I say
Come over here you
Sing that line in a childlike way
Hey come over here you
He bows his head and starts walking over to me
Now I am not sure if this is his method of attck or he was gonna come
I start to howl like a coyote
He books it into the woods
I call him back
He keeps on going
He was about twenty steps from me
I just walked and counted steps
Pretty close
It was a cool moment
If I did not panick
I wonder if he would have come all the way or got scared himself????
Yep sorry I digress
You keep chasing the guy with your truths
But the official story is already a sealed deal
So that makes him the roadrunner
MEEP MEEP ing to you all