Friday, January 4, 2019

UPDATED....and in the latest Nuckin Futz News...Trump Insults India over "Library donation" to Afghanistan

Trump with India Prime Minister Narendra Modi
at the 2018 G20 Meeting
UPDATED:  January 5, 2019 Juan Cole has done a superb analysis of Trump's press conference, which included his gratuitous insult to India's Prime Minister Modi discussed below.  Cole astutely refers to Trump's press conference ramblings as "ferret-brained".  Yes, my metaphor that Trump has the brain power of a [cartoon character] coyote was much too kind. 

One of my New Years resolutions for 2019 is to spend less time reading crap about domestic US politics.  Actually, I've been tapering off on that puerile activity for some years now.  It's like having an addiction to TV children's cartoons....lots of colour, activity and chases...but no substance and no relevance to what's actually going on in the world.  The only cartoon I enjoy now is an occasional "Roadrunner" cartoon.... which is an exact metaphor for Putin/US relations.  Putin plays the role of the Roadrunner.. and whichever Ziofascist puppet is in the "White House" plays Wile E. Coyote...

But, I digress.

For two years now I've been saying that US President Donald Trump is in the early to middling stages of senile dementia.  Sad but true.  The only leader the occupied USrael States of America is allowed to someone whose every statement is a confirmation of his infirmity.  Witness his recent depiction of Syria as a land of only "sand and death...death and sand".  This statement was akin to his statement of last year calling certain nations in Africa "shitholes".

Has Trump ever been to any of these countries?  No.  Does he have any concept of their ancient histories which form the bedrock of human civilization and culture?  No.  What he's accurately describing is what the United States has DONE to these countries.  Its military aggression has resulted in Syria becoming a land of "sand and death"...especially for American military who tried to rip it apart.  The nations in Africa are "shitholes" because of US covert military ops, economic strangulation and biological warfare [the AIDS and the Ebola viruses have both been patented by the US government].  Previous presidents had the decency not to grossly rub salt into the wound by insulting the nation/victims of US MIC hegemony. Trump's labile mental condition deprives him of that level of cognition and diplomatic judgement.

In the latest example of Trump's demented state...we have his gratuitous remarks insulting India and its Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, for India's level of international aid and assistance to Afghanistan.  Afghanistan being one of the last nations that the US successfully ripped apart with military aggression.  Please read the following report from Iran's National New PressTV and I will have final thoughts and comments to follow:

India hits out at US 'sermons' after Trump mocks PM Modi

India's ruling and opposition parties have condemned US President Donald Trump's comments mocking their country's role in Afghanistan, saying New Delhi “plays a significant role as a development partner” to Kabul.

Trump said on Wednesday he got along very well with Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi but that Modi was "constantly telling me he built a library in Afghanistan."

"You know what that is? That's like five hours of what we spend," Trump told reporters at the White House. 

“And we are supposed to say, ‘oh, thank you for the library’. I don’t know who is using it in Afghanistan,” Trump added. 

The remarks drew condemnation from all Indian political parties, including opposition, which rallied behind Prime Minister Modi. 

"May be Trump should know that while he is decrying every other help in Afghanistan, India has been building not only libraries, but roads, dams, schools and even parliament building," Ram Madhav, a BJP general secretary, said on Twitter.
"We are building lives, for which the Afghan people thank us, no matter what others do or don’t."

Trump’s remarks have also prompted response from India’s main opposition Congress, which said India did not “need sermons from the US on Afghanistan.”

Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel called Trump’s remarks as “completely unacceptable," urging Prime Minister Modi to firmly respond.

India says its projects worth $3 billion in Afghanistan speak for themselves. India’s projects in Afghanistan include a 218-kilometer road, a dam providing irrigation to farmers as well as training programs for more than 3,500 Afghans in India.
Trump has recently said that Russia, Pakistan and India should be intervening in Afghanistan, not the US. "Why are we there 6,000 miles away?" he said.

The US invaded Afghanistan seventeen years ago to oust the Taliban. The militant group’s five-year rule over at least three quarters of Afghanistan came to an end in the wake of the invasion in 2001, but it continues to flex its muscles against the government and the US-led foreign troops remaining on Afghan soil.

The Taliban have strengthened their grip over the past three years, with the government in Kabul controlling just 56 percent of the country, down from 72 percent in 2015, a recent US government report showed.

Taking advantage of the chaos, the Takfiri Daesh terror group has also established a foothold in the war-torn country.

Having failed to end the militancy campaign, Washington has over the past months stepped up its political efforts to secure a truce with Taliban. The US currently has some 14,000 troops in Afghanistan."

Greencrow says:  One of the lowest forms of human verbal communication/humour is to "mock".  It's primal to repeat in a negative way what someone has said to you and denigrate it without analysis or in Roberts Rules of Order and/or formal parliamentary-style debate.  Trump is incapable of the latter.  Whether he ever was in itself debatable.

In the above instance...Trump is mocking the Indian form of aid to the destroyed nation of Afghanistan. India's assistance has been directed at replacing destroyed infrastructure/cultural amenities.  The US's form of "aid" to Afghanistan, on the other hand, has been military violence, destruction of basic infrastructure...constant terror bombing of civilians...the building of military bases and so-called "Embassies"--from which to spy on the population, rule and overlord.  In that sense, I can see the "logic" of Trump's annoyance at India's effort to raise the living standards, infrastructure and cultural/political amenities in Afghanistan.  Having the ability to travel on decent roads and have a Parliament building goes contrary to the American way of keeping the vassal economic target "pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen".

On a geopolitical level I know the United States is very annoyed with India for its ever-increasing alliance with China and Russia [and the ongoing negotiations to purchase an S-400 anti missile system from Russia]... and the plans Modi has voiced to engage with them in BRICS-related trans-Asian projects like the "New Silk Road".  So having Trump blather on semi-coherently about a "library" is actually trending in the accurate direction and familiar strategy of "verbally trash/demonize before you militarily/economically strangle".  This is the SOP of the MIC towards what they view as rival competitors on the world scene.  The sad part is...that Trump's dumbing the strategy down to incoherent, mocking, personal insults about "Libraries" is exactly the level he needs to sink to to communicate effectively with the US population of TV toxified and brain-dead sheeple.

Think about it this way.  Remember the elaborate traps that Wile E. Coyote used to set for the Roadrunner?  Remember how they always ended up?  Think then about the estimated brain power of Wile E. Coyote--and you will grasp the psychiatric diagnosis of Trump.

Wile E. Coyote and The Roadrunner


Anonymous said...

You said

n a geopolitical level I know the United States is very annoyed with India for its ever-increasing alliance with China and Russia... and the plans Modi has voiced to engage with them in BRICS-related trans-Asian projects like the "New
I say
I do not think any of that is relevant
After 911
They flooded the Massachusetts or Suburban areas with Indians from India
They own all the gas station/convience stores
It happened overnight under the Bushwackers watch
I thought they were just the slave workers working for the whiteman cuz the white man did not want to work that job
Someone told me no no no
He said the white man got sqeezed out and they took over these establishments
Maybe the Trumpster knows that fact and he is mad about it????
Who cares
We help China also
Lots of Chinese with there resteraunts and high tech jobs and doctors and
We let all there people in and then we pretend or really do fight????
That makes no sense???
Blah blah blah
I always wanted him to catch him but he never did YAAAAAAAWN
Are they that stupid???
Or is it a show????
Let there people swarm our country
Then we fight with them
That makes sense
I always ran around like the road runner

greencrow said...

Hi Anonymous:

I think the Roadrunner says MEEP MEEP, not BEEP BEEP. Western countries have always let in third world citizens to do the grunge work. What the US doesn't want is an alliance between all the big (and small) Asian states. It wants them fighting with one another like India and Pakistan used to do...then it can come up the middle--divide and conquer.

It has also become apparent that the USrael doesn't want Russia selling arms to those countries.

Anonymous said...

Hey I am sorry
I did not watch the clip
I have not seen the show for very long time
I sort of remember the MEEP MEEP
But the main point
Maybe it is gesturing for people like you?????????
While they fight or pretend to fight
We let in all there citizens
According to the words in New York
We take in your tired and wretched or??????
We took in the Indians
The next day they own gas station
I do not know much else about the rest of it
I still see it as a freek show where our opinion means nuthin
You can have your nuthin opinion for they will give you your soundbite and your photo opp and then you will still be scratching your head when it is all said and done????
That is my non educated feeling for all the stuff I read
That is my gut telling me following this crap is waste of time
They have there proxy wars and posing for population contro; and to give the pawns psychotic pawns something to do
I hear it gets boring sometimes when you sitting around waiting for your orders
You people keep chasing the story like the coyote chasing the MEEP MEEP
Only to keep getting frustrated and confused by the next move
I see similarities in both chases
THANK YOU for correcting me teacher
I hope I still passed the class today

greencrow said...

The Roadrunner cartoon series must have been written by a genius. Not only did s/he sum up all politics and international relations...but s/he foretold the future of the United States. Now all the US is ALLOWED TO HAVE is a president who could play a stunt double for Wile E. Coyote.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised you know the series
I think the cartoon of today is family guy
I only watched a few
I notice a local radio show always uses clips from it
They do say truth can be found in cartoons??
Another way to tell the truth????
I watched it as a young lad
I always thought it was beep beep????
Shows yeh how much attention span I have
I loved the underdog show
There was one that stuck out for I sort of remember it
But I still think not
The evil scientist made all the sheeple zombies or??????
It is still faded memory
Does that mean I have to go watch all the roadrunner shows to figure out the big picture????
You people remind me of the coyote chasing the elusive criminals who are still running circles around you while you type your thoughts
I think the prez will get richer being the prez
Same as the Bushwacker and friends did
I think they are the ones laughing
You people have fake names and whine
They are going to fancy parties and have servants
Eight years later
Still the prez
Eight years later
Still blogging your theories
That is how I see it

greencrow said...

I would rather "be blogging my theories" than be the president of the United States of Israel.


Anonymous said...

Being prez gives you stress
They die there hair to make you believe that
For every time since Clinton
I noticed graying hair
I love reading your theories for I wuz seeking truth
I am still not on board all the way
I still will read and think
thank you for sharing your theories
I sort of feel the energy to that theory