Tuesday, December 31, 2019

New Year's Greetings from Greencrow

Winter Solstice Crow

Good morning Readers.  This is a very busy and special day so I will make my New Year's message short.  Today is my birthday and I am expecting family to arrive shortly.  We are not only welcoming a New Year tonight at midnight but we're welcoming a new decade.  I never thought I'd live long enough to see the 2020's!  But here we are.

Things are heating up once again in the Middle East, particularly Iraq which I wrote about yesterday.  Today some headlines are reading that the US has "evacuated" their Green Zone Embassy in Iraq.  I doubt that.  This Embassy is a hardened military barracks...built specifically to withstand assaults from the locals.

But, the writing is definitely on the wall.  USrael is hated throughout the Middle East and the Iranians and their allies [notably the Russians] are moving into bases that the US has been forced out of or abandoned.  The circle is closing.  Weirdly, Americans are absolutely in the dark about the impending implosion of their Empire.  Clutching their IPhones and glued to their Jew Spew Media [as my blogging colleague Northerntruthseeker calls it] they have been swaddled in cotton batting and "protected" [actually left abandoned and exposed] to the coming Armageddon.  I see the ignorance up close and personal with my own younger family members and their friends.  They see all the political correctness as a step forward--and not the leap backward into rigidity, isolation and a Victorian-style anti-humanism....the laws of LGTB are not the laws of nature.

But, in the end it's all a distraction from the impending collapse...the sexual bullshit and the climate bullshit.  I'm still waiting for SOMEONE to ask what the hell chemtrails have to do with climate change.  Are they connected?  Whoever is ordering them...is that entity also behind the climate bugaboo?

But, I digress.

All I really wanted to do in this post is to wish each and everyone of my readers a Happy New Year 2020 and a Healthy and Prosperous Decade to come!

Monday, December 30, 2019

US under barrage of criticism over strikes in Iraq

US Military Jets

Does anyone else ever wonder what would happen in the United States if the US actually brought home all of its soldiers stationed in foreign lands--who are currently interfering in domestic/regional politics and generally raining mayhem down on darkies all over the globe?  Can you imagine these tens of thousands of trained killers coming home and sitting benignly in front of their TV's, twiddling their thumbs?

Boggles the imagination, so it does. I am sure it keeps the purveyors of the "Deep State" up at night worrying and wondering how to keep these blood curdling monsters away on foreign soil. Heck, they could even come home and turn their bloody fangs on their progenitors in the military/industrial/governmental complex.

In the latest example of what they might be up to if brought back home to USrael, a few days ago some American military pilots attacked some Iraqi national guard-style militia in Iraq.  These Iraqi and Iranian soldiers [Popular Mobilization Forces] were set up according to an agreement between the Americans and the Iraqi government after the illegal Iraqi War "ended" and the Americans pretended to end their illegal occupation of Iraq.  Well, most sentient folks knew that agreement to end the occupation was just a ruse...particularly those who had read about and seen photos of the huge American "embassy" in downtown Baghdad.  This walled complex is the biggest foreign embassy in the world...in fact a city within a city.  It was originally called "The Green Zone".  I don't know what they call it now but it remains the ground zero of middle east colonization by the Ziofascists.  The hub of their perpetual warring activities.

The American  attack on their Iraqi PMF "allies", who they are supposedly joined in battling the common enemies--the terror proxy "ISIS"--resulted in dozens of dead Iraqis.  'Supposedly' [this is the word that has jumped to the top of 'most popular words' in 2019] the American jet attack was justified by a PMF rocket attack on an American base which resulted in the death of one American soldier and the wounding of other soldiers.  Of course the Americans also share space at their military bases with their ISIS creations so we don't know whether the PMF deliberately targeted the ISIS at the American base OR it was a FALSE FLAG ATTACK ON THE US BASE IN ORDER TO CREATE A PRETEXT FOR THE AMERICAN ATTACK ON THE PMF.

I am guessing the latter...False Flags have fallen off in number over the past year or so [ironically or not ever since Trump took office].  This time of year is generally a high risk period for False Flags...and so it goes.  Please read the following snippets from alternative news sources about the American attack and I will have more comments to follow:


From SANA [Syria's National News site]

Syria denounces US attack on Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces

Damascus, SANA – Syria denounced the recent US attack on Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces, expressing full solidarity with Iraq and its people.

An official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Monday that Syria denounces the US attack on the Popular Mobilization Forces which defend Iraq’s sovereignty and independence, as well as denouncing any aggression that targets the sovereignty, independence, and freedom of Iraq and its people.

The source said that Syria expresses its full solidarity with Iraq’s people and institutes, and reiterates its demands for the US to not interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq.

The source concluded by offering condolences to the families of the martyrs and people injured by the attack.  Hazem Sabbagh


From Iran's National News Site, PressTV

"...Iraqi President Barham Salih on Sunday decried the US airstrikes as unacceptable which contradicted security agreements signed between Baghdad and Washington."


Here's a snippet from the Reuters Report on the Incident

BAGHDAD, Dec 30 (Reuters) - A top Iraqi militia leader warned of a strong response against U.S. forces in Iraq following air strikes in Iraq and Syria overnight that hit several bases of his Iranian-backed group and killed at least 25 people.

The U.S. military carried out air strikes on Sunday against the Iranian-backed Kataib Hezbollah militia group in response to the killing of a U.S. civilian contractor in a rocket attack on an Iraqi military base, officials said.

Iraqi security and militia sources said at least 25 militia fighters were killed and at least 55 wounded following three U.S. air strikes in Iraq.

"The blood of the martyrs will not be in vain and our response will be very tough on the American forces in Iraq," senior commander Jamal Jaafar Ibrahimi, known by his nom de guerre Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, said late on Sunday. Iran said it strongly condemned the raids as "terrorism".

Mohandes is a senior commander of Iraq's Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF), an umbrella grouping of paramilitary groups mostly consisting of Iran-backed Shi'ite militias that was formally integrated into Iraq's armed forces.

He is also one of Iran's most powerful allies in Iraq and formerly headed Kataib Hezbollah, which he founded.

Iraqi security sources said on Monday that U.S. forces in Iraq's northerly Nineveh province were ramping up security overnight, with U.S.-led coalition jets circling the perimeter of its military bases in Mosul and Qayarah.

Tensions have risen between Tehran and Washington -Iraq's two main allies - since last year when President Donald Trump pulled Washington out of Tehran's 2015 nuclear deal with six powers and reimposed sanctions that crippled Iran's economy.

Earlier this month, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iranian-backed forces for a series of attacks on bases in Iraq and said any attacks by Tehran or proxies harming Americans or allies would be "answered with a decisive U.S. response."

"We strongly deny any role in the attack on American forces. This claim without any evidence cannot justify bombing and killing people in violation of international law,"said Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei, quoted by the semi-official news agency Fars.

Iran's foreign ministry called on the United States to respect Iraq's sovereignty and territorial integrity..."


And, finally, here is the Moon of Alabama blog post on the strike copied in full.  I have added my own emphases in bolding and red highlighter. Please read and I will have concluding comments to follow:

"After U.S. Strike On Iraqi Forces Its Troops Will (Again) Have To Leave

Within Syria @WithinSyriaBlog - 17:43 UTC · Dec 29, 2019

Trump just made the mistake of his presidency.

That may be true or may be not true. Here is what happened.

On Friday a volley of some 30 107mm Katyusha rockets hit the K1 base which houses Iraqi and U.S. troops near Kirkuk, Iraq. One U.S. mercenary/contractor died, two Iraqi and four U.S. soldiers were wounded. Instead of finding the real culprits - ISIS remnants, disgruntled locals, Kurds who want to regain control over Kirkuk [or, a USraeli False Flag production team--gc]- the U.S. decided that Kata'ib Hizbullah was the group guilty of the attack.

Kata'ib Hizbullah is a mostly Shia group with some relations to Iran. It is part of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) which were founded and trained by Iran to stop and defeat the Islamic State (ISIS) when it occupied nearly a third of Iraq and Syria. KH is like all PMU units now under command and control of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense.

To take revenge for the death of one of its mercenaries the U.S. air force attacked five camps where Kata'ib Hizbullah and other Iraqi forces were stationed:

In response to repeated Kata'ib Hizbollah (KH) attacks on Iraqi bases that host Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) coalition forces, U.S. forces have conducted precision defensive strikes against five KH facilities in Iraq and Syria that will degrade KH's ability to conduct future attacks against OIR coalition forces. The five targets include three KH locations in Iraq and two in Syria. These locations included weapon storage facilities and command and control locations that KH uses to plan and execute attacks on OIR coalition forces.

All of the KH positions that were hit were in the western Anbar desert, 450 kilometer away from Kirkuk. KH has bases on both sides of the Iraqi-Syrian border where it is engaged in fighting the still active ISIS. The results of the air strikes were devastating:

Elijah J. Magnier @ejmalrai - 6:20 UTC · Dec 30, 2019

32 killed and 45 wounded the count of #US violent aggression on #Iraq security forces brigades 45 and 46 last night on a military position established to counter-attack and raid #ISIS remnant at al-Qaem, the borders between Iraq and Syria.
The al-Qaem/al-Bukamal border station is the only open one between Iraq and Syria which is not under U.S. control. The U.S. was furious when the Iraqi prime minister Adil Abdul Mahdi allowed it to be established. It was previously attacked by Israel which had launched its assault from a U.S. air force base in east Syria.

TØM CΛT @TomtheBasedCat - 6:11 UTC · Dec 29, 2019

It wasn't just Hezbollah Battalions members who were affected, there are also wounded among the ranks of the Missiles Forces / Rocket Battalion which is considered a separate unit apart from the numbered brigades.

The dead include Abu Ali Madiniyah, the commander of the 1st battalion of the 45th Brigade.

The strikes were in total disregard of Iraqi sovereignty and against forces under direct command of the Iraqi state:

In a statement, Abdul-Mahdi said Defense Secretary Mark Esper had called him about a half-hour before the U.S. strikes to tell him of U.S. intentions to hit bases of the militia suspected of being behind Friday’s rocket attack. Abdul-Mahdi said in the statement he asked Esper to call off U.S. retaliation plans. The statement said Iraqi President Barham Salih also received advance notice from a U.S. diplomat, and also asked unsuccessfully for Americans to call off it off.

The strikes were designed to kill those who still fight ISIS in its most virulent hide outs:

Rania Khalek @RaniaKhalek - 18:44 UTC · Dec 29, 2019

The PMF group that was hit by the Americans has been fighting ISIS for years. They were on the front lines protecting Iraq from ISIS in Syria and engaged in the ongoing battles with ISIS in the Syrian and Iraqi deserts. They were THE line of defense.

The American attack on this PMF group is not only a disproportionate act of revenge, it is also a threat to regional security. AND it’s pathetic for a so-called super power to get into a fight with a small militia.

Here is video of the bloody aftermath.

There are some 5,000 U.S. soldiers in Iraq in bases which also house 10,000nds of Iraqi soldiers and PMF troops. Revenge attacks are now inevitable:

In the aftermath of the American strikes, Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi said, “We have already confirmed our rejection of any unilateral action by coalition forces or any other forces inside Iraq. We consider it a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and a dangerous escalation that threatens the security of Iraq and the region,” according to a statement released on Iraqi state television. Abdul-Mahdi now finds himself facing the nightmare possibility of Iranian-linked paramilitaries, whose political wings hold enormous sway over his government, going to war with American forces on Iraqi territory, which would compound a disastrous few months in which the deaths of hundreds of protestors have been laid at his feet, prompting him to hand in his resignation to parliament.

The coming days and weeks will answer a number of questions about how this perilous situation will play out, primarily how far are the paramilitaries willing to act upon their rhetoric which has endlessly stated that the American presence in Iraq is a continuation of the occupation, in addition to their readiness to take military action in order to force out the Americans, “once again”.

The U.S. and Israel have already killed hundreds of Iraqi forces that are aligned with Iran. But these were the most egregious strikes. There is no doubt. The U.S. forces will have to (again) leave Iraq:

Brasco_Aad @Brasco_Aad - 19:55 UTC · Dec 29, 2019

Iraqi PMU Asai'b Ahl al-Haq statement on the American attack on Iraq tonight:

''The American military presence has become a burden for the State and a source of aggression against our forces and therefore it has become mandatory for all of us to expel them from Iraq.''

U.S. President Donald Trump had declared that he wants U.S. troops to leave the Middle East. But the 'deep state', the Pentagon and State Department bureaucracy, have resisted any such move:

Pompeo, Esper and Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, flew to Palm Beach, Florida, after the operation to brief President Donald Trump. Esper said they discussed with Trump “other options that are available” to respond to Iran.

Trump was at Mar-a-Lago but did not appear with his top national security officials. After Pompeo and Esper spoke, the president traveled to his private golf club in West Palm Beach. The White House did not immediately say why Trump returned to the club after spending nearly six hours there earlier Sunday.

Yesterday's attacks guarantee that all U.S. troops will have to leave Iraq and will thereby also lose their supply lines to Syria.

One wonders if that was the real intend of those strikes."

Posted by b on December 30, 2019 at 8:03 UTC | Permalink

Greencrow says:  The entire affair is most important for the fissures it reveals within the Deep State controlled US Government and Military.  As I always say, when reading these reports you have to do a lot of "reverse engineering" and parsing of the words.  You also have to take the reports to the dark room and hold them under a chemical bath...like they used to do with photographic negatives.  Then you hold the negative up to the light and look for shapes, shadows and patterns.

After having gone through that process with all of the above snippets, I arrived at the conclusion that Trump probably did not order the attacks. That they were ordered by Trumps' Zionist controllers.  Israel is directly controlling the US military now.  Americans [those with only one nationality, not dual] have very little to do with Middle East policy.  Pretty soon, Israel will have to double down and use its American bludgeon in one final, desperate attack on the ever strengthening and coalescing [around Iran and its Allies] indigenous opposition in the Middle East.

"...Pompeo, Esper and Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff..." are merely puppets, bagmen and water carriers.  They take their orders and deliver them to Trump who goes along,  Trump probably has a "safe room" at his golf club where he can make unmonitored [he hopes] phone calls.  It's pathetic.

It's has all the signs of being the dying days of the "empire"...like Rome...hollowed out and collapsing from the inside out.  Pretty soon [due to financial collapse] they will have to bring the barbarians [their trained soldier/killers] back home and within the gates...then all hell will break loose.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Winter Solstice Message from First Nations Community in Canadian Maritimes

Native Artist Raven Davis
Nova Scotia, Canada


The Peace of Spirit

       Once again it is the time when our Mosums (Grandfather) Sun stops his journey south and turns to begin his journey north. It is Winter Solstice. Winter Solstice is the point upon the Great Hoop of Life where the sacred relationship between the Great Mother and the Great Father becomes more observable to the People. Our original instructions teach The People that we should make special observances of this natural phenomenon through ceremony and through passing on those Original Instructions, which are our Traditional Teachings. We learn through this sacred relationship about how we are to create and maintain similar sacred relationships. Relationships that are in balance and in harmony and that are loving, equal, respectful, and nurturing. Winter Solstice is when our People slow down all of our activities and sit quietly in honouring our sacred oneness with all of Great Creator's Creation and our oneness with the Love and the Peace and the Joy that is Great Creator.

      The love, joy, peace, and compassion which is evident at this time is ever so good for our hearts; and what is good for our hearts is good for our Earth Mother.

      To all of our relatives (and we are all related) we send you strong, loving, and healing energy so that at this time your heart, your home, your lives, and your spirit are filled with love, peace, joy, and forgiveness.

      We send strong healing energy to our relatives who are suffering, in pain, in turmoil, or are otherwise in need of love and healing. May the sacred life force of Love bring healing and may it lift heavy hearts.

      We share your love, peace, joy, and laughter. Your joy and happiness lifts the hearts of Grandmother and Grandfather.

      Whenever we are in ceremony we are carried within the light of our hearts and are lovingly remembered through spirit, through light, through peace and through love.

      As human beings, and as the designated protectors of the land, we have a responsibility to all living things, all of creation: the two-legged, the four-legged, those creatures that fly, all creatures that swim, all plant life, the trees, the water, the air, the land - every living thing. It is our responsibility to love, honour, respect, and protect all of creation. In doing this we honour our birth rights. We also honour the Ancestors who kept our traditional teachings alive and we honour the Seventh Generation yet to come.

      We conclude by recognizing, acknowledging, and respecting our sacred relationship to all other living things - past, present, and future. Our sacred Earth Mother requires our love and respect if she is to continue to sustain us.

      From our lodge to yours we send you light, love, peace, and harmony.

All My Relations,

Caroline, Dan, John, Jim, Kyle, Chico and Spike Ennis

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Homelessness in North America: 'We're everywhere now'

Homeless Christmas in USA

This morning's CBC has a lead story on homelessness in Canada. Several "typical" individuals who are homeless and have been for some years were interviewed for the story.  According to these interviews, the main reasons for modern homelessness is "divorce, loss of a job and/or a workplace injury".  Interestingly, all of those interviewed for the story are men.  By far most homeless in society are men.  Why is that?

In my eighteen years working in social services I came across many who were homeless.  My findings were different than those in the story above.  By far the leading cause of homelessness is drug/alcohol addiction.  The second cause is mental illness or a combination of mental illness and drug addiction.  This combination makes up for at least 90% of the chronically homeless.

Another cause of homelessness closely associated with the above two that is rarely mentioned in newz reports is poor upbringing.  Some children are dragged up rather than brought up.  The parents are "drive by" parents.  Their homes are a disaster, hoarding and filth everywhere.  The parents are up all night partying--the kids can't sleep and do poorly at school.  Their most basic needs are inconsistently met. They end up unemployable--due to lack of skills, inability to focus and, yes, PTSD arising out of their traumatic childhood.  This cause [poor upbringing] is generational and it's very hard to break the cycle.

Large numbers of homeless on the streets and in shelters is a devastating comment on our society.  Yet many do not connect the dots between a sick society and epidemic numbers of homeless.  What about our society is sick?  First, the lack of resources put into children and youth.  In a society like ours with so much wealth hoarded [yes, hoarded] at the top echelons, there should be universal dental care.  

Universal Dental Care is one of the Keys to solving the Homeless Crisis

In the CBC story linked to this post, one of the homeless men blames his situation on poor teeth.  He says he can't get a job in the hotel business anymore because his teeth are missing/decayed.  Now, why would a society rather pay welfare/disability pensions in perpetuity than simply fix the man's teeth?!

I discovered from my job that having no dental care for years on end is one of the most common [and preventable] causes of unemployment.  It goes hand in hand.  Poor and/or unsightly teeth not only severely limit employability but eventually contribute to very poor health overall in middle and old age.  Many problems with teeth are connected with drug addiction.  Some drugs, like meth, actually exacerbate tooth decay.  But if there was universal dental care this gap in health care could be somewhat ameliorated.

One of my first focuses when I was made guardian of a child-in-care was getting them to a dentist.  Being brought into care meant that they finally got their dental bills paid for by the government.  It was a silver lining to the trauma of separation from family.

Still, it was a real chore convincing a dentist to jump through all the bureaucratic hoops/paperwork to get paid to provide dental services to a CIC [Child in Care].  I would be on the phone with a dentist, cajoling and begging him/her to take my client.  It should not have been so hard.

I don't know why dental care is not part of universal health care, especially for children.  This is a real failure of our society and one of the most easy to remedy.  In some ways, lack of universal dental care in a society is the same as a homeless person with a mouth full of rotten teeth.  Or, putting it in the reverse...a person with rotten teeth and all the problems in life that rotten teeth cause is a metaphor for a society with no universal dental care.  Rotten on the inside.  It seems superficial and a luxury...but in fact Dental Care is an essential component of good health!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Christmas Eve - a time for Togetherness and the Enjoyment of Crafts

Missy Mousie welcomes Froggie
in for a Christmas Eve "Drink"

Today I am supposed to be collecting my "Christmas Dividend".  This is the time of quiet peaceful enjoyment that I "earned" by working like a slave for the past month and a half to prepare for Christmas.  Yes, since about the 15th of November we have been working non-stop decorating, gift-buying and cooking.  We've already had two parties for our friends and are planning a big Open House for next Saturday.  The above photo is the one I used on the Open House Invite.

As readers know I carved Miss Mousie and Froggy for my grandchildren.  Then, I went completely bonkers and put together a "Mousie House" for Missy Mousie, complete with rustic furniture and a "real" stone fireplace that lights with a battery tea light!.  If you look closely, you will see a tiny bottle of wine in a bucket of ice on the table.  The "Mousie House" is still not finished.  In the new year I plan to "renovate" it.  Enlarging it for a bed for Missy Mousie.  I also plan to carve all the "wedding guests" that come to the Missie Mousie/Froggie wedding.  The bumble bee, for instance, will have a magnet that will attach it to the side of the house.

My plans for "Uncle Rat" are phenomenal.  He's going to be my most ambitious carving to date.  Here is the photo I got off the Internet:

Uncle Rat - somewhat of a Rogue

Who knew that Uncle Rat was a 'one eyed" pirate/thief of cheese.  Well, I guess we all could have guessed.  The hard part of carving Uncle Rat will be the key to the pantry and the tail.

Christmas is a time to return to the imaginations of our childhood.  When I see my adult guests peer into the Mousie House with a look of wonder and amazement in their eyes at all the tiny replicas...that is truly my reward.  I have given them the most precious gift...looking at life through the eyes of a child.  May all my readers have that capacity...if only for one night!  Happy Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Vaping proves worse than Smoking -- Says Surgeon Who had to do Double Lung Transplant

Vaping looks cool - with the plastic thingy and all
So "new age" - but it's the same old scam by the
same old people"

Last September I first posted about the dangerous new threat to young people called "vaping".  I was out walking my dogs and ended up down at the river bank where a group of high school students were listening to a peer extolling the pleasures of "vaping".  Afterwards, I posted that, IMO, the "Barnum and Baileys" had found a new generation of suckers.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that vaping is ten times worse than smoking regular cigarettes, as I did from about the ages of 16 to 33.

Vaping delivers a quantum heavier dose of toxins at a faster pace than cigarettes.  It actively "forces" the toxins into the cells of the lungs, rather than passively delivering it by inhalation.  Any sentient person knows by looking at someone vaping that they're killing themselves in a most painful way.

I did a practicum in a hospital while working on my social worker degree years ago.  I used to go for coffee with a male Emergency Room nurse and we'd talk about the patients we were working with.  One time I asked him what, in his opinion, was the worse way to die.  Without hesitation he answered that the worst way to die by far was by "stove-piping".  I didn't know what that meant.  He explained that patients with severe COPD and other lung diseases die in agony...because they end up being able to breathe in but not exhale.  So literally they blow up like a balloon...unable to discharge the air--and then they die.

This is the death awaiting the young, empty-headed suckers that the usual corporatist, Big Pharma perps have in their sights.  Nobody ever mentions "stove-piping" in the ads directed at the gullible pawns in the big game of "mass culling".  Please read the following report from RT and I will have concluding comments to follow:


"‘Both are venomous snakes’: Surgeon who performed 1st lung transplant on terminally-ill vaper says it’s as bad as cigs

A teen athlete terminally ill from vaping has been saved with a double lung transplant, the first of the epidemic’s victims to receive the procedure. The doctor who did the surgery tells RT that vaping is as deadly as smoking. 

“Both of them are a type of venomous snake,” Dr. Hassan Nemeh, surgical director of thoracic organ transplant at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit told RT. “I don’t know if a snake is more venomous than the other – if a bite kills someone by a mamba or a cobra I’m not sure which is worse. I think both of them are bad for you, though.”

Nemeh performed a life-saving double-lung transplant on a 17-year-old boy – a formerly-healthy high school athlete – in October, believed to be the first such surgery performed on a patient with a vaping-related illness. Despite his extensive experience in the operating room (Nemeh has been doing lung transplants for 20 years) he was not prepared for what he saw inside his patient, calling the boy’s condition “an evil I haven’t faced before” in an interview with the New York Times.

“Despite my expectation from the X-ray, honestly, I was a little surprised at how bad the lung felt and looked,” Nemeh elaborated to RT. Unlike smoking, vaping causes extensive scarring and fibrosis of the lungs; in the pre-transplant patient, the normal lung tissue had been completely replaced by scarring. “It looked more like a liver than a lung, actually.”

Over 2,400 serious illnesses or deaths have been linked to vaping since the Centers for Disease Control began tracking the phenomenon in March. It has been all the more devastating since doctors initially believed vaping was relatively harmless – unlike cigarettes, which are known to cause cancer, emphysema, and all manner of other serious ailments. Science has yet to agree on what exact substance is causing the mysterious illness, with symptoms including low-grade fever, cough, chest pain, and shortness of breath; however, a vitamin E acetate found in black market THC vape liquid has been fingered as the culprit.

While most of those afflicted with the vape-related illness (86 percent) smoked these black market cartridges, several US states have reacted by banning all flavored e-cigarettes, while Walmart has joined countries like South Korea and India and stopped selling vapes entirely. These bans could have the effect of causing more health problems – by forcing users to either play Russian roulette with black market vape juice or turn to cigarettes. A federal flavored-vape ban proposed by the White House earlier this year was put on ice last month after an outcry from voters. Many switched to vaping from smoking cigarettes, which kills 480,000 Americans every year according to the CDC – dwarfing the 57 deaths recorded this year from vape-related illness.

However, Nemeh warned against treating vaping as a safe alternative to smoking or even as a way to quit. “People were hoping that it doesn’t have as many dire consequences, but clearly we’re seeing effects that are really, really bad, and sometimes over a shorter period of time,he explained. Asked whether he would ban smoking or vaping first, Nemeh insisted both should be illegal, accusing e-cigarette manufacturers of targeting children.

“When you make [children] addicts on nicotine, you create a disaster for the future generation.”


Greencrow concludes:  The perps who invented, manufactured and are selling this vaping poison to our children [or anyone] should be strung up by the ballZ.  Their heads should be cut off and placed on spikes to be displayed at the gates of every city--as in Elizabethan England.  Why this poison is still available and legally sold to anyone in any form is a mystery to me.  Actually, no, its not a mystery at all.  In fact this kind of predation has been going on for centuries.  Back in the early part of the 1900's, they had wars and sent the young off in droves--to become cannon fodder.  Now, with that option not readily available to them, they find another way to kill almost as many young by mass poisoning....a mass cull for profit.  The same creeps doing the same thing and ripping off the healthcare system while they're at it.  At the very least, the vaping industry should have to pay for the double-lung transplants out of their profits.

Saturday, December 21, 2019

UFO Breaks Laws of Physics - whatEVER

UFO spotted by Navy Pilot "broke laws of physics"

An image taken from a video released by the Defense Department's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program shows a 2004 encounter near San Diego between two Navy F/A-18F fighter jets and an unknown object. U.S. Department of Defense

People always ask me..."greencrow, why don't you ever write about UFO's and other "tinfoil hat" stuff?"  Actually, nobody ever asks me that--but the truth is, I don't--and this article which appeared in today's Vancouver Sun is a textbook case on why.  First of all...it's always "US Navy Pilots" who spot this stuff.  That is the first clue that it's a hoax.  The US Navy is a bubble of extreme corruption within the terminally corrupt US military system.  They're all sodomizing each other on those ships and then blackmailing each other into concocting fairy tales with which to terrorize the sheeple USrael population.  

The whole enchilada is summarized by the "USS Liberty" atrocity.  But truly, it's been going on for decades, indeed hundreds of years, beginning with the "pirate" era which was in truth just government mercenaries plundering each other's loot stolen from the North American indigenous peoples.

But, I digress.

Please read the following silly story and I will have concluding and illuminating comments to follow:


U.S. navy pilot who witnessed something strange over Pacific in 2004 breaks silence

It wasn’t a bird. It wasn’t a plane. It was definitely a UFO.

Fifteen years after U.S. navy pilot Chad Underwood filmed something strange over the Pacific Ocean, he broke his silence in an interview with New York Magazine.

The video that Underwood captured from the radar pod on his F/A-18 Super Hornet has been featured by the New York Times, and it confirms another sighting by a different pilot earlier the same day.

They call the object that they saw “the Tic Tac” because it appeared to be about 40-feet long and a white oblong shape, hovering above the Pacific off the coast of Mexico.

“It is just what we call a UFO. I couldn’t identify it. It was flying. And it was an object. It’s as simple as that,” Underwood said.

Underwood, who has served as a flight instructor as well as a navy pilot, said he doesn’t want to be caught up in “the little green men crazies” who obsess over UFOs and extraterrestrials. But he insists that he saw something, and he’s quite sure that the obvious explanations don’t fit the facts.

The object went from around 50,000 feet down to about a hundred feet above sea level in seconds, according to the observations. Despite moving so fast, the object didn’t create a sonic boom, and it didn’t give any indication of exhaust plumes that would indicate some sort of propulsion.

For starters, Underwood doesn’t believe it was a bird.

“You don’t see birds at 5,000 or 10,000 or 20,000 feet. That’s just not how birds operate,” he said.

And it probably wasn’t some sort of top-secret test aircraft, because someone in the military probably would’ve just told him if that was the case. Somebody from NORAD phoned the USS Nimitz immediately after the sighting to get an account of what Underwood saw.

“You know, I’ve got top-secret clearance with a ton of special-project clearances. So, it’s not like I wasn’t cleared to know. But, as I’m sure you’ve found in your research, to have clearance to know something, you have to have both the clearance that it’s elevated to and you have to have the ‘need to know’ it. And, clearly, whatever it was, if it was a government project, I did not need to know.”

The incident was sufficiently serious that the military also spent two weeks trying to figure out what Underwood saw, including recalibrating the radar system to make sure it was working properly.

“The thing that stood out to me the most was how erratic it was behaving. And what I mean by ‘erratic’ is that its changes in altitude, air speed, and aspect were just unlike things that I’ve ever encountered before flying against other air targets,’ Underwood told the magazine.

“Because, aircraft, whether they’re manned or unmanned, still have to obey the laws of physics. They have to have some source of lift, some source of propulsion. The Tic Tac was not doing that. It was going from like 50,000 feet to, you know, a hundred feet in like seconds, which is not possible.”

‘If it was obeying physics like a normal object that you would encounter in the sky — an aircraft, or a cruise missile, or some sort of special project that the government didn’t tell you about — that would have made more sense to me. The part that drew our attention was how it wasn’t behaving within the normal laws of physics".

2019 has been a big year for UFO stuff. In May, the New York Times reported on objects observed by navy pilots, including one incident in 2014 where a Super Hornet nearly hit something. That report built on a 2017 story about the Pentagon’s secretive Advanced Aerospace Thread Identification Program which analyzes UFO sightings.

And then in September, the Times reported on the work of former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge, who quit the band to become a UFO researcher. It was the DeLonge’s work in part that apparently caused the U.S. military to acknowledge several objects caught on film that cannot be identified. Flying objects.

“We’ve been waiting around as scholars and researchers on the subject for many decades and hoping to God that one day the government would come out and acknowledge what this is,” DeLonge told the newspaper.

One of the key videos that DeLonge and his organization, The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, have focused on in their research, is the 2004 Tic Tac video filmed by Underwood.


Greencrow says:  So, as I said above, the first clue that this story is a hoax...probably a product placement piece for the recently released Hollywood Star Wars movie...is that it is a US Navy pilot who is making the UFO disclosure.  The other major clue is that he uses "the laws of physics" as the main indicator that the object was a "UFO".

‘If it was obeying physics like a normal object that you would encounter in the sky — an aircraft, or a cruise missile, or some sort of special project that the government didn’t tell you about — that would have made more sense to me. The part that drew our attention was how it wasn’t behaving within the normal laws of physics".

Lol.  The poor old "Laws of Physics".  Here they're being dragged out of the closet again to prove that something must have been from outer space.  It's not like the military care about "the laws of physics".  Where were the "laws of physics" when the military were testifying before the Congress/Senate back in the early 2000's about what happened on 9/11?  Did any of the generals who testified before the government ever say.."The collapses of the Twin Towers defied the "laws of physics"? 

Noooooooooooo!  They didn't give a shit about the Laws of Phyics then so why should the Laws of Physics be invoked now? They didn't, and still don't give a shit about how the Laws of Physics are broken hundreds of times in the official Apollo Lunar Hoax story. The sheeple have deliberately been denied any education on what the Laws of Physics are...for occasions just like these.

Three NYC structured steel skyscraper buildings can collapse neatly into their footprints in 6.5 seconds on one afternoon due to office fires melting the steel--but the navy/US military doesn't say boo.  Some random navy pilot claims he saw a dot moving erratically on his radar--and the "immutable laws of physics" are invoked as proof.

It's "proof" alright.  Proof that the entire military complex [and the mainZtream media that published these stories] in the US is corrupt to the core...second rate...degenerate...and a dire enemy of the people it was created and paid to serve and protect!

Friday, December 20, 2019

Latest Craft - Three Wise Snowmen

Three Wise Snowmen
Wooden Candlesticks

Hi Readers:

Just pausing for a moment to let you know that at this time of year, Crafts really do take priority over blogging...except when I blog about crafts, lol.  The three Snow Wise Men above were completed just moments ago.  A fellow wood carver up at the studio had the idea to make snowmen out of old chair legs but he didn't know how to finish them--so I asked him to drill holes in the hats to make them functional candle holders ["form and function"] then bought the three [why there are only three and not four...will forever be a mystery] and completed them by painting them, knitting them some tiny scarves and gluing black beads in for eyes and buttons.  I'm quite pleased with the "Folk Art" result and can hardly wait to show them to my granddaughters.

Just another "treasure" for my family to fight over when I'm gone...lolololol.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

UPDATE: TMX Court Case - Canada's Scientists agree "there is insufficient information on the behaviour of diluted bitumen to adequately address the risk of oil spill and clean up"

Canoeists paddle first nation canoes past the Kinder Morgan facility in Burrard Inlet in North Vancouver, B.C. Thursday, May, 22, 2014.Four British Columbia Indigenous groups are set to argue in the Federal Court of Appeal that the Canadian government failed to consult adequately with them before its latest approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

Back when I was a social worker, our team went on a cultural day to the First Nations community involved in the legal process described below.  As part of that experience we went out on the two canoes shown above and then returned to the lodge where our guides spoke to us about the history of the First Nations in Burrard Inlet.  They told us about an ancient sacred burial ground in the forests that bordered the Inlet.  The bodies of the dead were put in wooden and woven baskets and hung from the huge cedars--where now there is a natural gas refinery and an electrical transmission park.  They told us that back "in the day" large pods of killer whales regularly came down the Inlet from the Pacific Ocean to feed on salmon from the surrounding salmon streams [many no longer in existence].  It was an illuminating and sobering experience.

Now, these same First Nations are fighting for what's left of Burrard Inlet in the Federal Court of Canada.  They are fighting the Canadian government, which is using duplicity to ram an ecologically devastating pipeline expansion and oil tanker port down their throats.  Below, is the latest report I could find on the court hearing which is taking place before the Federal Court of Appeal this week.  Please read and I will have more comments to follow:

First, I ask my readers:  Would you impose this risk on a neighbour or a member of your family?!


First Nation alleges Ottawa withheld info during Trans Mountain consultation

The Canadian Press

December 16, 2019 01:00 AM

VANCOUVER — A lawyer for a British Columbia First Nation is accusing the federal government of withholding key information about oil spills until after the latest consultation on the Trans Mountain pipeline was over.

Scott Smith, who represents the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, told the Federal Court of Appeal in Vancouver on Monday that the First Nation prepared three expert reports on the risks of oil spills and other environmental concerns surrounding the pipeline expansion.

A federal peer review of the reports effectively agreed with their findings that there is a lack of information about the effects and behaviour of diluted bitumen, but it wasn't shared with the First Nation until after consultation closed, Smith said

"Meaningful dialogue cannot occur where, as here, Canada withheld key documents until after the decision and refused to change its position even when its scientists agreed," Smith said.

He also alleges the peer review was "substantially altered" before it was distributed with a note saying a report on diluted bitumen was not necessary to cabinet's vote on the pipeline, effectively neutering the scientists' conclusions.

The Tsleil-Waututh are among four B.C. Indigenous groups arguing in the court this week that the Canadian government came into the new round of consultations having predetermined the outcome before its latest approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

The Federal Court of Appeal tore up the government's original approval of the pipeline in August 2018, citing inadequate Indigenous consultation among its reasons.

Lawyers for the Canadian government are expected to present arguments Tuesday.

Smith argued that Ottawa had already made up its mind about whether to approve the pipeline again before renewing the consultation. He pointed to public comments made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after the court quashed its initial approval, in which he said the project is in the "national interest," as well as similar comments made by cabinet ministers.

"Canada simply refused to budge on any of these issues or change its position because it was unilaterally focused on reapproving the project and in the words of the minister of finance, 'getting shovels into the ground,' " Smith said.

The result was another round of consultations that was "fundamentally flawed" before Ottawa's latest approval of the pipeline expansion, he said.

Lawyers for the Coldwater Indian Band and a coalition of small First Nations in the Fraser Valley also presented arguments Monday.

Matthew Kirchner told the panel of three judges that the existing Trans Mountain pipeline cuts through the heart of the Coldwater reserve 12 kilometres southwest of Merritt in B.C.'s Interior.

The reserve relies entirely on the underlying aquifer for its drinking water and Ottawa has a fiduciary duty to protect it, he said.

"It is hard to conceive of an issue that is more fundamental, and of more fundamental importance to repairing Canada's damaged relationship with Indigenous Peoples, than that of the protection of drinking water on reserve," Kirchner told the court.

The band has requested a hydrogeological study since 2015, beginning with a two-year baseline report, in order to understand impacts on the aquifer.

Only two weeks before cabinet voted on the project, the Crown consultant emailed the First Nation's chief on a Friday night providing him with vital information about how the aquifer would be analyzed and how a possible alternate route would be assessed, he said.

The chief was given until only the following Wednesday to provide a response, Kirchner said.

"There is no opportunity at all in there for meaningful dialogue," he said.

The proposal set an arbitrary deadline for an aquifer assessment of Dec. 31, neglecting the two-year baseline review requested, he said.

"Canada and Trans Mountain continue to try to cut corners," Kirchner alleged.

The three-day hearing is scheduled to continue through Wednesday to consider legal challenges launched by the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, Squamish Nation, Coldwater Indian Band and a coalition of small First Nations in the Fraser Valley.

Several First Nations, environmental groups and the City of Vancouver had originally filed challenges making a range of arguments including that the project threatens southern resident killer whales.
The court only allowed six First Nations to proceed and called for an expedited hearing focused on the federal government's consultation with Indigenous communities between August 2018 and June 2019.

Two First Nations have since dropped out of the appeal after signing deals with Trans Mountain Corp., the Crown corporation that operates the pipeline and is building the expansion.

The Tsleil-Waututh and environmental groups filed leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada, arguing that a broader hearing was necessary, but the high court has not yet issued a decision.

Trudeau's government has twice approved a plan to triple the capacity of the pipeline from Alberta's oilsands to a shipping terminal in Metro Vancouver. [in Burrard Inlet]
After the Federal Court of Appeal nixed the original approval, the Liberal government ordered the forerunner of the Canada Energy Regulator to conduct a new review focusing on marine impacts, which was completed in February.

The government also appointed retired Supreme Court justice Frank Iacobucci [previously embroiled in the SNL corruption scandal as a Liberal 'fixer'] to oversee a new phase of consultation with affected Indigenous communities before it approved the project a second time in June.

The governments of Alberta and Saskatchewan, which support the pipeline expansion, have joined the case as interveners.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Dec. 16, 2019.


Greencrow says:
  You won't be reading about this case in today's mainZtream media.  That owned and operated corporatist mouthpiece is rattling on about the Trump impeachment vote all day, dontchaknow.  Meanwhile, all manner of sleight-of-hand political machinations are taking place in North America.  This is only one.  I have another post circling the landing field in a holding pattern that talks about how the Trudeau Liberals have sold our security and sovereignty to the US in the new NAFTA agreement.

It is not by accident that all of this TMX bullshit is coming to a head at Christmas and at a time of year when people are not paying close attention to what the congenital swindlers are up to.  The timing is as planned as were the efforts of the Federal Government described by the First Nations lawyers above to hide the report of the scientists that says that absolutely NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO CLEAN UP DILUTED BITUMEN.  Least of all the Alberta oil corporations--who don't even clean up the messes left from their abandoned oil wells in that province!

So I have yet another "make work" project for the corporate welfare bums who are so desperate to destroy the Province of British Columbia.  Why doesn't the Federal Government of Canada give the corporations mega billion$ in tax dollars to clean up all the 93,000 "orphan oil wells" and the horrific tar sands messes?  That will keep all the Oil Companies solvent, Albertans working and Canada united.  You don't HAVE to be destroying something to be making money...dontchaknow.

HERE is the Trans Mountain/Canadian government response to the First Nations arguments.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

PressTV hits another one out of the ballpark - US "Wonders" Why Turkey Angry...can we all say Gulen?

"Dumb and Dumber?"
US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper delivers a speech during a ceremony as part of the commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, also known as the Ardennes Counteroffensive, on December 16, 2019, at the Mardasson Memorial in Bastogne. (Photo by AFP)

It's a laff a minute over at PressTV these days.  That's if you enjoy Black HumoUr...as I do.  This morning we have another Seinfeldian episode starring that quick-rising comic, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper.  In this episode, he's "wondering" why Turkey is so annoyed with USrael that it's threatening to close some strategic NATO military bases [the Incirlik and Kurecik bases]Hmmmmmm….lemeeesee.  Aren't those military bases the same ones used for the US-led attempted coup against President Erdogan a few years ago?  I'm "wondering" too--why does the US still even have access to those bases????

And, won't the equipment hangars get a bit crowded when the Russian S-400 anti-missile systems arrive?  Where will the Turks store them?

So, the humoUr is based on the Secty of Defense Esper's "Dumb and Dumber" schstick...where he professes not to understand why Turkey is ticked off.  Please read the following report in full from this morning's PressTV and I will have concluding comments to follow:


US seeks explanation for Turkey threat to close military bases 

The Pentagon has called for Ankara's explanation regarding the Turkish president's comments on the possibility of closing two strategic military bases used by the United States in Turkey.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday threatened to close the Incirlik and Kurecik bases, in response to US threats of sanctions and a Senate resolution recognizing the Armenian “genocide.”

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Monday that he would speak to Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, "to understand what they really mean and how serious they are."

"If the Turks are serious about this, I mean, they are a sovereign nation to begin with... they have the inherent right to house or not to house NATO bases or foreign troops," Esper told reporters on a plane as he flew back from Belgium.

"I think this becomes an Alliance's matter, their commitment to the Alliance, if indeed they are serious about what they are saying,"
he added.

The US-operated Incirlik airbase, situated south of Turkey, is known to be used by Washington to stockpile nuclear weapons. A powerful early-warning radar is also stationed in the southeastern Kurecik base.

Last week, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavisoglu also warned that Ankara might close the Incirlik base if the US imposed sanctions on the country.
The developments came after a US Senate committee backed legislation on Wednesday to impose sanctions on Turkey following its October offensive into northern Syrian and its purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense system.

On Thursday, the US Senate also voted unanimously to officially recognize the alleged mass killings of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire a century ago as "genocide". The nonbinding legislation had already passed the lower House of Representatives in October.

In response, Erdogan said Ankara will proceed to recognize the killing of millions of indigenous Americans as “genocide.”

He said Turkey “should oppose [the US] by reciprocating such decisions in parliament. And that is what we will do.”

“Can we speak about America without mentioning [Native Americans]? It is a shameful moment in US history,” he added, referring to the killing of millions of indigenous people at the end of the 15th century.

According to a team at University College London, back then, some 55 million indigenous people died during the European conquest of America.

The majority of the deaths occurred by diseases brought over from Europe. War, slavery, and displacement also contributed to the decline of the populations of the indigenous community.


Greencrow concludes:  What?  Me?  This is the patented reaction of USrael whenever it is confronted with historical facts about its mendacious national character.  In this case, it's pretending that the failed coup attempt of a few years ago never happened at all.  Unfortunately, I don't think that Erdogan will ever forget that horrific 48 hours or so after he was warned by the Russians that his life was in mortal danger and then airlifted by the Rooskie Special Ops to a safe place [probably the Russian Khmeimim Air Base in Syria]...while the coup raged on in the streets of Istanbul and surrounding Turkish military bases.  It is only because of Putin that Erdogan is even alive right now.

It's kind of like how it's only due to the Russians that some crew of the USS Liberty survived to tell the tale of how the Israeli Regime military jets attacked the US surveillance ship in the Mediterranean back in 1968.  Apparently it was only because a Russian surveillance ship was anchored close by and watching the whole treasonous episode...that the US/Israeli attackers finally backed off.

Kinda like that.  Those pesky Ruskies...always messing up perp plots.  But, I digress.

Back to why Turkey is pissed off with the US and want them to leave the Turkish military bases. Yes, it's a Seinfeldian, Dumb and Dumber episode and funnier than hell...but only if you're far away from the Incirlik and Kurecik bases.  Up close, it is a very tense stand-off.  The US simply CANNOT abandon those bases [we know that it NEVER leaves anywhere no matter what it SAYS],  We know that Erdogan has USrael by the short and curlies...and that Erdogan absolutely MUST have the security of operational Russian S-400's for Turkey to survive its greatest enemy--USrael.

Funny?  NOT funny.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Esper cites US ‘right of self-defense’ in Iraq baselessly blames Iran for insecurity

US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper (C) and his wife Leah Esper (L) are pictured during a ceremony as part of the commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, also known as the Ardennes Counteroffensive, on December 16, 2019, at the Mardasson Memorial in Bastogne. (AFP photo)

Who claims that the Iranians don't have a good sense of humoUr?  This article, copied directly from PressTV below, is as funny as any stand-up comic routine in any USrael late night TV show.  And the accompanying photo above is hilarious.  I vote for the Iranians as comic writers of the year--so long as you enjoy black humour...as I do.  Please read the PressTV article below and I will have more comments to follow:


"Esper cites US ‘right of self-defense’ in Iraq baselessly blames Iran for insecurity 

Pentagon chief Mark Esper is citing the US “right of self-defense” in Iraq years after American invasion against the Muslim country.

"We need their help in terms of getting the security situation under control and stabilized, but we also still retain our right of self-defense and we will exercise it," Esper told reporters after a trip to Europe Monday.

Without offering any evidence, the US military chief parroted earlier remarks by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, pointing the finger at Iran.

"My suspicion would be that Iran is behind these attacks, much like they are behind a lot of malign behavior throughout the region, but it is hard to pin down," he claimed.

The US defense secretary made the allegations after he spoke with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi amid protests in the country.

The Iraqi premier has previously called for efforts to “prevent an escalation that will threaten all parties."

The US, backed by Britain, invaded Iraq in 2003 under the pretext that the former regime of Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. No such weapons, however, were ever found in the country.

The invasion, however, has led to years of insecurity and militancy in Iraq.

On Saturday, thousands of Iraqis took to the streets of Baghdad to protest the sanctions and Washington's interference in their country's internal affairs."


Greencrow concludes:  There's an old saying about certain kinds of humour..."You had to BE there."  Well, in the case of the above humour...it's only funny if you're NOT there.  The Iraqis don't find it funny at all and I can hardly blame them.