Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019!

Greencrow wishes all my readers and blogging colleagues a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2019!  Last year, 2018, was a strong and dramatic step in the right direction towards world peace.  When you think about the big picture, you will note there were fewer "false flags" and "false flag hoaxes" than in previous years.  We can debate at length as to why that was the case, but I will submit it was because the "Intelligence Community" [MosCIAd] perps of these terror events have been cornered and are not as free as they once were.  Nor do they have the ways, means, space and time to perpetrate events like 9/11, Sandy Hoax, etc., etc., etc.  Hopefully, this trend will continue into the New Year.  I will give credit for this trend precisely where it belongs: Russia's Vladimir Putin. By way of strategy and example, his constant willingness to negotiate according to international law--rather than threaten, bully, terrorize or deceive--has paved the way for the forces of light.  The forces of darkness are thus gradually receding.  Some people say that just one person cannot create change on a global scale.  Vladimir Putin is living proof that it IS possible and, I submit...it has always been thus...right from the days of Jesus Christ. THAT is precisely why the perps are always demonizing what they call "populism".

So, may 2019 be a year where the forces of truth and peace continue their resilient determination to prevail...and where the soldiers of truth, aka bloggers, maintain their frontline positions in this battle....firm in the belief this war is the only war worth fighting...the battle between Truth and Lies, the Darkness and the Light!


mlvizrico said...

Happy New Year to you, dear Greencrow. You r as a voice crying in the wilderness. So admire your courage. Totally agree with you about Putin's role in all this chimera. Loved your carved elf. Keep on keepin' on.

greencrow said...

Hi Mary Lou Rich:

Thanks for your comment and a very Happy New Year to you too. As I often say, I write for readers like YOU!


Anonymous said...

Wishfull thinkin is always a great thing to do
But here in Amerika
You will not find it
When you speak of soldiers
I think of Ollie North pleading the fifth when he had to speak it
I hear lots of law enforcement when in court plead the fifth when they do not want to speak it
Politicians do it
You are known to be smart if you take that way out
It is a learned practice in Amerika
I do not think your Putin is the answer
In your very own words not long ago you incriminated him with your typings
I forgot the word you used but I smiled and said,yeh she confessed
KGB is like FBI
Always deceiving and lying and killing people
They are not honorable people
The spy game is dangerous and shrewd and loaded with falsehoods
I could go on and on
Time to go to bed
Here is the definition of truth from the factionary
I do not hear or see it
But I will be wishfull like you for the moment
Your lesson


Reading between the lines said...

I could not agree more.A very Happy and peaceful New Year to all.

Penny said...

Happy New Year GC :)

Penny said...

Truth is reality
Lying is the denial of reality
Those definitions serve me well :)

BuelahMan said...

Let me see...

Putin is some sort of hero... like Jesus.

greencrow said...

Hi BuelahMan:

Cut the sarcasm and tell me what leader(s) past or present that you respect.