Thursday, January 24, 2019

...And the Greencrow is Prime Minister of Canada....

US Puppet, addressing anti-government
 demonstrators in Caracas, Juan Guaido took
 an oath,  swearing himself in as acting
President of Venezuela
“....We know that this will have consequences,” Guaido shouted to the cheering crowd before slipping away to an unknown location amid speculation that he would soon be arrested. His whereabouts remained cloaked in secrecy on Thursday...." News1130

I agree with Usurper Juan Guaido...democratic elections are so not where it's at anymore.  Such a boring waste of time and energy.  Why not cut out the middlemen [voters] and cut to the chase!  I KNOW I could do a much better job of running Canada than the Doorknob.  So here is how Venezuelan usurper Guaido made it all the way to the top.  Please read the following excerpt from a post in 21st Century Wire and I will have final comments [diktats] to follow:

"....Earlier this week, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence delivered a bizarre bilingual TV address targeting Latin American audiences in the hopes of drumming-up political support for Washington’s choice to leader Venezuela, ‘opposition’ leader Juan Guaido, the president of the self-styled parallel government-in-opposition known as the National Assembly.” Pence issued his message of support for Guadio and urged Venezuelans to ‘take to the streets,’ assuring them that they will have the “unwavering support of the United States.”

Soon after, President Donald Trump also announced he is formally recognizing the unelected Guaido as the ‘legitimate president of Venezuela.’

The aggressive U.S. move comes just three weeks after Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro (image, left) was inaugurated for his second term. US-backed Guaido chose not to run in the election, claiming instead that he and other opposition candidates were “boycotting” the election. Oddly, Washington is using this opposition boycott as ‘proof’ that Maduro’s election was somehow illegitimate.

Maduro has retaliated against Washington’s open affront by announcing he will now break-off of diplomatic relations with Washington, and has already ordered that all U.S. diplomats and mission personnel leave Venezuela within 72 hours."

Greencrow says: that I have sworn myself in as Prime Minister of Canada, the first thing on my list of chores is to rescind Canada's approval of the anti-democratic self-appointment of Guaido as President of Venezuela.  The second item on my list is to cancel the current Parliament of Canada, fire ALL the Liberal government and all the Members of Parliament--and call a Constituent Assembly to formulate new electoral rules with a view to lessen the chances of (s)electing Doorknobs, flunkies and foreign moles into leadership roles in government.

Henceforth...Canada will return to its previous role of neutral state...and will not toady to any regime anywhere on earth.  Canada will offer friendship to all, but retain our own sovereignty, always.  Canada's military will be used only for self defense. Canada will pull out of the Globalist, Hegemonic, Warmongering tool, NATO. Canada will retain it's membership in the United Nation only if that body also undergoes complete reformation, particularly the very compromised so-called "peacekeeping" operations. CSIS will be abolished and all it's crimes exposed...with the evil-doers brought to justice.

Yes...I think this Guaido is onto something.  What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

The Real Reason for the Venezuelan Attempted Coup


Reading between the lines said...

Congratulations Ms.Prime Minister of Canada .Long live the green crow !
Your agenda is pretty well right on the money .Finally Canada will regain it's sovereignty and decide for itself what is good for Canada. We will save a ton of money and do away with elections for ever more .Make Canada Great Again !

Northerntruthseeker said...

Hey Crow... I just got back in last night from taking off for 4 days to "parts unknown" and getting away from it all.. And then I start reading about the Canadian stupidity and arrogance in this coup attempt in Venezuela, and I absolutely agree that Justin Trudeau has to go and go now!

Canada has NO right in supporting this illegal regime change attempt in Venezuela... This also shows how Canada is NO longer a democracy and absolutely does NOT support democracy world wide..

If I was Prime Minister of Canada, I would call for trials against Trudeau and his regime and call for his hanging...

greencrow said...


Thanks for your support, RBTL. The only promise I will NOT make, due to my love of birds, is "a turkey in every pot."

greencrow said...


Shockingly, it appears there's also a coup going on in Canada. There is absolutely NObody speaking up for the rule of law, democracy or even common sense. The press has now jumped on poor John McCallum, Ambassador to China and forced him to "rescind" his statement that logically speaking, Meng has a good legal case. Reason has been outlawed in Canada!

Suffice it to say that, like Usurpo Guaido of Venezuela, I'm now blogging from a "secure location".

Reading between the lines said...

I forgot to mention on my previous comment .All Senators and MPs to be summarily fired
and find new jobs.In their failure to do so , the new Canadian government should provide totally free of charge brand spanking new begging bowls until such time as they could find real jobs.

greencrow said...


I am kind of coming to the same conclusion as my blogging colleague NTS...they all need to be fired AND THE LEADERS OF THE REGIME NEED TO BE BROUGHT TO TRIAL!!!

Anonymous said...

Téléréalité : Quand la réalité est un mensonge.