Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Latest Scene from Trudeau's "Sorcerer's Apprentice" leadership: China Issues Travel Advisory re Canada

Justin Trudeau as a real life "Sorcerer's Apprentice"

LOL.  Every day brings a new laff from the hollow halls of Ottawa with the Le Dauphin prime minister Justin Trudeau.  Watch the above classic Disney cartoon:  "Fantasia - The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and you will see an exact metaphor for Trudeau Jr's. leadership.  Now cast his deceased father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, as the Sorcerer, who goes "to sleep" leaving Mickey in charge. Here's the really funny part: Cast Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland as the "water carrying broom"--that takes on a terrible, destructive, life of its own.

In the past two days, the brou ha ha over Canada summarily arresting Chinese Huawei CEO Wang on the basis of orders from the MosCIAd in USrael has become like the Disney nightmare of my youth.  The broom keeps carrying more and more water, splinters off, with the splinters also carrying more and more water to flood the joint.  Please read the two newz reports below and I'll have more comments to follow:

Canada issues travel warning for China amid ‘crisis’ over death sentence
Relations between Beijing and Ottawa are at crisis point after a Canadian man was sentenced to death by a Chinese court, a former Canadian ambassador to China told CNN

Canada’s foreign ministry issued a travel warning late Monday to its citizens in China over “the risk of arbitrary enforcement of local laws.” It came in the wake of the death sentence handed to Robert Lloyd Schellenberg during a one-day retrial in the city of Dalian.

Schellenberg had initially appealed a 15-year prison sentence for being an accessory in a plot to smuggle more than 222 kilograms (489.4 pounds) of methamphetamine from the northeastern port city to Australia in November 2014. But during the retrial, the court sided with the prosecution, which claimed to have uncovered new evidence proving Schellenberg’s principal role in the case.

The decision comes against the backdrop of a spiraling diplomatic dispute between the two countries following the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, a senior executive from the Chinese tech firm Huawei, on December 1 in Vancouver."


China issues travel warning for Canada after 'arbitrary detention' of national

BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Tuesday issued a travel advisory for Canada, warning its citizens to “fully evaluate risks” and exercise caution when traveling there.

The foreign ministry’s consular affairs department, in the advisory issued on its official WeChat account, cited the “arbitrary detention” of a Chinese national in Canada at the request of a “third-party country”.

Beijing and Ottawa have been at odds since early December, when Canadian police arrested Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, at the behest of the United States.


Greencrow says:  Yes, Mickey Mouse, aka Justin Trudeau has certainly fallen asleep on the job and left the heavy lifting to "the broom", aka his neo-Nazi supporting Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland.

How did Canada get caught in this diplomatic nightmare?  Let's go back a few weeks, to when Canada in an absolute shocking move, arrested a very important Chinese business executive at the Vancouver airport.  She was put in jail, released on a huge bail and some very draconian bail conditions.  She doesn't know what will happen to her...whether she'll be ultimately charged, extradited to the US, and convicted of a crime that could land her 30 years in jail.

What was her monstrous crime?  Well she was supposedly covertly disobeying some unilateral sanctions laws that the US had placed on Iran.  Apparently in this MosCIAd era of Deep State Rule of the Five Eyes Vassal States....this is a capital crime.  Not that it's officially on any Canadian books.  It's just one of those magical laws that floats around in the ethosphere...and lands anywhere the MosCIAd wants it to.  But, on the basis of that incredibly servile action on the part of Canada...a series of repercussions ensued...including two obvious Canadian MosCIAd assets being arrested in China on suspicion that they were "threats to Chinese security".  Anyone who doesn't recognize the two men who were arrested as stereotypical IC assets needs to have their head examined.

Then China sentenced a Canadian drug dealer operating in China to death.  This man had been warned years ago by a Canadian judge that he was a disgrace to Canada--and that his risk-taking behaviour could someday ruin his life.  And it obviously has.  His drug of choice was methamphetamines.  At the time of his arrest in China he was in the process of shipping a container full of them to Australia.  Have you ever had anything to do with an individual addicted to meth?  I have.  When I was a social worker, I considered an addiction to meth as fatal to an individual's ability to parent.  All the drugs, including pot, were bad...but meth was fatal.  It permanently changes the way the brain is wired...and leads inevitably to homelessness and dereliction.  The previously convicted in Canada Canadian drug dealer was shipping a container of this poison to Australia.  He deserves his punishment.

But, no. As part of the "tit for tat" going on between Canada and China...Trudeau publicly defended the drug dealer...condemning his death sentence as "arbitrary".  The whole world knows that China is very tough on drug dealers...ever since the "Opium Wars" where Britain tried to destroy Chinese culture by hooking the entire nation on opium.  Everybody knows that the penalty for dealing drugs in China is death.  It's not arbitrary...but I don't think Trudeau knows the meaning of the word "arbitrary".

So, what has happened so far?  Lemeeseee.

1.  Canada has pissed off China....one of its best alternatives to US trade...after saying in all its current Liberal government TV ads that "Canada needs to diversify its trading partners and not rely on the US"--given Trump's unreliability.  IMO, this de facto elimination of China as an option for Canadian trade WAS THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THE ENTIRE SUBVERSIVE CAPER!!!

2.  Ironically, Canada and China had named 2018 as "The Year of Chinese/Canadian Tourism".  LOL...only if the goal was to eliminate Chinese Canadian tourism would that goal have been accomplished.  Thank Gawd I travelled to China and saw that amazing country BEFORE the shit hit the fan!

3.  Canada has set a terrible legal precedent for itself by following MosCIAd instructions to arrest the Chinese CEO on the basis of US laws.  US laws are not international laws.  THEY are the arbitrary laws...if Trudeau would only look up the word.

In summary:  If Canada has set a precedent [abiding by all the arbitrary laws of the US] that we're going to follow regarding all of the US's "enemy du jour" sanctions and demonization target countries...well in that horrific case...Canada might as well throw in the towel...or kick the [water] bucket.  We're finished as a nation.


Anonymous said...

Ed(itor) surmises that the truth of the matter is to be found in the silent commands emanating from the covert power centers and especially with regard to the machinations and intriques submerged in the spaces between the Chinese power structure and the Rothschild empire. It's all a giant Punch & Judy show.

greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

And I forgot to mention the latest "punch" in the "Punch and Judy show". The Chinese ambassador to Canada said Canadians were "racist" in their selectivity regarding the "tit for tat" war going on between Canada and China. Well, I've thought all along the Canadian media's selective boo hoo hooing about the two MosCIAd assets arrested in China...all the while NEVER EVEN MENTIONING THE arbitrary arrest of the Chinese CEO was totally "white man's burdenish" in the extreme.

greencrow said...

Here's a link to a report about the arrogance/racism of the Canadians about this stupid and unnecessary spat:


Reading between the lines said...

The Trudeau government has now proven that it is not fit to govern .With the conservatives being in the back pocket of the zionists that leaves possibly the NDP and the Greens for the up and coming 2019 federal election.

greencrow said...


My considered opinion is that the NDP, under Jagmeet Singh, is just a shell...not a real party. Those who don't want either Trudeau or Scheer have no place to "park" their vote. So the Perps have fixed it that there is no real choice and are betting that the voters will just hold their noses and vote Liberal...ergo the puppet will be back for another four, destructive, humiliating and bankrupt/reckless years.