Tuesday, January 8, 2019

UPDATED: Bre Payton - Gone the Way of Gary Webb and Michael Hastings????

UPDATED:  January 21, 2019 Another alternative journalist is wondering about the sudden, mysterious death of Bre Payton.  HERE is the link to Donald Jeffries post. 

Bre Payton died "suddenly" on December 28, 2018
at Age 26...and Greencrow smells yet another rat

Every now and again I come across a newz story that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end.  The sudden death of young journalist Bre Payton is one such story.  I don't know exactly why but the facts just don't add up to Bre having succumbed to the H1N1 flu [whatever the hell THAT is] within 24 hours of being perfectly normal and going about her business...which was the business of breaking newz about the criminality going on in Washington and throughout the occupied States of Israel.

Here is the little you can find out about Bre on the Internet.  I believe most of her work has been scrubbed.  Now all that's left is fluff and fake newz.  Here is a video made by another Truther who has the same creepy feelings that I do about her passing:

Video about the Strange Anomalies
surrounding the Death of Bre Payton

Not watching Talmudvision very much I actually was not aware of Bre Payton's work which was generally on FOX TV and on Social Media.  Strangely, I have one vague recollection of posting an interview that Bre did with a US Intelligence Community whistleblower.  It was within the last two years.  She interviewed an ex CIA or NSA whistleblower, a middle-aged man, about what he knew about short selling on 9/11.  At least that is my memory...I cannot find the post on my blog.  I do remember being annoyed at Bre for constantly playing with her hair during the interview.  The interview took place outside.  There were government buildings in the background but I'm not sure whether that was a staged background.  The wind was blowing Bre's hair around and she was constantly adjusting it.  This annoyed me but I posted the video and my commentary anyway because the Whistleblower was absolutely stunning in his revelations about the deep corruption within the US government.[NOTE: If anyone can locate the YouTube video of Bre Payton interviewing an intelligence community whistleblower, I would very much appreciate receiving the link and will insert it here.]

So, even though Bre annoyed me with her hair fussing, I did admire her chutzpa in interviewing this man who was discussing such dangerous truthiness.  I wish I had a better method of going back through my posts and locating this one....because I would certainly re-post it right here.

One of the biggest anomalies IMO about the death of Bre Payton is the fact that she was not at home when she died but was staying overnight at the home of a friend, Morgan Murtaugh.   According to Murtaugh, Bre went to bed healthy and looking forward to the activities planned for the next day.  When Murtaugh checked on her in the morning she was in her death throes.   What causes the small hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end is the lack of information about Morgan Murtaugh.  You can't find anything on the Internet about her...where did she work...did she have any association with "security agencies" or politicians?  I know she ran for a political office within the past year and lost.

It just reminds me of the death of Michael Hastings in one respect...we have this person who is the "chief mourner" who seems quite mysterious.  Michael Hasting's wife was similar in that respect.  Hastings wife went on TV afterwards and babbled on about Michael and diverted attention from the suspicious nature of his death...almost in an attempt to "normalize" it.  Similar efforts to normalize Bre's death are coming from Morgan and, as discussed in the video above, most oddly from Bre's own family.  The maker of the video above is similarly perplexed by this eerie calm and acceptance on the part of Bre's parents and siblings...to the point where he speculates that perhaps Bre didn't die at all but simply went off radar.

So, in the dearth of hard evidence and information...I guess we will have to chalk this one up as yet another untimely and mysterious death of a Truth Teller.  Almost an occupational hazard...wouldn't you agree???


Evelyn said...

"YES" (response to headline)

H1N1 : When pigs learn to fly!
Is there even any indication of a lab test having been performed?

greencrow said...

Hi Evelyn:

H1N1 is another one of those lab-concocted bioweapon viruses, like AIDS and Ebola. It is suspicious that she died of it and I hope her family asked for a 2nd autopsy by an independent coroner. I am seriously leaning towards her deliberately "disappearing" herself due to possible death threats. Strangely, I was listening to a podcast interview recently, the interviewer was a young woman in the truth community. The guy she was interviewing had spent his career as a CIA asset. He mentioned having "disappeared" at one point and she then asked him how he did that. She said that she wanted to "disappear" herself due to some harassment she had been experiencing as a member of the alternative "Truther" media. At the time I thought it was a very odd question...but after Bre Payton's "death" and, particularly, her parent's strangely flat reaction...I'm wondering if this "disappearing" thing is more of an option than I thought.

Evelyn said...

Hi back!

Agree about the origins of H1N1. And there is every reason to be suspicious about the case/circumstances. Not impossible that she "disappeared" herself, unlike Webb & Hastings, who had "assistance".

Have you watched "Kill the Messenger"? I thought it remarkably good.

Happy New Year.

greencrow said...

Hi Evelyn:

Happy New Year to you too. I did not see the movie "Kill the Messenger" but have written about the great Truther, Gary Webb, many times on this blog.

Another theory I am considering is that Michael Hastings and Bre Payton may have been compromised by the Intelligence Agencies at one point in their young careers. They could have become "assets"...or at least the CIA thought they were assets...and that is why they enjoyed such unusual success in the media. But, then, when they were asked to perform some "humiliating test of loyalty" by their handlers and refused...they were offed as a "cautionary tale" to other young ambitious so-called journalists.

wallflower said...

...and Israel owns all of them

don't forget!