Sunday, January 13, 2019

UPDATED: Here's a REAL demonstration: RCMP defy Canada Supreme Court Ruling to Arrest First Nations Defending Their Lands

UPDATED:  January 13, 2019 - I have updated this post to include information contradicting some of my fellow Canadians who think that BC First Nations are ignorant troublemakers. Please review the last three paragraphs to see the update.

RCMP arrest First Nations Defending Lands
from Pipeline Construction

I've been keeping an eye on the Yellow Vest demonstrations in France recently, wondering whether I should adjust my initial assessment--that they're just another in a long and tedious history of "colour revolution" fakeries set up by the likes of Jewish George Soros.  It's difficult to say, the social manipulators are getting better and better at disguising what they do.  Just this morning I was reading in Xymphora...yes I finally added her blog to my "favourites" blogroll... according to a Saker Sitrep the perps are behind "some" of the demonstrators, i.e. the "hooligans".  It has always been least since the last real public demonstrations that took place over the Vietnam war in the 1960's.  Those demonstrations were grassroots and had huge ramifications for the perps.  So they gradually devised methods of massaging any public demonstration, large and small, to sap it of any authenticity and/or political impact.

The Yellow Vest demonstrations have been going on for months now and it seems the strategy there has been to make them "part of the landscape" normalize and "work around" them.  It's a variation on the perps' favourite and default strategy..."to ignore".  Since they control the media, their ignoring, to a large extent, "disappears" the public resistance to globalist policy, whatever it may be.

An interesting study would be to compare and contrast the "Yellow Vests" demonstration in the cities of France with the demonstrations of Canadian First Nations or indigenous communities over the building of gas and oil pipelines on their ancestral territory here in British Columbia, Canada.  The First Nations demonstrations are definitely the "real McCoy".  There are no colour insignia, pink pussycat hats or yellow vests involved.  The First Nations people just communicate by telephone and computer, meet in the bush, build a blockade and wait for the police to show up.  Simple as that.

It's virtually impossible for "hooligans" or fake demonstrators to show up in the bush and demonstrate alongside the indigenous people...who all know each other.  So let's use the First Nations/Indigenous peoples demonstration as the "control group" to find out how the "authorities" and their corporatist, globalist handlers manage "real" demonstrators.  Look at the photo above for the first clue.  First, the cellphones/Internet connections of the First Nations are summarily cut off.  They can no longer communicate with one another over vast distances.  The demonstrators at the barricade are thus left isolated and unprepared for the sudden attack of the police/SWAT team force. The defenseless and non-violent demonstrators are then grabbed, thrown to the ground and hog-tied.  They're hauled off to jail...forced to wait there for their leaders to come to some sort of negotiated armistice with the "authorities"--and their corporatist, globalist handlers.

So what that tells me is that the Yellow Vests are somewhere at the lower end of the scale of "authentic" demonstrations.  Why doesn't the Macron government simply cut off their cell phone service? OTOH, the BC indigenous people are very high up on the scale of authenticity...primarily due to the quality of their rights.  You see, following "first contact" in North America, the white colonizers of British Columbia neglected to sign treaties with the vast majority of First Nations in this province.  They just took over, unlike the United States, where the indigenous tribes were largely wiped out in a genocide that makes the holloco$t of the Jews in WWII look puny by comparison.  In North and South America over a period of 200 years, millions upon millions of indigenous peoples were exterminated.

One of the last geographical spaces of North America to be taken over by the whites was BC and, by that time, communication was such that mass genocide could no longer be anonymously  accomplished in the darkness of  the "vacant boreal forests".  Oh, they tried...with small pox and starvation, but the BC coastal tribes, isolated as they were---and still are---survived.

When the colonizers then tried to extinguish the ancestral rights of the owners of the land, they were stymied by the Canadian courts...who abided by traditional property law, dontcha know.  It went all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court a couple of decades ago and the decision still stands.  The rights of the First Nations communities cannot be extinguished by the provinces.  And the federal government must treaty with them...not just steal the land.  So the First Nations know their rights...and they have absolutely nothing to lose but to demonstrate to protect their rights.

So what the Feds were doing was their usual ploy--divide and conquer the First nations.  It works like this: First, create some phony political organization on the public dime.  Appoint/(s)elect some malleable First Nations to the phony organization and get their "approval" for the ransacking of the land. Problem with this is that the First Nations have their OWN system of internal government and their own leaders...which of course would never cede land or access rights to the Feds.  So now the Feds are left with the very weak defense: "Well, we got permission from the organization of indigenous peoples that we created" but, unfortunately for them, not the organization of indigenous peoples that actually possesses the power and control of the land.

Getting back to the Yellow Vests for a moment...this is no doubt one of the ploys they will use there too.  Divide and conquer...and it appears they're already doing the dividing...between the "good" demonstrators and the "hooligans".

Finally, a brief word about why the corporatist globalists want to build pipelines all over the pristine forests of North America.  Strangely, It's not primarily about shipping oil and gas from their disgusting fracking, shale mining environmental catastrophes in Alberta, to the coast, where their oil tankers can capsize in heavy seas, clog up the perilous, narrow waterways...where they will assuredly leak, sink, hit and destroy the wildlife---whales and fish. No, the time of fossil fuels is almost past.  IMO, it's all about banksterizm--monetizing the land...putting a price on it and eventually owning it.  Here's the "end run" that the banksters want to do around the First Nations. Once they get their pipelines in place...THE RIGHT OF protecting and providing security for their pipelines WILL TAKE PRIORITY OVER THE RIGHT OF OWNERSHIP OF THE LAND!!!!!

It's like the game of Monopoly.  The Players race around the board, grabbing up all the properties they can.  Then they can force the less greedy players out.  Survival of the fittest....or the greediest.  Another opportunity to divide and conquer is also at play here.  A majority of British Columbians oppose the destruction of our eco-system...upon which our British Columbian culture is based...the whales and the salmon.  A majority of British Columbians are supportive of the BC First Nations and their fight to protect their land.  We realize that the First Nations are fighting for all of us who love this province and don't want it destroyed.

Those in other provinces... who do not care about the British Columbian eco-system...and want it ravaged like that of northern Alberta...all for a form of energy that's going the way of the coal mine...can go to hell.  There.  Canada will be divided and easy pickings for the vultures from the south... who are just waiting and licking their lips.


Reading between the lines said...

There will come a time when we will realize that we do not own the land but the land owns us .The concept of land ownership was unknown to the indigenous people so they honored it and thanked mother earth for what she gave them .

Scorp Six Four said...

"Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property... Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them." ~ Thomas Paine