Tuesday, January 22, 2019

BREAKING NEWS: If Meng is Extradited, Trudeau is Finished....and Canada is Fatally F*cked!

Meng Wanzhou Financial CEO of
Huawei...Kidnapped Human Bargaining Chip
of USrael Deep State--and potential
End of Canada as we Know It

I was going to write about the amusing corruption scandal going on in my home Province of British Columbia but will save that for later.  First I'm going to do a "Breaking News" post about the latest developments in the Meng Wanzhou/Huawei catastrophe that has befallen Canada due to the terminally stupid and incompetent Trudeau/Freeland Liberal government.  Most people know when they're going to step into an open sewer/cesspool.  Not these two.  Le Dauphin and the Sorosian Fascist puppet, Chrystia Freeland have not only stepped...but jumped in tandem right into the worst possible stinking diplomatic scandal...diplomatic nuclear catastrophe...end of nation suicide pact... imaginable. Words [almost] fail me to describe what is going on....and it's totally gratuitous...it didn't need to happen...it was perfectly avoidable.  These two will be known as the bozos who destroyed Canada.  It seems that it's almost fate now...no turning back for these two...the Titanic has hit the iceberg!

Please first read the analysis by Stephen Lendman  and then the following two reports in the M$M.  I will have comments summarizing this disaster to follow:

"Meng Wanzhou’s extradition to be formally pursued by the U.S., reports say

The United States is set to formally request Meng Wanzhou‘s extradition after Canada arrested her at their request, reports said Monday.
The Globe and Mail was first to report that America has notified Canada that it will go ahead and seek the Huawei CFO’s extradition, according to David MacNaughton, Canada’s ambassador to the U.S.
CNN confirmed the report with MacNaughton on Monday.
“I have been told they [the U.S. Justice Department] will proceed,” he said, adding, “we have had no indication that they will not.”
The U.S. Justice Department told Reuters, “we will comment through our filings.”
The reports came just nine days before a deadline that the Americans had to file for extradition.
Were the U.S. to miss that deadline, Meng could have been released, lawyers have said.
Under Canada’s Extradition Act, a foreign entity makes a request to extradite a person whose alleged conduct is recognized as a criminal matter by both nations, according to the Department of Justice.

Once a person is arrested in Canada, the country that has requested the extradition has a certain number of days before they can make a formal request.
Lawyers working in the Justice Department’s International Assistance Group (IAG) have to decide within 30 days of the deadline whether to issue an authority to proceed with the extradition.
This authority, the department said, sets the stage for a hearing that will decide whether the person who’s been arrested should be sent for extradition.
Meng was arrested at Vancouver International Airport at the request of the United States on Dec. 1, on charges of violating sanctions against Iran.
She was later released under numerous conditions — she has had to surrender her passports, she has to wear an ankle bracelet and stay within Vancouver and its suburbs.
Meng also has to stay in one of the homes owned by her family between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.
Meanwhile, Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been detained in China on allegations of “endangering national security” after Meng’s arrest.
Global News has reached out to the Canadian Embassy in Washington as well as Canada’s Department of Justice for comment."
  • With files from Reuters and the Canadian Press
diplomats signed letter calling for
release of two Canadians

BEIJING — China on Tuesday demanded the U.S. drop a request that Canada extradite a top executive of the tech giant Huawei, shifting blame to Washington in a case that has severely damaged Beijing’s relations with Ottawa.
Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Meng Wanzhou’s case was out of the ordinary and Canada’s extradition treaty with the U.S. infringed on the “safety and legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.”
Hua said China demands that the U.S. withdraw the arrest warrant against Meng and “not make a formal extradition request to the Canadian side.”
Hua’s remarks come after more than 100 academics and former diplomats signed a letter calling on China to release two Canadians detained in apparent retaliation for Meng’s arrest.They also follow a report by the Canadian newspaper Globe and Mail that the U.S. plans to formally request Meng’s extradition to face charges that she committed fraud by misleading banks about Huawei’s business dealings in Iran.
China detained former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and Canadian entrepreneur Michael Spavor on Dec. 10 in an apparent attempt to pressure Canada to release Meng, who was arrested Dec. 1 at the request of U.S. authorities.

Meng is Huawei’s chief financial officer and the daughter of its founder, Ren Zhengfei. Huawei has close ties to China’s military and is considered one of the country’s most successful international enterprises, operating in the high-tech sphere where China hopes to establish dominance.
The letter signed by academics and former diplomats said the arrests of the two will lead to “less dialogue and greater distrust, and undermine efforts to manage disagreements and identify common ground. Both China and the rest of the world will be worse off as a result.”
More than 20 diplomats from seven countries and more than 100 scholars and academics from 19 countries signed.
Meng is living under house arrest in her Vancouver mansion while her case is under deliberation. Kovrig and Spavor are being held in Chinese jails and have yet to be granted access to lawyers, according to those who have contact with them."

Greencrow says:  I don't know much about high stakes gambling but I've heard an expression...doubling down with a busted flush.  This is what Canada has been doing by sitting down at the international high stakes poker table with the likes of USrael and China.  Makes you wonder...WHAT EXACTLY did Trudeau think would happen when he went along with the bullying former CIA head, current US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo.... and started this bizarre diplomatic wrestling match with China?  Did he not know he was being suckered?

Now Canada is left with the worst diplomatic crisis of its history.  We are at a crossroads where the actual existence of Canada as an independent country is in the crosshairs.  If China gets serious about "retaliation", guess who we'll have to run to to take over and "protect" us????   The most amazing part of this is that 90% of the Sheepladian population is totally oblivious that we're in an existential crisis. I knew Trudeau/Freeland were bad...but even I did not know they were THIS bad.  They have to go...like right away!  We can't wait for an election next fall.  They will have us totally destroyed by then.

Want to know how bad it is?  Trudeau keeps saying that he can't talk with Chinese leader Xi Jinping because if Xi says "NO" then where will things go from there? [re getting Canada's IC assets back].  The real reason Trudeau can't speak with Xi is, as Russia's Lavrov is always saying...political representatives only talk with their equals.  In other words, Lavrov will only contact the Foreign Affairs representatives in other countries...the finance ministers will contact their opposite finance ministers, etc., etc.  Well, Trudeau can't contact Xi because Trudeau is not the head of Canada. Trudeau does not control Canada's foreign policy...nor its Justice/Extradition system.  Trudeau's the political equivalent of a State Governor and therefore not the equal of Xi Jinping The head of USrael is the head of Canada, and because USrael is run by the Deep State...we don't even know who that is!  We know it's not Trump.  Perhaps former CIA head and current Secretary of State Mike Pompeo [voice of the Deep State at the moment] should contact Xi on our behalf.  

The United States has denounced a death sentence imposed on a British Columbia man in China as "politically motivated," adding heft to Ottawa's effort to intensify international pressure on Beijing to spare his life and to release two other detained Canadians. Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland arrives with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for a photo opportunity before their meeting at the State Department in Washington, Friday, May 11, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP-Alex Brandon


Then we have Freeland going around and begging other politicians throughout the world to sign her stupid letter.  Is this diplomacy?  Is THIS how you settle things down and solve the matter?  This bitch absolutely has to GO!

In summary, living here in the lower mainland, I can already feel an unusual, silent chill in the air.  The huge and powerful Chinese immigrant population here has been stunned into silence.  They've been, as the Chinese ambassador to Canada so accurately phrased it "stabbed in the back".  Wait until they start pulling their investments out of British Columbia.  Wait until China starts pulling out its investments from Canada.  After all....they have the "New Silk Road" in Asia and many other countries just begging for their poker chips.

The only way I think Canada can be saved now... is if a huge meteor strikes earth and wipes out 90% of planetary life.


Penny said...

This was pretty much to be expected. Trudeau and Freeland are the most pathetic excuses for leadership this nation has had that I can recall.
And I always thought Harper was the worst!
shakes head...

Canada won't be any more f*cked then it already is though..
I mean between this and the Saudi side show Canada's leadership is showing to which master it bends...
(notice I said, Canada's leadership? It is not mine, though I am Canadian)

greencrow said...

Penny says:

"...(notice I said, Canada's leadership? It is not mine,"

No. It's not your leadership and it's not mine either....but there is NOBODY IN CANADA TO VOTE FOR...nobody who can "save us from this monstrosity". I swear...if Trudeau/Freeland subject Meng to a Kangaroo Court Extradition hearing....the huge sucking sound you'll hear back East will be the collapse of the British Columbian economy...and the Canadian economy will soon follow. We've been hogtied by a couple of doorknobs!

Penny said...

Hey GC:

It's been that way in Canada for a long time. Our Prime Minister King was a Rockefeller PR Man for goodness sakes- That's how long this 'game' of us being a US sycophant has gone on for

Just seven years after doing Rockefeller's dirty work he was Prime Minister of Canada- that's not a coincidence- that's a reward.

"This study profiles William Lyon Mackenzie King’s role as a counselor to John D. Rockefeller Jr. in the aftermath of the bitter 1913–1914 Colorado coal strike. Mackenzie King—not his more recognized counterpart, publicist Ivy Lee—provided many of the modern public relations ideas that Rockefeller eventually adopted to alleviate tensions and improve labor relations."

Trudeau and Freeland are just the latest in a long, long line of servile idiots.

The solution is non participation- take the legitimacy right out from under them all
It's just an illusion we believe in

greencrow said...

Sad to say...you're correct, Penny. It's been going on for a very long time....although I do remember back in the late 60's and early 70's, Canada was a haven for draft-dodgers and, ironically, it was Trudeau Sr. who acted independently towards Cuba. According to recently released archives...the CIA was secretly snooping on Trudeau Sr. However Trudeau Sr. also allowed the Bromfmans to move all their billion$ out of Canada tax-free. So even he was compromised. But, what's going on now is far worse...with the rise of Russia/China and the looming economic collapse of the USrael hegemonic empire...they're coming in for the kill of Canada as a official nation. There won't even be the pretense of a Canada anymore.

Penny said...

"There won't even be the pretense of a Canada anymore."

And maybe this is the NAU card being played?
Perhaps that's one aspect of the situation with Meng and company?
Warm us up for our 'union'?

greencrow said...

Absolutely, Penny. I said in an earlier post that USrael was "killing two birds with one stone". Canada is being killed to facilitate the NAU...and China is also being attacked...as the US goes down the economic swirly.

Garuda Ronald said...

When I saw the photo of Trudeau and Freeland with Soros dated 2015, I knew Canada had a rough ride ahead.
Freeland's spat with the Saudi's was the first strike, especially after Harper sold 51 % of the Canadian Wheat Board to a Saudi Arabian - American "Corp".
Falling into Sabrina Meng Wanzhou's 'kidnapping with the intent to extort', is just another Soros piece of his plan to destroy Canada.
Our only hope is if the judge is ethical and rules against this madness.

greencrow said...

Hi Garuda Ronald:

Did you mean THIS photo of Soros with Trudeau and Freeland? It's from her website.


Yes, the above photo tells it all. Like you, I'm desperately hoping for yet another ethical Canadian judge to pull this puppy out of the fire.

Anonymous said...

This is just entertainment for the sheeple
There is an agenda
You people do not matter
It is politicians playing there games
Reminds me
Do not feel like typing it
It is entertainment for the sheeple
Or what I call it
blah blah blah
She is a tough looking Asian
I would be her boytoy

Reading between the lines said...

Nasty is a kind word for how the US and it's vassals ,i.e.Canada ,make deals with other nations including blackmail in broad daylight .What gets me is the charge that the US is using to extradite Ms.Meng to the US.The charge that Huawei is guilty of fraud in dealing with banks regarding Iran is totally bogus given that the US sanctions against Iran are only legal for US companies or any company intimidated to not do business with Iran.US sanctions are just that , US sanctions , and do not hold water internationally and should not either .It remains to be seen what the Canadian courts will decide if the US follows through with their extradition order and China appeals to the Canadian court on jurisdictional legality of US sanctions .
Rallying other nations to be onside with Canada is a sign of how weak your own case is .
If this keeps going south ,Canadian farmers will be hit badly as the Chinese repercussions will not be light.
We only have Freeland and Trudeau to blame for this .Hopefully the liberals will crash for this and that is if only enough Canadians are aware .So many sleeping sheeple.What a mess !

greencrow said...

RBTL says

"...Rallying other nations to be onside with Canada is a sign of how weak your own case is."

This dragging foreign politicians into Canadian affairs is a new symptom and one almost worthy of a post of its own. IMO, it's another sign of the "global" network of corrupted politicians...supporting the central malignancy. Calling in favours from fellow corrupted individuals is yet another rotation down the downwardly, spiralling swirly.

Garuda Ronald said...

GC; yes that is exactly the photo that gave me the shivers.
A bit off topic you might like my comment posted on the South China Morning Post;

greencrow said...

Hi Garuda Ronald

I read your comment in the South China Morning Post. Hopefully, China somehow knows that Canadians have been trapped with this stupid leader and will not hold it against us. To think that I visited China just last September and it was all hearts and roses between Canada and China...now our so-called leadership has stabbed China in the back while in the act of kissing neocon, Ziofascist, globalist butt. I hang my head in shame.