Wednesday, January 23, 2019

UPDATED: Meng/Huawei Sedition Scandal - Canadian Liberal Government in Panic - goes into Damage Control Mode

UPDATE:  I'm not sure whether to call the Liberal government's disregard of the Canadian law as it stands regarding Extradition of a person to a foreign country as Treasonous or Seditious.   The wolves are now circling Canada's Ambassador to China JohnMcCallum for his attempt to defuse the firestorm...hey, a firestorm is exactly what the doorknob and the broom WANT! Also, if any Canadians are under the mistaken notion that a simple change of party in the next (s)election will save Canada...please read the latest "Tweet" from opposition leader Andrew "Banned from travelling to Russia" Scheer. "If I were Prime Minister, I would fire John McCallum," says @AndrewScheer after @HonJohnMcCallum's comments that Huawei executive has 'quite good arguments on her side' "

Canadian Ambassador to China John McCallum
parachuted in to tamp down the political firestorm

Another day, another post dedicated to the controlled demolition of Canadian sovereignty at the hands of "Satan's Ambassador to Earth" George Soros...and implemented by his Canadian puppet flunkies, "Le Dauphin" Justin "Doornob" Trudeau and Neo-Nazi Sympathizer, Chrystia "the broom" Freeland.

Soros, The "Doorknob" and the "Broom"
in happier times [circa 2015]

The backlash from Canadians [including little moi] must have been immense...resulting from yesterday's announcement from Washington that the USrael government is going to pursue the extradition of Huawei CEO Meng Wanzhou to the US to stand trial for breaking US unilateral sanctions against Iran.  The Doornob and the broom must have been crapping their pants.

Last evening I decided to watch the CBC news which I usually don't due to "bloodpressure issues"...Watching all the propaganda makes my blood boil.  The CBC news did not disappoint in that regard.  They had a "panel" on to discuss the Meng affair.  Two of the panelists were probably USrael MosCSISAd assets...they immediately went into a frenzy...attacking China and demonizing it.  The third panalist, a young woman, was introduced as being an "Indigenous Lawyer".  She began to quietly explain how the arrest of Meng contravened international "Human Rights" treaties that Canada has signed onto.  She also made a very good case regarding Trump's politicizing/tainting the arrest by saying it could be used as a "bargaining chip" in upcoming trade negotiations with China.

Well, as soon as it became apparent the woman was making logical sense and was presenting a calm, rational analysis of the diplomatic crisis...the other two panelists started wildly shouting at her and interrupting her...terrified that her words of common sense would reach the viewers.  At one point, while she was speaking, the TV camera even broke away from focusing on her and switched to one of the other panelists as he sat silent while she was talking from off camera...very unusual that CBC would make such a cinematographic "mistake". Suffice it to say the "indigenous Lawyer" panelist will likely never appear on the CBC newz again.

And, as if I didn't already know it...It once again brought home to me how controlled our "National Taxpayer Funded media" is--by the perps in Washington.  To think that millions of Canadians subject their brains to this shit every night!

But, the media perpetrated dysinfo/propaganda campaign mustn't have worked as hoped because, just this morning, I read in several M$M outletz that Canada's Ambassador to China, John McCallum has been tapped to delicately tamp down Canadian outrage....particularly in the Chinese/Canadian community.  Please read the following report and I will have more comments to follow:

From News1130

Canada's ambassador to China says Huawei's CFO has a strong case to avoid extradition

OTTAWA (NEWS 1130) – Canada’s ambassador to China has made some surprising comments about the extradition case at the centre of the diplomatic dispute between Ottawa and Beijing, saying the defence has a strong case.

He thinks the Huawei executive, who was arrested in December at YVR Airport, has a strong case.

In a news conference with Chinese language media in Canada, Ambassador John McCallum said he believes Meng Wanzhou does have strong legal arguments to avoid extradition to the United States.

He says the defence could look at political interference comments by U.S. President Donald Trump and the fact Canada didn’t sign on to Iran sanctions, which are central to the charges she faces.

“I think she has some strong arguments that she can make before a judge,” McCallum said.

He says the final call is for a judge and there will be no political interference.

McCallum’s comments go much further than other Canadian officials’ on the case. The Trudeau government has avoided talk like this, saying it respects the rule of law.

The comments are also unusual, since the U.S. has said it plans to follow through with the extradition process.

Trudeau was later asked about McCallum’s comments.

He said Canada is a country of the rule of law and his government will make sure that is properly and fully followed. He added that means Meng has a right to put together a strong defence.

However, the prime minister would not specify whether he agrees with McCallum that Meng does, in fact, have a strong legal argument to avoid extradition.

McCallum also raised the possibility that the U.S. could strike a deal with China to drop the extradition. If that happens, he hopes the deal includes the release of two detained Canadians."


Greencrow says:  McCallum's logic about how China has a potentially great legal case before the Extradition Hearing, [he uses the same points as the "indigenous Lawyer" CBC panelist] begs the question:  If the USrael case is so legally flawed...why is it even still a factor????  Why didn't Canadian authorities toss out the extradition request right away...and save Chinese/Canadian relations?????!!!!!

I won't venture an answer to the above question...any speculations on my part would be unsuitable for tender ears and eyes.  Suffice it to say, Canada is now walking a tightrope between the two behemoths...China and USrael.  The doorknob, the broom and company finally began to hear that loud sucking noise from far away British the huge Chinese ethnic population, shock wearing off from the knife wounds in their backs--began to respond economically--withdrawing their Canadian investments.  The situation called for an emergency, temporary reprieve.

On the other hand...the doorknob can't exactly jump ship...Trudeau's entire political existence is courtesy of the Sorosian USrael Clintonian perps. He would, and will, be politically dead the instant he even wavers in support of them.  We all also saw the news clip from Davos, Switzerland, last evening where Flunky Freeland, still foaming at the mouth spewed her anti Chinese demagoguery.  No.  I cannot see this ending well.  McCallum might have temporarily tamped down the fire for the moment--but the end goal has not been changed.  The end goal is two-fold: 1)  the destruction of Canada and 2) the economic frontal attack on China...BOTH with long term military implications.


Reading between the lines said...

I understand the blood pressure rise when I listen to some of the CBC news .Not that I want to but because it's just on during supper time at 6:00 daily.I have to admit it often gives me indigestion as the narrative has become so neocon and always filled with the zionist narrative if the subject is Palestine.
I think that this arrest of Ms.Meng issue will just die down after she appeals to the courts.It would blow me away to have a sitting judge agree to have her extradited to the US .We do not have sanctions on Iran and even if we did ,I doubt that the legality would hold for her extradition based on what the US says is fraud. She would not have much chance of winning a court battle in the US based upon what I have read about the US judicial system.It is much too politicized.
It is just extremely unfortunate and very stupid on the part of the Canadian government to have gotten themselves into this.The damage has been done and the proverbial feathers have been ruffled .It will not end well for Trudeau and by his actions he does not deserve to lead the Canadian government IMHO.

greencrow said...


If Canada had a Speaker of the House like Darryl Plecas [see my next post which I will be publishing this morning] I believe Trudeau and his Soros Flunky Freeland would be "escorted from the Parliament buildings" and charged with treason/sedition.

Before the Meng case I knew they were I believe they're criminal.