Thursday, January 31, 2019

Separated at Birth?

Canada's Sorosian Mole
Neo-Nazi-supporting Chrystia Freeland


Canada is on the Diplomatic Ropes.  First, vis-à-vis the USrael-ordered kidnapping of Huawei CEO, Meng Wanzhou for economic reasons and then vis-à-vis Canada's ring-leader role instigating the destruction of Democracy in Venezuela by supporting a non-elected usurper, Juan Guaido, over the constitutionally and democratically elected Maduro.  These two simultaneous, self-created crises are being carried, like two buckets of sloshing Canada's crazy broom, Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland.

I saw a headline somewhere that Freeland has actually won a recent award as "Diplomat of the Year".  LOL.  No doubt the award was, like most awards given out nowadays...where the choice of recipient is completely controlled by the chosenites.

Aletho News has a recent update on the Venezuelan crisis written by M.K Bhadrakumar.  In this analysis, Russia and China, the two main economic partners of Venezuela, will be stepping in to protect Venezuela from the up-to-now fait accompli fate of total destruction by the neoCons in the USrael military industrial/security agency complex.  Since the thwarted attempt to destroy Syria, it is no longer a "slam dunk" for the West to obliterate a country in the course of a  "regime change" operation.

So, Venezuela will be rescuedBut who will rescue Canada?  Who will extricate us, like a skilled surgeon, from our predicament, lodged between the rock and a hard place that "the broom" has placed us in with the Huawei debacle?  Unlike Venezuela, we have no powerful friends like Russia and ChinaThe perps have made sure of that, over the past decade or more with the insidious foreign insertion of criminally treasonous moles into our body politic and our tax-payer-funded national media.  The CBC doesn't even pretend to be balanced anymore.  It's now just as fascist a newz outlet as the newspaper that Freeland's grandfather edited back in the Ukraine during WWII.

No.  Canada is out there all alone, isolated and exposed.  When the inevitable sledgehammer falls and Meng, under threat to Canada, is extradited to USrael, Canada will be left alone to mop up the swirling vortex of flooding repercussions.  Tragically, unlike Venezuela, Canada has no Maduro who, in spite of all his least has the best interests of his people at the top of his priorities.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Why Don't the Yellow Vests Declare Jerome Rodrigues the President of France???!!!

Yellow Vest Street Painting

According to the latest news from the Sign of The Times blog, The Yellow Vest leadership in France has declared a "state of emergency"... and has called for MORE major uprisings throughout France after one of their main organizers/leaders was shot by police.

The solution to this longstanding and steadily escalating crisis in France seems simple to me.  Why doesn't the leader who was shot by police, Jerome Rodrigues, declare himself the President of France?  Given the dire straits of the country of France and the genuine grievances of the Yellow Vests...surely all the Western countries, and indeed countries all over the world...will immediately recognize his self-appointment and declare the legitimacy of the new French President, Jerome Rodrigues.

Former President, Emmanuel Macron, after all, was very unpopular and was driving his country into the ground.  Canada will surely be one of the first countries to accept Rodrigues' self-anointment. Well, just as soon as we get permission from the CIA.  Trump will enthusiastically Trumpet the Demand that the Usurper, Macron, step down.

Macron, himself part of the "choir" of European "leaders" who demanded Maduro leave office, will of course understand and immediately accept Rodrigues' legitimacy.

Jerome Rodrigues, French Victim
of Police Bullet and... the New President of France???!!!

All the Main$tream media will jump on the band wagon...including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, who are currently wetting their pants over Venezuelan Juan Guaido, and praising his statesmanship to the skies....will similarly fawn over Rodrigues.  The Yellow Vests will have won the day!  The nation of France can finally settle down and everyone can get back to work....and I'm sure there WILL be work for all those unemployed French...just as soon as President Rodrigues takes over at the Élysée Palace.

Like I've said in an earlier post...this Juan Guaido guy is really onto something.

The miraculous political career of 
Juan Guaido
….an example for Democracy worldwide!

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

"I Dreamed There Was No War"....for the people of Venezuela...with apologies from Canada

Dedicated to the People of Venezuela
...with apologies from Canada

Back in 2016, inspired by that great American Singer/Songwriter, Glenn Frey of the Eagles, I tried to write lyrics to his guitar instrumental "I Dreamed There Was No War".  Well, the words didn't quite match up to his music but here they are:

I Dreamed There Was No War

By greencrow (Inspired by Glenn Frey's guitar anthem of the same name)

I dreamed there was no war
On lands far from our shore
Their children grew to live and love
No bombs rained down from up above

I dreamed we stayed at home
Just caring for our own
Fools on the hill were forbidden to kill
And bankers were turned to stone

I dreamed we learned to see
That Truth will make us free
Blind Justice ruled forevermore
...I dreamed there was no war


Here is a version of the Glenn Frey Instrumental

"I Dreamed There Was No War"
{ Celtic Mix } Derek Weir & Donald Dawson - Fascination Music

Huawei a victim of American is Canada's Justice Sytem and Sovereignty

Vassal State Canada Bows Down to 
Its Criminal USrael Overlord

The last two or three weeks have been probably the worst in Canadian diplomatic history.  Canada was forced to relinquish the tattered vestiges of its sovereignty for a bowl of gruel.  The bowl of gruel Canada was forced to eat...was the USrael order to arrest and hold for extradition the 46 year old mother, chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou of Huawei, a Chinese "Flagship" company, on spurious [to say the least] legal grounds.

Please read the following opinion article from South China Morning Post, and I will have more comments to follow:

My Takeby Alex Lo [h/t]

Huawei a victim of American subterfuge

The US Justice Department, in laying criminal charges against the Chinese telecoms giant, is no more than an instrument of American foreign policy

The American war on Huawei proceeds apace. Disguising the state-sponsored attack against China’s leading telecoms company and 5G provider as criminal charges may convince those who already harbour anti-China biases, but will not blind others who are clear-sighted about America’s tactics and intentions. Once again, the US Justice Department is no more than an instrument of American foreign policy, with its sanctions against Iran and trade war against China.

The charges are so obviously politically motivated that an extradition request for Huawei chief financial officer Sabrina Meng Wanzhou – detained in Vancouver – should be thrown out of the Canadian court as soon as possible. As former Canadian ambassador to China John McCallum had said, she had “a strong case”. For stating the obvious, he has been sacked because his bosses in Ottawa, as usual, must follow American imperium like a vassal state.

The United States has yet to present evidence, but will it be as convincing as its allegations of “weapons of mass destruction” cited to justify its criminal war against Iraq, a conflict that, incidentally, made possible Iran’s expansion across the Middle East and so necessitated its rollback, including the use of sanctions related in the Huawei case?

Among the charges announced is an alleged conspiracy to steal trade secrets from a US competitor, T-Mobile. This was originally a civil suit over proprietary robotics technology and has already been settled, but US prosecutors decided to turn it into an industrial espionage case. Routine relocation of Huawei staff in and out of the country is now, according to those prosecutors, witness tampering and obstruction of justice.

Interestingly, US prosecutors claim Huawei’s actions began in 2007, and “allowed Iran to evade sanctions imposed by the United States and to allow Huawei to profit”. As shown by the massive Edward Snowden leaks, this was about the time when the US National Security Agency started targeting Huawei’s networks by setting up back doors into servers located in its Shenzhen headquarters.

Operation Shotgiant stole detailed workings of Huawei’s routers and digital switches that it sold around the world, though its original aim was to establish links between the telecoms firm, and Chinese intelligence and the military. No incriminating evidence was found, but this hasn’t stopped Washington from repeating the charge today. The breaches enabled US agencies to hack into any computer or telecoms network around the world that used Huawei’s products.

Are such cyber-breaches illegal and criminal – or perfectly legal if Americans do it?"


Greencrow says:  Meng Wanzhou was hauled before a Canadian Kangaroo court again this morning.  Any court that proceeds on illegal grounds to persecute innocent victims is, ipso facto a "kangaroo court".  So, in front of the entire world...Canada is conducting a kangaroo court...thereby delegitimizing Canada's entire justice system.  What a COUP on the part of the "Amerikans"!  They've been wanting to corrupt our legal system to "harmonize it with theirs" for some years now.  As I've said before...this entire Ziofascist criminal caper has two goals:  1) The destruction of Canada; and 2) The economic harassment of China...both goals have eventual military components.

If I were in charge of Canada [after all, I DID swear myself in last week as Prime Minister of Canada a la Juan Guaido of Venezuela], as a last ditch effort to save Canada I would order the arrest and imprisonment of Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland on charges of Treason and Sedition.  Also considered for arrest would be leader of the "so-called opposition" Andrew [banned from Russia] Scheer.  He's obviously in on the plot.  The first Parliamentary debate, yesterday. after the 6 week Christmas break was an absolute disgrace.  Instead of questioning the Liberal USrael lackeys on the several international scandals that conveniently went down during the break...he focused on taxes and cost of living.  He's a fucking drone.  What about the "Travesty of Justice" that was revealed in the Appeals Court decision on the Nuttall/Korody case here in BC?  Why didn't Scheer ask for a Royal Commission investigation into the RCMP and CSIS over that?

What about Trudeau/Freeland supporting the illegal attempted coup in Venezuela...showing the world a suicidal disregard for the fundamental norms of international law.  No.  Scheer is every bit as guilty of Treason and Sedition as the Trudeau/Freeland bandits.  Like they asked in the movie "Ghostbusters":  "Who do you call?????!!!

So...according to today's newz….Canada has 30 days to rule on the extradition of Meng to the US.  Can we expect a lot of False Flags in BC leading up to that decision...kind of like "encouragement" to make the "right" decision?  Stay tuned.

Monday, January 28, 2019

M$M goes into Extreme Distraction Mode after Failure of Venezuelan Coup...No Effort to Reflect on What Went Wrong

This Photo was the Lead Photo on CBC Yesterday
Hmmmm...kind of looks like "le Dauphin"

Whooooooshhhhhh...Did you hear the air being let out of the Main$tream Media Newz balloon yesterday when the anticipated big newz story, The Coup in Venezuela,  failed to materialize?  After the coup fizzled with the failure of the Venezuelan military to participate, the world-wide network of lock-step presstitutes immediately went into distraction mode.  Yesterday, I checked Canada's taxpayer-funded rag, the Ziofascist-controlled CBC, and the above photo led the front page along with this distraction of a story.

That's the luxury the controlled press have today.  Since they're all whores and prostitutes and journalism went out the window years ago, all they have to do when one of the Perps crimes fiZZle is "change the topic".  It didn't happen.  Venezuelan Coup?  WHAT Coup!!!???

No analysis of what went wrong or who was behind the threats of violence to a sovereign nation. NO, we don't want the sheeple to think, now do we?

Only the alternative press and bloggers like Northerntruthseeker, Penny for your thoughts, moi, or Bruce Gagnon even remember that Venezuela was given 8 dayZ to have an election OR ELSE!!!  Here's a snippet from Bruce Gagnon's anti-war blog  "Organizing Notes" from this morning.  Please read and I'll have more comments to follow:

Anti-government protests in Venezuela that seek regime change have been led by several individuals and organizations with close ties to the U.S. government. Leopoldo Lopez and Maria Corina Machado - two of the public leaders behind the violent protests that started in February (2014) – have long histories as collaborators, grantees and agents of Washington. The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have channeled multi-million dollar funding to Lopez’s political parties Primero Justicia and Voluntad Popular, and Machado’s NGO Sumate and her electoral campaigns."


Greencrow says:  This past weekend I was watching an alternative news website and I saw a video of some "Guaido supporters" shoving leaflets under the gate of the Venezuelan soldiers' garrison.  These leaflets purported to offer the soldiers "amnesty" if they went along with self-appointed Venezuelan "president" Guaido in toppling Maduro.  The soldiers promptly ripped up the leaflets and threw them out of the gate back onto the street outside.

But what caught my eye was the woman who seemed obviously in charge of the leaflet project.  She spoke briefly to the camera in Spanish but she, like she was from New York City.  It got me thinking:  Is the attempted overthrow of the Venezuelan government yet another one of those Khazarian projects that take place all over the world...shekels flying and falling from the sky to produce death, destruction and mayhem on the ground?  Looking at the above names..."Lopez" [Wolf] and "Machado".  It would seem possible.  Perhaps the entire gambit is an effort to take over Venezuela in order to...wait for it....have a "Plan B"--a resource-rich, ethnically-cleansed haven for that inevitable day--when the tiny, borderless entity called Israel...finally sinks under the weight of its own iniquity.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

UNSC Video: Watch as the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Wipes the Floor with CIA Pompeo

Flag of Venezuela

UPDATE:  Read Stephen Lendman's post on the UNSC meeting re Venezuela

lol. Watch the video at this Saker Link  at 1.56 on the video for the start of the speech to the UNSC by the young Venezuelan Foreign Minister at the UN.  I predict that this guy will be the President of Venezuela some day.


From Associated Press

"...The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, said that if there is no announcement of a new election in the next days, the 28-nation bloc “will take further actions, including on the issue of recognition of the country’s leadership.”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza dismissed the deadline.

“Europe is giving us eight days?” he asked the council. “Where do you get that you have the power to establish a deadline or an ultimatum to a sovereign people. It’s almost childlike.” 
Arreaza said Venezuela “will not allow anyone to impose on us any decision or order” and demanded that someone show him where in Venezuela’s constitution says an individual can proclaim himself president..."


The United States and its satellites [including pathetic Canada] called for this meeting of the UNSC in order to pummel the Venezuelan rightful government.  What happened instead is that the young, newly appointed Venezuelan Foreign his maiden speech to the UN...wiped the floor with the USrael perp, Pompeo. 

Laff out loud as you note that Pompeo didn't even have the manhood to remain in the chamber and listen to the Venezuelan delegate...No...he left and his place was taken by convicted felon [pardoned] Elliot Abrams. 

Sadly, the speech by the impassioned, eloquent and truthful Venezuelan Foreign Minister reminded me of another speech I watched that also took place at the UN many years ago. It was the speech given by the Iraqi foreign minister, the charismatic Tariq Aziz, shortly before the United States invaded and destroyed his country on equally false premises. We all know what happened to that courageous patriot, Tariq Aziz. He was imprisoned by the US in occupied Iraq until his death just a few years ago. In spite of the US admitting it lied about the pretext to invade Iraq and kill, maim and dislocate millions and millions of Iraqis...they never forgave Tariq Aziz for his eloquent and truthful speech at the UN.

Coup in Progress? Venezuelan
 Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza on left

Friday, January 25, 2019

The "Log Splitter Scandal" - BC Legislature corruption scandal Began when speaker was taken on boondoggle trip to Jolly Olde to meet with MI5

Whistleblowers never have it easy the Greencrow once found out

Due to the USrael-backed regime-change anti-democratic coup going on in Venezuela, I've had to put this post on the back burner for the past week.  If you read my previous post, you will be aware that I'm now the self-declared Prime Minister of Canada. And, like Venezuela's self-declared President Juan Guaido, I'm now posting from a "secure location".

It's akin to a first year university course in political science, to study what's been going on in British Columbia over the past week or more.  Yet, hilariously, it also has a unique British Columbia cultural spin.  The political scandal revolves around a couple of alleged grifters who've been attached to the legislature for almost a their roles of Sergeant-at-Arms of the BC Legislature and Clerk of the BC Legislature.  For years, they've been signing off one another's personal expense accounts and, to a total of near a million dollars, have been systematically bilking the BC taxpayers.

A report by B.C. legislature Speaker Darryl Plecas alleges spending misconduct by two top officials who have been suspended during an ongoing RCMP investigation. Sergeant-at-arms Gary Lenz [left]and clerk Craig James [right] deny any wrongdoing and say they will respond to the allegations in the 76-page report.

Money that they then spent on $700+ a night hotel rooms, expensive suits bought at an internationally renowned London Tailor, cufflinks, a pick-up truck full of liquor...and, a $13,000 log splitter and trailer--which was charged to one of the two's employee expense accounts--and delivered right to his door!  Now, wouldn't all British Columbians love to have a wood splitter, to cut up those pesky evergreen trees that keep falling near and on our properties during windstorms!

Log splitter bought and expensed to the B.C. legislature, seized by police from clerk Craig James’ home and returned to the legislature precinct. A utility trailer bought around the same time appeared in the legislature parking lot with no explanation soon after. (Tom Fletcher/Black Press)

I invite readers to read the details of the long-standing corruption scam and I will have further comments to follow:

Accusations of lavish spending, inappropriate cash payouts among reasons for removal of top BC officials

B.C. Speaker Darryl Plecas has handed over a lengthy report to the Legislative Assembly Management Committee looking into alleged wrongdoing by clerk Craig James and sergeant-at-arms Gary Lenz.

The committee now must decide whether they make the findings of the report public.

“My strong view is that the entire 76-page report be made public and perhaps including the five-inch binder of associated evidence from that report,” Plecas said.


From News1130

VICTORIA (NEWS 1130) – The list is long in the House Speaker’s report detailing allegations of out-of-control spending from the clerk and sergeant-at-arms offices. Those officials are now suspended and under police investigation.

The dollar value is high:

“It would be in the millions of dollars,” said Daryl Plecas’ special advisor Allan Mullen, who told reporters that’s the total for questionable employer benefits. And there’s more:

“Expensing all manner of personal expenses to the legislative assembly totalling tens of thousands of dollars over a period of less than two years. And if we went back even further, oh boy,” said Mullen.

The all-party management committee that approved the release of the report is calling for full audits of the two offices, a review of workplace treatment at the legislature and letters from the suspended officers.

Though the Speaker says these are not just allegations, none have been proven in court and no charges have been laid.

In the report, Plecas said he has seen or has been told of “flagrant overspending” on overseas trips for “questionable” business purposes, as well as personal expenses and inappropriate cash payouts in lieu of vacation to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“In the months after I became Speaker, I learned of a number of allegations and personally observed or was party to numerous conversations or activities, which made me deeply uncomfortable with the conduct of the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly and the Sergeant-at-Arms,” reads the report.

Plecas lists the following as activity he has observed and/or been informed of:
- flagrant overspending on luxurious trips overseas with questionable business rationales;

- expensing of all manner of personal purchases to the Legislative Assembly, totalling tens of thousands of dollars over a period of less than two years inappropriate payouts of cash in lieu of vacation, which appear to total in the hundreds of thousands of dollars;

- lack of oversight or appropriate protocols in the awarding of employment benefits, and evidence of attempts to obtain highly questionable further benefits, collectively representing actual or contingent liabilities to the Legislative Assembly totalling in the millions of dollars;

- using working time to make day or overnight trips away from the Legislative Assembly, at the Legislative Assembly’s expense, for what appear to be other than legitimate work purposes;

instances where thousands of dollars of alcohol and equipment may have been misappropriated from the Legislative Assembly;

various concerns relating to management of employees, including potentially retributive or otherwise unjustified terminations;

taking steps to conceal information which could indicate improperly claimed expenditures.

Trip to the UK

In the report, Plecas shared some details about his account of an overseas trip that was planned a few weeks into his first session.
He said James told him that the two of them and Lenz “needed to go to the United Kingdom for various meetings, including one with MI5 (the UK’s Security Service), as well as to procure an official Speaker’s hat for me. He told me that his office was arranging everything.”

He said that 10-day trip took place in early December. “We left on a Friday and landed in London on Saturday morning, with our first meeting apparently scheduled for Sunday, but shortly after we arrived, I was told by Mr. James that something had happened such that there was no meeting on Sunday, so we had the weekend free.”

Plecas noted they were booked into the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, “a very expensive hotel

He said over the next few days, all of the meetings “seemed to be of a ‘meet-and-greet’, introductory nature.”

“On Monday, December 4, we met with a gentleman that Mr. James and Mr. Lenz knew from MI5. The meeting lasted less than an hour and did not seem to me to be the kind of conversation that required an inperson meeting. In the evening, Mr. Lenz and I had dinner at the Royal Air Force Club with a retired MI5 member and his wife, and a gentleman from Scotland Yard. The
dinner discussion was purely social.”

Plecas claims Lenz and James had several items bought at an expensive store shipped back to Victoria for them.

across the river from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.”

He said over the next few days, all of the meetings “seemed to be of a ‘meet-and-greet’, introductory nature.”

“On Monday, December 4, we met with a gentleman that Mr. James and Mr. Lenz knew from MI5. The meeting lasted less than an hour and did not seem to me to be the kind of conversation that required an inperson meeting. In the evening, Mr. Lenz and I had dinner at the Royal Air Force Club with a retired MI5 member and his wife, and a gentleman from Scotland Yard. The dinner discussion was purely social.”

Plecas claims Lenz and James had several items bought at an expensive store shipped bac“I have since confirmed that what Mr. James and Mr. Lenz purchased included a navy-coloured suit and cufflinks, which were in fact expensed to the Legislative Assembly. The suit cost £662.50, or $1,157.26.”k to Victoria for them.

Trip to China

In the report, Plecas also details a trip to China that took place in June, 2018.

“Mr. James, Deputy Speaker Raj Chouhan and I flew to Hong Kong from Vancouver and visited that city and also the Chinese cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan which are clustered to the north of Hong Kong in Guangdong Province.”

He said the purpose of the trip was to sign a letter of intent to conduct goodwill exhanges between the B.C. legislature and the Standing Committee of Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress.

Plecas claims at the Hong Kong Airport, James disappeared for awhile “and returned with a large piece of expensive-looking luggage.”

“He then opened the luggage bag that he had brought with him, took out a t-shirt and put it in the new piece of luggage, zipped it up and checked it onto the flight. As discussed below, he later claimed the luggage from the Hong Kong airport as an expense to be reimbursed from the Legislative Assembly. It cost $1,138.34.9”

Second trip to the UK

In the report, Plecas also detailed a second trip to the UK, saying there were “two events worthy of note” that happened in London.

Plecas said both he and James bought the same suit from Ede & Ravenscroft. “They each cost approximately $1,000. I paid for my suit separately. When Mr. James was at the till, Mr. Lenz was there as well and he quipped to Mr. James, ‘part of the uniform.'”

“After we left the store, Mr. James said to me that I should provide him with the receipt because they would claim the suits as part of the Legislative Assembly budget for “uniforms”, which they were plainly not. I said that I would be paying for mine,” he added.

He claims James encouraged him to submit his receipts twice after returning home, but he refused.

“I have since reviewed the expense claims and see that Mr. James claimed his suit as an expense and also wrote on the receipt that the suit he purchased was black rather than grey, presumably to support a claim that it was part of his Legislative Assembly attire (which is a gown, vest, black-striped or grey-pinstriped pants, and tabs; not a suit),” Plecas claimed.

Plecas said in the second “event worthy of note,” he, James and Lenz were looking at watches in a gift shop.

“I was looking at the watches with Mr. Lenz and commented, ‘those are nice watches,’ and he replied to me wryly, ‘part of the uniform.’ Mr. James and Mr. Lenz purchased some items from the store, but I didn’t see what they were. After we returned to British Columbia, I found an attractive watch on my desk that said “House of Commons” on it, which was clearly from the gift store at Westminster. I did not ask for this “gift”, nor did I ask, or permit, Mr. James to claim for reimbursement for the expense of this watch, which it appears he did,” he claimed.

“I believed that there was a real possibility that crimes may have been committed and I felt obligated to bring those matters to the attention of the RCMP,” Plecas said in the report.

Plecas says regardless of whether criminal charges are laid, ” the Legislative Assembly needs to review and consider these matters, and determine whether it is more likely than not that conduct has taken place that is inconsistent with the duties of those involved and the reasonable expectations of the Legislative Assembly.”

“The Legislative Assembly and its administrators must consider whether workplace discipline is warranted, and whether changes need to be made,” he added.

Sergeant-at-arms Gary Lenz and clerk of the Legislature Craig James have been suspended since November, pending a criminal investigation.

Before Monday’s all-party meeting of the management meeting was taken in camera, Plecas said there are two legal opinions connected to the report.

Liberal committee members Mary Polak and Jackie Tegart opposed closing the doors, saying the report could be discussed publicly without impacting an ongoing police investigation.

He’s fighting back against criticism of his handling of the suspensions and ongoing, mysterious criminal investigations. 
“I am completely confident — completely confident that those audits will show that we have a lot of work to do here,” Plecas said.

When the same committee met last December, Plecas said he would resign his position as Speaker if the public is not outraged over his findings of unspecified allegations at the legislature.
“If the outcome of those audits did not outrage the public, did not outrage taxpayers, did not make them throw up, I will resign as Speaker, and Mr. Mullen will resign as well,” Plecas said in December.

RELATED: Criminal investigation linked to sudden paid leave for two key B.C. legislature officials

The Speaker has been criticized for mystery surrounding the suspensions, as well as the investigations both James and Lenz appear to be caught up in."


Greencrow says: While this has been a top news story in British Columbia over the past week, I looked at it from a very personal vantage point. Like the two alleged grifters above, I was also once employed by the government of British Columbia. I also submitted expense accounts, and had them signed off. And, like Speaker of the House, Darryl Plecas, I was once a whistleblower.

First, let me say that at the level of the bureaucracy that I worked at  [front line social worker] the scrutiny of personal/business expenses was very high.  You could never get away with anything like the corruption described above.  In actual fact, as my husband was a witness to, over my 18 years working for the government, I actually spent hundreds of dollars that I didn't claim, simply because I did not want to go through the hassle of explaining why I stopped at a McDonalds and bought a young family of kids several McHappy meals.  Stuff like that.  Once I even took a family of four kids out for a rib dinner...because one of the boys said he'd never had ribs and that was his have ribs.

Another time, I took a family out to IKEA so the kids could go in the "ball room" and play.  They said they'd never been to a "ball room".  We also had lunch at the IKEA dining room.  Never submitted a slip.  Another time, I enrolled two brothers into summer camp.  They didn't have camping gear or even appropriate summer clothes and swim suits.  I lent them my sons' sleeping bags--and outfitted each of them with shorts, t-shirts, swimming trunks and toiletries...all neatly packed in knapsacks.  Never submitted a claim.  These are just a few of many incidents that I can remember over the years.

So, you can imagine my reaction to read about these two, already highly paid employees, skimming the cream off the taxpayer's hard earned contributions.  

But I feel sorry for the whistleblower, Darryl Plecas.  He thinks he will be held in high regard by his fellow bureaucrats for blowing the whistle on such obvious theft.  No. Whistleblowing doesn't work that way.  Ever wonder why, in many jurisdictions, they've had to bring in special legislation TO PROTECT WHISTLEBLOWERS? 

That's because there's an entrenched culture in all bureaucracies, but particularly government bureaucracies, AGAINST whistleblowing.  It's hard to fathom why or explain but I know because it happened to me.  When I first started working for the government I was given an administrative position and put in the file room of an Income Assistance Office.  There I was, in this 12 x 12 foot windowless box of a room all day, the file shelves were floor to ceiling on all sides.  There was a huge desk in the middle of the room and an accordion file folder on it stuffed with all sorts of paper of all sizes, receipts, forms, letters, they all had to be filed into the files of the people who were on income assistance.

I was new on the job and still within my three month "probation period" where I could be fired without a lot of I worked very diligently.  On my second day, I noticed something strange.  Over the course of that day I found three different individuals who were receiving income assistance benefits who had TWO FILES EACH.  Each of these duplicate files was somewhat different...using the second given name instead of the first...but the social insurance numbers and/or photos were the same.  So, in effect three different individuals were receiving twice the amount of income assistance that they were eligible for.  Here was the kicker.  All of the three individuals had the same social worker.  Their social worker was a fact the only man who worked in an office full of women social workers.  Male social workers were special.  They were in the minority and they were usually fast-tracked for promotion...upwardly mobile to the next layer of bureaucracy where men were in the majority. 

Well, naïve little moi.  I went to the Office Manager (a woman) and reported the discrepancies.  She appeared shocked but quickly took the files (all six of them) away from me and told me to get back to work.  Luckily for me, I kept a small notebook in my purse and wrote down the file names and file numbers.

After another day or so it was Friday, the last day of the week.  I was moving to another office the next week but noted before I left that the male worker was not at his desk that day...had the day off...I supposed.

The next week, I was assigned to an office across town and was sitting at my desk when I got a call from a senior administrator in the area.  She curtly told me that there had been a "complaint" about the quality of my work at the previous office and that she wanted to meet with me to discuss the complaint.  She warned me that I should bring a "Union Rep" with me to the meeting.  I was shocked and actually had to leave my desk, go into the washroom where I had a good cry.  Then I came out and asked the first person I saw who was the office Union Rep.  They told me and I went to that woman's office.  Fortunately, she had time to see me immediately and when I told her my story, she agreed to accompany me to the meeting the following week.

I was on pins, needles and tenterhooks all week waiting for the meeting.  I was worried that I might be fired or let go.  The meeting took place in a small room, we all sat around a table, me and my rep on one side and three administrative personnel on the other.  The "charge" against me was laid out.  Apparently, according to the complaint the office manager had made to Personnel,  I was wasting time, "snooping" in the files instead of filing.  How could I account for myself?

Well, as I said, I kept the names and file numbers of the suspect files in my notebook.  I took out my notebook, pointed at the information, and told the story about how I had discovered three separate cases of fraud in that office.  The panel of admin personnel looked stunned for a moment.  They had NOT HEARD my side of the story until now.  They copied down the file names and numbers and said I could go.  I never heard another word about the episode.  But I also was never assigned to that office again.

So, readers, that's how Whistleblowers are treated by bureaucracies.  I note from the newz that whistleblower Darryl Plecas is also under threat of recall regarding his MLA seat in the legislature and, in spite of his whistleblowing exploits, the recall is going ahead.

One final comment I would like to make about the "Log Splitter Corruption Scandal", as I now call it...readers should reflect on the fact that the trips the alleged grifters took to the UK were to meet with M15 personnel.  Now, what was that all about?!  I would like to know more about why M15 personnel and representatives of the security apparatus of the BC legislature "had" to meet and what was this social camaraderie how False Flags are facilitated???

Also, it appears the alleged grifters travelled all over the world meeting with COG personnel in other countries.  "Continuation of Government" was the legislation passed in the US government which, as a for instance, allowed Dick Cheney to take over from President George W. Bush on 9/11.

See wad I mean???  Oh, and Darryl Plecas said the other day that his 76 page report was just a "grenade" and that a "bomb" is yet to come.  I can hardly wait.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

...And the Greencrow is Prime Minister of Canada....

US Puppet, addressing anti-government
 demonstrators in Caracas, Juan Guaido took
 an oath,  swearing himself in as acting
President of Venezuela
“....We know that this will have consequences,” Guaido shouted to the cheering crowd before slipping away to an unknown location amid speculation that he would soon be arrested. His whereabouts remained cloaked in secrecy on Thursday...." News1130

I agree with Usurper Juan Guaido...democratic elections are so not where it's at anymore.  Such a boring waste of time and energy.  Why not cut out the middlemen [voters] and cut to the chase!  I KNOW I could do a much better job of running Canada than the Doorknob.  So here is how Venezuelan usurper Guaido made it all the way to the top.  Please read the following excerpt from a post in 21st Century Wire and I will have final comments [diktats] to follow:

"....Earlier this week, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence delivered a bizarre bilingual TV address targeting Latin American audiences in the hopes of drumming-up political support for Washington’s choice to leader Venezuela, ‘opposition’ leader Juan Guaido, the president of the self-styled parallel government-in-opposition known as the National Assembly.” Pence issued his message of support for Guadio and urged Venezuelans to ‘take to the streets,’ assuring them that they will have the “unwavering support of the United States.”

Soon after, President Donald Trump also announced he is formally recognizing the unelected Guaido as the ‘legitimate president of Venezuela.’

The aggressive U.S. move comes just three weeks after Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro (image, left) was inaugurated for his second term. US-backed Guaido chose not to run in the election, claiming instead that he and other opposition candidates were “boycotting” the election. Oddly, Washington is using this opposition boycott as ‘proof’ that Maduro’s election was somehow illegitimate.

Maduro has retaliated against Washington’s open affront by announcing he will now break-off of diplomatic relations with Washington, and has already ordered that all U.S. diplomats and mission personnel leave Venezuela within 72 hours."

Greencrow says: that I have sworn myself in as Prime Minister of Canada, the first thing on my list of chores is to rescind Canada's approval of the anti-democratic self-appointment of Guaido as President of Venezuela.  The second item on my list is to cancel the current Parliament of Canada, fire ALL the Liberal government and all the Members of Parliament--and call a Constituent Assembly to formulate new electoral rules with a view to lessen the chances of (s)electing Doorknobs, flunkies and foreign moles into leadership roles in government.

Henceforth...Canada will return to its previous role of neutral state...and will not toady to any regime anywhere on earth.  Canada will offer friendship to all, but retain our own sovereignty, always.  Canada's military will be used only for self defense. Canada will pull out of the Globalist, Hegemonic, Warmongering tool, NATO. Canada will retain it's membership in the United Nation only if that body also undergoes complete reformation, particularly the very compromised so-called "peacekeeping" operations. CSIS will be abolished and all it's crimes exposed...with the evil-doers brought to justice.

Yes...I think this Guaido is onto something.  What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

The Real Reason for the Venezuelan Attempted Coup

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

UPDATED: Meng/Huawei Sedition Scandal - Canadian Liberal Government in Panic - goes into Damage Control Mode

UPDATE:  I'm not sure whether to call the Liberal government's disregard of the Canadian law as it stands regarding Extradition of a person to a foreign country as Treasonous or Seditious.   The wolves are now circling Canada's Ambassador to China JohnMcCallum for his attempt to defuse the firestorm...hey, a firestorm is exactly what the doorknob and the broom WANT! Also, if any Canadians are under the mistaken notion that a simple change of party in the next (s)election will save Canada...please read the latest "Tweet" from opposition leader Andrew "Banned from travelling to Russia" Scheer. "If I were Prime Minister, I would fire John McCallum," says @AndrewScheer after @HonJohnMcCallum's comments that Huawei executive has 'quite good arguments on her side' "

Canadian Ambassador to China John McCallum
parachuted in to tamp down the political firestorm

Another day, another post dedicated to the controlled demolition of Canadian sovereignty at the hands of "Satan's Ambassador to Earth" George Soros...and implemented by his Canadian puppet flunkies, "Le Dauphin" Justin "Doornob" Trudeau and Neo-Nazi Sympathizer, Chrystia "the broom" Freeland.

Soros, The "Doorknob" and the "Broom"
in happier times [circa 2015]

The backlash from Canadians [including little moi] must have been immense...resulting from yesterday's announcement from Washington that the USrael government is going to pursue the extradition of Huawei CEO Meng Wanzhou to the US to stand trial for breaking US unilateral sanctions against Iran.  The Doornob and the broom must have been crapping their pants.

Last evening I decided to watch the CBC news which I usually don't due to "bloodpressure issues"...Watching all the propaganda makes my blood boil.  The CBC news did not disappoint in that regard.  They had a "panel" on to discuss the Meng affair.  Two of the panelists were probably USrael MosCSISAd assets...they immediately went into a frenzy...attacking China and demonizing it.  The third panalist, a young woman, was introduced as being an "Indigenous Lawyer".  She began to quietly explain how the arrest of Meng contravened international "Human Rights" treaties that Canada has signed onto.  She also made a very good case regarding Trump's politicizing/tainting the arrest by saying it could be used as a "bargaining chip" in upcoming trade negotiations with China.

Well, as soon as it became apparent the woman was making logical sense and was presenting a calm, rational analysis of the diplomatic crisis...the other two panelists started wildly shouting at her and interrupting her...terrified that her words of common sense would reach the viewers.  At one point, while she was speaking, the TV camera even broke away from focusing on her and switched to one of the other panelists as he sat silent while she was talking from off camera...very unusual that CBC would make such a cinematographic "mistake". Suffice it to say the "indigenous Lawyer" panelist will likely never appear on the CBC newz again.

And, as if I didn't already know it...It once again brought home to me how controlled our "National Taxpayer Funded media" is--by the perps in Washington.  To think that millions of Canadians subject their brains to this shit every night!

But, the media perpetrated dysinfo/propaganda campaign mustn't have worked as hoped because, just this morning, I read in several M$M outletz that Canada's Ambassador to China, John McCallum has been tapped to delicately tamp down Canadian outrage....particularly in the Chinese/Canadian community.  Please read the following report and I will have more comments to follow:

From News1130

Canada's ambassador to China says Huawei's CFO has a strong case to avoid extradition

OTTAWA (NEWS 1130) – Canada’s ambassador to China has made some surprising comments about the extradition case at the centre of the diplomatic dispute between Ottawa and Beijing, saying the defence has a strong case.

He thinks the Huawei executive, who was arrested in December at YVR Airport, has a strong case.

In a news conference with Chinese language media in Canada, Ambassador John McCallum said he believes Meng Wanzhou does have strong legal arguments to avoid extradition to the United States.

He says the defence could look at political interference comments by U.S. President Donald Trump and the fact Canada didn’t sign on to Iran sanctions, which are central to the charges she faces.

“I think she has some strong arguments that she can make before a judge,” McCallum said.

He says the final call is for a judge and there will be no political interference.

McCallum’s comments go much further than other Canadian officials’ on the case. The Trudeau government has avoided talk like this, saying it respects the rule of law.

The comments are also unusual, since the U.S. has said it plans to follow through with the extradition process.

Trudeau was later asked about McCallum’s comments.

He said Canada is a country of the rule of law and his government will make sure that is properly and fully followed. He added that means Meng has a right to put together a strong defence.

However, the prime minister would not specify whether he agrees with McCallum that Meng does, in fact, have a strong legal argument to avoid extradition.

McCallum also raised the possibility that the U.S. could strike a deal with China to drop the extradition. If that happens, he hopes the deal includes the release of two detained Canadians."


Greencrow says:  McCallum's logic about how China has a potentially great legal case before the Extradition Hearing, [he uses the same points as the "indigenous Lawyer" CBC panelist] begs the question:  If the USrael case is so legally flawed...why is it even still a factor????  Why didn't Canadian authorities toss out the extradition request right away...and save Chinese/Canadian relations?????!!!!!

I won't venture an answer to the above question...any speculations on my part would be unsuitable for tender ears and eyes.  Suffice it to say, Canada is now walking a tightrope between the two behemoths...China and USrael.  The doorknob, the broom and company finally began to hear that loud sucking noise from far away British the huge Chinese ethnic population, shock wearing off from the knife wounds in their backs--began to respond economically--withdrawing their Canadian investments.  The situation called for an emergency, temporary reprieve.

On the other hand...the doorknob can't exactly jump ship...Trudeau's entire political existence is courtesy of the Sorosian USrael Clintonian perps. He would, and will, be politically dead the instant he even wavers in support of them.  We all also saw the news clip from Davos, Switzerland, last evening where Flunky Freeland, still foaming at the mouth spewed her anti Chinese demagoguery.  No.  I cannot see this ending well.  McCallum might have temporarily tamped down the fire for the moment--but the end goal has not been changed.  The end goal is two-fold: 1)  the destruction of Canada and 2) the economic frontal attack on China...BOTH with long term military implications.