Monday, January 14, 2019

Imagine the Lies

There are none so blind as those who WILL not see!

I received the above photo a day or so ago from my blogging colleague, Ed(itor) former blogmaster of "Occurrences".  He also sent me this link and snippet therefrom.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:


Deep State Doesn't Want to Expose Full Truth About 9/11 - Political Scientist | 13 Jan 2019 | A cybercrime group has released thousands of documents related to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States. The group, which calls itself "The Dark Overlord", stole the data from private insurance companies, law firms and government agencies and demanded a ransom. Radio Sputnik discussed the publications with Dr Kevin Barrett, a political scientist and author.

Sputnik: Did any new information on the 9/11 terrorist attacks emerge from the cybercriminal group's release that you know of?

Dr Kevin Barrett: Well, it's not clear that there's anything extremely significant. The problem here is that we already know so much about 9/11. We know beyond any reasonable doubt that there were no actual human hijackers involved in diverting planes that day. We know that for a whole long list of reasons including, the fact that the US government was obliged under international law to provide the evidence against the people accused of committing this horrific crime and it never presented that evidence such as authenticated passenger lists, authenticated security videos -- any proof whatsoever that any of these 19 alleged hijackers were even on the planes; not only was none of that ever presented, but we know for a fact that there were no hijackings, because not one of the four planes ever squawked the hijack code -- which takes about two seconds to squawk.


Greencrow says:  The above photo really brings it home how vulnerable the human species is to lies and "fake reality"--hoaxes, false flags, concocted pre-texts for war and the like.  The weakness/vulnerability of the sheeple [67% of humanity] brain is terrifying to the remaining 33% of humans capable of critical thinking and, most of all, unafraid to look Satan/evil in the eye.  This feeble organ [the sheeple brain] is going to be the death of all of us.

Never before in human history has the line between sentient humanity and cattle/sheep humanity been more clearly drawn.  Chalk this clarity up to the Internet...which has been like a porthole for those capable of critical thinking to view the machinations of the Satanists who, heretofore, were able to ply their evil trade with impunity.  Can you imagine the lies we don't even know about yet?  The scope of the lies we're aware of is already so immense.  Just about every major event in modern history is a septic tank of bubbling, steaming, floating, fetid lies.  Look at WWI and WWII, the good guys were the bad guys and what did it matter anyway when the Satanists were bankrolling and arming both sides.  Look at how they killed President John F. Kennedy in broad daylight...shooting him from several sniping positions...and they got away with it.  And then they killed Bobby, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Paul Wellstone, JFK Jr...for Gawd sakes.  Shooting down his plane over Martha's Vinyard the weekend before he announced that he was going to run for the New York Senate Seat that Hillary Clinton coveted.  Her husband/crime partner Slick Willy was president at the time, dontchaknow...and covered up the shoot down.

Look at how they told brazen, infantile and idiotic lies about sending men to the moon back in 1969. Flying through the Van Allen radiation belts in their aluminum duct taped space ships and thin cloth space suits. They soft landed on the dusty lunar surface without raising a cloud of dust that would have swirled forever in the low gravity....they took photos of themselves against the starless sky...and the people lapped it up....and still dooooooooo.

Now they've turned their lies to demonizing Russia, their "enemy du jour" and to vilifying the weak and demented President an effort to remove him and install one of their more dependable warlike puppets.  Under Trump, their Yinon Plan agenda to "reshape" the Middle East to the tiny borderless entity's liking has stalled.  Iran continues to grow in strength and, worse, in its ability to strengthen its neighbours like Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and even, egads! Iraq, against Israel's malignant policies of perpetual exploitation, oppression, chaos, suffering and death.   

If the Satanists wait much longer...all the nations in the Middle East, West Asia and North Africa will have the Russian S-400 anti missile systems and it will be game over.  It's almost time for the parasites to abandon the used-up host and find another "healthier" specimen to prey on.  But, before they do...will they deliver the coup de grace to the ignorant and willfully blind population?  Will they lure them into a suicidal war with Iran, Russia, China? Why not?  With gullible feeble-brained entities willing to accept that the building in the above photo was brought down in 6.5 seconds, neatly into its footprint solely due to jet impact/quick burning jet fuel fires....any flimsy pretext will do.  Imagine it....

Loose Change 2nd Edition
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…..and then wait for it.


Scorp Six Four said...

Sadly, it is what it is. The beginning of the end was the introduction of the Fews religion to Europe to control the masses with the fear of the afterlife. To ensure a peaceful life in paradise, one only needed to reject the pagan ways of your ancestors for the past tens of thousands of years and adopt the religion of an insignificant tribe from the Arabian peninsula (the lying tribe never was in the land of Egypt... read Dr. Ashraf Ezzat's writings).

Next came the concept of the nation state, where arbitrary lines on maps determined the next phase of the world chess board. Common language of the people was no longer the determining factor of a "nation" (people who share the same language, culture and lifestyle). The term "nation" was co-opted to define a geographic region that could be more easily controlled, pitting man against man over imaginary lines on a piece of paper.

The death of the German people on May 5, 1945 heralded the end of the white race. All I see now is the constant attack against the white, heterosexual male and female. Being white is now akin to "the original sin" (whatever the hell that is). I conservatively foresee the white race being completely annihilated within the next fifty years. Likely sooner.

Oh well, lamenting the state of mind of the tax livestock isn't worthy of the effort. Self hating whites have allowed this state of condition to come to fruition by adopting the satanic religion of the Few. Without their "script(ure)", they wouldn't exist as they do in Palestine. If they can genocide the Palestinians, they'll genocide whites as well. Then the Asians. The only group they'll allow to survive will be the blacks. And they'll be their slaves as they were once before.

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comments Dwayne. The bottom line is: this planet is shrinking by the day and as that happens, the greedy get more aggressive and double down with their lies, provocations and false flags. Anyone, even the most sheeple-like, can see where this is headed.

BuelahMan said...

Russian leader Putin is actively a part of the Kabuki.

There are no Christian heroes in Russia. It is controlled, lock, stock and barrel, by jews.

You are missing the real skinny.

Reading between the lines said...

There will be a grand jury hearing on the nine eleven incident.It has now been confirmed .When is not determined. Richard Gage of the 9/11 Architects and Engineers group has worked tirelessly in exposing the lies. I had attended a lecture he gave in Winnipeg a number of years ago , although I already knew about his work , it was very interesting to see the attendance and the look on some of their faces upon hearing this man talk.

greencrow said...

Hi BuelahMan

We continue to disagree on Putin's authenticity...and I continue to ask: Is there any leader you consider to be authentic? Or are you a complete iconoclast?

greencrow said...


I also went to a Richard Gage talk some years ago. It was at a hotel venue in the Vancouver suburbs. I went with my husband, his friend Larry [who was also a 9/11 truther] and Larry's wife. The talk was very poorly attended, I must say. My husband and Larry's wife stayed at the bar outside the meeting room because they disdainfully did not want to listen to Gage.

Larry and I sat together and I was enthralled with what Richard Gage had to say. The man is very pleasant, approachable...just an ordinary chap who has given everything up to pursue the truth...including his marriage which did not survive his conversion to 9/11 truth.

Well, as we were sitting there listening to Gage, unbeknownst to us, Larry's wife was getting very drunk in the bar. At one point towards the end of Gage's talk, she burst into the meeting room and shouted Larry and my names very loudly...and told us to "Get the hell out of here...I want to go home!"

Richard Gage was quite the gentleman about the boorish interruption of his speech. He just quietly and humourously said "Larry and ….. you'd better leave. She obviously wants to go home."

The embarrassing incident highlighted to me the massive, dark chasm between the "sheeple" and the "sentients" I refer to the minority of us capable of critical thinking. I wish Richard Gage all the best...Hopefully his grand jury initiative will finally bear some fruit...and the thousands of victims of 9/11 will finally get some richly deserved common justice.

Reading between the lines said...

So many still fast asleep.
We can only hope that if the a ruling can be made by the courts with a confirmation that explosives were used,this will open the door ,to who and why for secondary investigations .I have said this ever since I had the chance to digest the event's evidence ,if ever we can get a ruling on who which is surely CIA/Mossad involvement ,
this will be the end of the zionist entity in Israel.