Thursday, January 17, 2019

From the "What Else is New" Dept. - Liberals playing Machiavellian Electoral "Shell Game" in Burnaby Election

Former Liberal Candidate, Karen Wang
accused of "racism" so that Jagmeet Singh
can win riding, thus ensure Liberal win
in next October's Canadian Federal Election

From Wang's Statement requesting
to be reinstated as Liberal Candidate

...During her parking lot scrum Wang claimed the WeChat post was sent out by a campaign volunteer and was meant to encourage the Chinese community to vote..." 

Campaign volunteer = subversive Lib Party mole?

It doesn't take a Rocket Scientist to figure this one out.  The Liberals...under the thrall of their Sorosian Handlers from USrael are playing a shell game with the Canadian electoral system.  They dragged their heels for months in calling the by-election to fill the Vancouver-area city of Burnaby vacant parliamentary seat.  This was geared towards preventing the public from getting to know the NDP candidate and/or prevent Jagmeet Singh from making a strong impression on the public...whichever strategy or perhaps both...that you prefer.

Then, they nominated a Chinese candidate who was sure to win the riding based on the demographics.  Then they found a "grevious fault" in one of her statements on social media, accusing her of making a racist (?) statement [in fact it was just a statement of fact...but even statements of fact are racist in this "Identity Politics" era].  Then they "virtue signalled" by forcing her resignation on grounds of racism...which will basically "hand" the riding to Jagmeet Singh.

Why DO the Libs want NDP Singh to win the Burnaby riding? may well ask.

They want Singh to win the riding so he can remain NDP leader and lead the party into the next federal election.  Singh cannot win federally, so it is calculated that all the federal NDP voters will hold their noses and reluctantly go over to the left leaning [supposedly] Liberals.  It's all a Machiavellian plot that was hatched a couple of years ago and has been ongoing for months now.  The Bottom Line is that Ziofascist bagman George Soros wants his Liberal puppets in power in Canada for at least another 4 years...despite the fact that they are loathed by Canadians from coast to coast to coast.  How do you know when you're occupied by a foreign power????

Note in reading the CBC link, that the former Liberal candidate is now saying she wants to run as an independent.  Well, I hope she does If so, she will surely win over Jagmeet Singh.  And, if he loses he will have to quit the leadership---which most supporters of the NDP want---because Singh was a Liberal [Sorosian] plant to destroy the NDP and redirect NDP voters to the Liberals.  If the NDP leadership becomes vacant due to Singh's loss...then a decent national candidate could fill the role and the NDP could attract enough votes to prevent the Liberals from getting a majority.  The Election would then probably end up being a Conservative Minority.

So, my fellow Canadians.  It is patently clear that our electoral system has become fatally compromised and is now only a rancid tool for our foreign-based overlords to perpetuate their vile, criminal occupation and destruction of our nation.


Anonymous said...

C'mon - this is just Ontario 2018 redux. Took out Patrick Brown with a fake sexual harassment claim - Mulroney's Daughter was supposed to win, then "Wynne" could govern with a "Wynne" - "Wynne Lite" coalition since the NDP in the last Ontario election were just Lib-Lite.

But Doug Ford won instead and swept the corrupt Libs our the door. Even with the obvious vote flipping (electronic voting this time) to give Libs 19% instead of the likely 9% they really had, they still lost.

And no, Doug Ford is no Panacea - just the best of a really poor field of candidates.

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

Thanks for your comment. The worst case scenario for the occupying Ziofascist, globalist perps is one where a good [moral/ethical], politically astute and populist leader comes to office. This is always a nightmare for them because they can't control such a leader and then they can't push their corrupt agenda through. Fortunate for THEM...we haven't seen such a leader in Canada in many, many decades.