Monday, December 17, 2018

Yellow Vests = Perception Management + Crowd Control Drills + Coded Deceptive "Show of Ziofascist Power"

Staged Protests as a Covert/Deception sign of Power?

Is it over yet?  I don't watch the Main$stream Media news regularly so I don't know.  I'm referring to the latest effort at mass mind control called the "Yellow Jackets" demonstrations in the streets of France.  There are still a few articles about it posted on the Internet...but all the contrived commotion seems to be subsiding...just prior to the Christmas Season.  What was it really all about?  As you can see from the headline of this post, the greencrow has some opinions.

Having watched the geopolitical scene for about 60 + years now, I'm in a position to notice repeating patterns.  Street demonstrations in France and Paris particularly are as regular as the moon...rising and disappearing into the morning mists.  There was a huge student revolt in Paris in 1968 and many smaller ones since.  Of course our "history" books [inevitably written by the winners] say the proclivity to demonstrate in the streets dates back to the French revolution.

The French Revolution in Retrospect

Even that "official" version is now being subjected to alternative revisionism and some analysts/bloggers detect the same old, same old forces behind the original "reign of terror" and the regular eruptions since.  

Looking at the phenomenon through the lens of current mind control exerted on humanity by the Rothchild/Khazar controlled mass media I see three major elements:  

First:  Perception Management

Yellow Vests = Perception Management

A French news channel was caught doctoring a Yellow Vest sign to remove the word "Resign" after the name of the French Leader Macron

French News Channel Caught Doctoring & Changing Sign Of Yellow Vest Protester

M$M Sign #1 "Macron Resign"

M$M Sign #2 "Macron" - [Edited]

Greencrow says:
  RT is reporting that there are some staged formats and archetypes inserted into the demonstration to subliminally "message" Jewish propaganda... like the Zombie-like "illuminati" women of "Eyes Wide Shut" fame....

Mysterious half-naked ‘Mariannes’

These silver-painted women in blood-red hoodies, posing as the national revolutionary icon, clearly added a new flavor to the demonstrations. Standing silently in front of police and gendarmes in full gear, the women made quite an impression on social media. Many users admitted that they loved these Mariannes and appreciated their symbolism.

Anti Christmas characterizations of "Santa Claus" as a vandal....

Christmas is coming

With five weeks of never-ending protests, first against fuel tax hikes and then against Emmanuel Macron’s policies, the demonstrators were reminded that Christmas is approaching. Several Santa Clauses added a festive mood to scuffles on Saturday.

Direct references to Hollywood Propaganda Movies like "La La Land"

Yellow La La Land

The A7 motorway, linking Lyon and Marseille, was blocked by protesters for several hours on Saturday. Yet one dancing team didn’t miss a chance and, inspired both by the movie ‘La La Land’ and the Yellow Vests, made a hip hop video. Bouncing to the tunes, they re-enacted the opening scene of the movie.

….and positive identification of "the People" with Police other words...the Police, even though they represent and enact State Power are in actual fact your friends....

Armored vehicle of peace

The heavy armored vehicles belonging to Gendarmerie – French military police – have been a frequent site at the protests. One girl in Le Mans city put on quite a special costume – a personalized wheelchair (also in vivid yellow colors) imitating the vehicles, and bearing the statements ‘Peace force’ and ‘power of the people’.

All of which begs the question:

Who is paying for and supplying the vests?

Nothing is being said about who is sourcing the hundreds of thousands of yellow vests.  In recent "colour revolutions" we belatedly discovered that the entire demonstration "production" was being paid for by Jewish oligarch and Deep State operative George Soros.  Remember the pink pussycat hats?  Remember all the flags and paraphernalia of all the "colour revolutions" in the middle east and Europe?  The greencrow even has a Soros-paid for "peace" sign in her closet as I type...just as a reminder of how I was bullshitted and deceived into marching in a fruitless "peace" demonstration against the Iraq War in the early 2000's.  Now I realize that that demonstration was controlled entirely by the same entities that go around stoking and dousing human mass behaviours all over the world...and even here in Canada.

I'm not the only one who smells a rat.  Here are a few other links to inklings that the French demonstrations might be being coddled and used by the usual suspects to lull the sheeple into thinking they're "going somewhere" or "are in some kind of control over their destinies".  Much like they designed those slaughter house ramps to wind upwards in a lull the cattle prior to the slaughter.  The inevitable result?  No real reforms are ever made resulting from these demonstrations...which just serves to reinforce the feelings of hopelessness in yet another generation of human cattle.

Whenever I want to find out what contribution the Deep State is making to the public issue under discussion, I go to the lyin' BBC and "reverse read" whatever it has to report on the topic.  The BBC is not only a compulsive, pathological liar...but it is a reliable barometer of what the usual suspects are up to.  Here is RT reporting that the BBC is reporting that we should...

Pin it all on Russia???

The BBC can never resist the opportunity to tar Russia with whatever black brush is available on any given day...and...sadly, the sheeple lap it up like new mown hay. I hate to be this cynical and blunt, folks, but the mere fact you're being inundated with M$M newz about the demonstrations MEANS THAT THE USUAL SUSPECTS ARE BEHIND THEM.  There are public demonstrations going on all the time all over the world...but most of them you NEVER read about in the M$M.

But, as I said at the outset...there are many practical reasons for the perps to foster, control and financially support street demonstrations.  Not the least important is holding necessary "practice drills" just in case the sheeple should finally wake up.  What follows is a snippet of a report from the UK Daily Mail about a new form of chemical weapon which might be tested on the sheeple...ahem...I mean "demonstrators".  Please read and I will have final comments to follow:

Second:  Crowd Control Drills

"....French security forces are ready to smother the centre of Paris with a ‘last resort’ chemical weapon in a bid to keep protesters away from key buildings, it has emerged.
Astonishing revelations about the debilitating powder – which can be spread across an area the size of six football pitches in just ten seconds – highlights the increasing desperation of President Emmanuel Macron’s administration as it faces up to a law and order crisis.
There were 168 arrests in Paris on Saturday alone as the demonstrators – who are named after their high visibility jackets – fought running battles with police, who responded with water cannon, baton charges and tear gas.
Now senior officers have confirmed that some of the 14 armoured cars deployed by gendarmes contained ‘a radical device that was only to be used as a last resort’ against their own citizens.
A gun-like distributor on the vehicles’ turrets can spray the powder over 430,500 sq. ft. in ten seconds, Marianne magazine reports.
The high-density noxious product contains the same power as 200 tear gas grenades, and is designed to knock people out indiscriminately in an emergency.
A source at the Paris police prefecture said: ‘If a large crowd forced barriers through the security perimeter, then the powder would be used as a last resort in order to stop them.' …"
"....But it is sure to raise concerned questions among civic rights groups, as well as monitoring organisations, including the Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, of which France is a member.
Colonel Richard Carminache, of the Gendarmerie, confirmed that the controversial devices had ‘never been used in cities to my knowledge.’
Each distribution would result in ‘a highly concentrated teargas cloud, the equivalent of 200 grenades in one go,’ said Col. Carminache, who added: ‘It’s best to run to get out’.
Teargas is classed as a chemical weapon, and is actually banned from warzones, in line with international agreements.
Yet French gendarmes and police – who have been criticised during the latest law and order crisis for acts of extreme violence against civilians – use it constantly.
In Britain, teargas use is heavily restricted, and never used indiscriminately against large crowds containing men, women and children, as happens in France."
Greencrow says:  Below is a video I watched last night.  An interview with a French demonstrator.  Having seen these types of "man in the street" interviews before, I recognized it as similar to the ones conducted with covert IC assets on 9/11.  Guys [likely intelligence operatives] in the street wearing baseball caps who defined the "official version" of the story even before the main$tream media presstitute puppets opened their mouths. The guy in the videos below mouthed all kinds of high minded rationale for the demonstrators...getting rid of taxes on the elderly, that kind of thing.  He blamed the entire "mess" in France on the banksters and usury.  But said that the police "seemed to be on our side".  This is what I have come to recognize as a "limited hang-out".  In any case...the man appeared to be handsome (i.e., telegenic) , well spoken and sympathetic...and...he wore a bight yellow vest.
Yellow Jacket Protester Blames
France's problems on Banks/Usury

Third:  Coded Messages/Reassurance of Continued Deception to Insiders

So, readers, in summary, we have been entertained, titillated and socially aroused by yet another staged and controlled public event...and, as always, ALL paid for by the simpleton taxpayers.  No doubt some clueless sheeple were swept up in it and were genuine demonstrators...but it was conceived, bankrolled and controlled from soup to nutz by the usual suspects.  They, themselves are laughing up their sleeves at how gullible and easily manipulatable the sheeple are.  They love to regularly reassure and congratulate themselves that the masses are hopelessly dumb, brainwashed...and that their crowd control techniques are adequate for continued global financial and social domination.

Move along, nothing [more] to see here.


wooden shoes said...

Read that the French people are required by law to carry those yellow vests in their vehicle. If they had auto difficulty or are in an accident they are required to put on the yellow vests so they don’t get hit or run over by other vehicles.

greencrow said...

Thanks wooden shoes:

Having traveled by car in Europe I think that's a pan-European have a yellow vest in the vehicle. I remember suggesting it to Canadians when I returned from a trip through Germany [on the very scary autobahn]. Considering, however, the number of bicycles in Europe used as regular transportation...I don't think it quite accounts for the hundreds of thousands of yellow vests shown in the M$M photos of the demonstrations.

Anonymous said...

I call it recess.
They let the oppressed get it out of there systems
Then it is back to reality
It is called having a voice
Participating freedom of protest
The psychopaths in uniform were standing down
When the order comes in to let them act psychotic
Most yellow vest people will regret being there
They complain about high taxes
Why go after personal property????
Right people
That is the solution
I have the solution
It is not destroying your fellow mans personal property
Like I said
Recess for the sheeple

Rachel said...

I’m in disagreement with you on this one. I think this is an organic protest, and the msm is co-opting and saying it’s about one thing when it is about more than just what they want you to believe. MSM is trying to delegitimization what is at the heart of all this. And that is people are sick and tired of neoliberalism. I for one am glad to see people finally coming together across all class sections and standing up to the ruling class. Their identity politics isn’t working on this one. Although they are trying to make it look like it is a bunch of thugs destroying property and just another Soros paid protest.Hope to see this spread worldwide. Rebellion is the only thing that is going to change anything.

greencrow said...

Hi Rachel:

Thanks for your comment. Have a look at what Angirfan is saying here:

France has a long history of street demonstrations as I pointed out but did not go into detail on. Angirfan has alleged that many of these were concocted by the MosCIAd.

I think he has made some good points and certainly fleshed out details that I did not in my post.

"...Rebellion is the only thing that is going to change anything...." Unfortunately, they have taken that avenue of reform away from us. The only way to change anything now is for humanity to "go on strike". Gandhi's techniques are probably the best.

Rachel said...

To be fair because I really respect your opinion I read the Angirfan blog post. Have had the opinion that blog was LH, and after reading said post i’m convince more than ever that I was not wrong in thinking so. As I said in my previous comment this protest is being co-opt and being presented as something it’s not and Angirfan is shining example. They claim they’ve lived and worked in France...”medicine is top drawer, streets clean, hiways top shape, pensions generous, education par excellence” when was the last time they worked and lived in France is my question. This protest is precisely about what neo-liberalism has done that makes what once was true about their society a thing of the past. Another point Macon is such a puppet of the ruling class, and they want us to believe he a threat. So much wrong in that article, they refer to your blog as well as other reputable bloggers to throw in some justification and taking things said out of context.
I stand by what I said rebellion is our only hope, they may have tried and continue to take that avenue away from us but still our only hope. Rebellion includes, strikes, boycotts, peaceful street protests and number of other protest means. Of course they are going to try to delegitimization by using their agent provocateurs and other tried and true methods, but we can’t let that stop us.

greencrow said...

Hi Rachel:

You're right in that resistance is our only option. My point is that they've made it all too abundantly clear that street protests are virtually useless as they have been co-opted into becoming psy-ops. I guess I'm too cynical. As I said in the post...the main clue that the demonstrations are likely MosCIAd events is the media frenzy that accompanies them. There are regular demonstrations in Iraq, Hungary, Afganistan [as three recent examples] that nobody ever hears about. As Carl Rove said...they "define the reality".

Rachel said...

But in their news they only show the thugs destroying property and report it about gas tax. That way when people hear about it they believe that’s what it’s all about. Sure they don,t bother with reporting those other places because again those are protest against neo-liberalization and wars things they don’t want to draw public’s attention to. The sheeple also don’t really care about those other countries per say, to them third world countries where as France hi culture very civilized.

Unknown said...

Hey cheers 4 the heads up- Aangirfan brought me here- but not a big fan of theirs due to persistent censorship over certain information.If the revolution begins with the misfits then perhaps the Internet,Cryptocurrencies,Sustainable Farming& Remembering Forgotten Knowledge/Science& the. arts are the Keys/New Technology/Magik which we seek-Namaste& Good Solstice 1&All from Kernow /FlatEarth

Rachel said...


Short article that expresses just What i was trying to convey why I think this is an organic protest at its roots.
Hope you don’t mind me sharing, it’s just that I want this protest to be understood, as I would love to see people around the globe take similar actions.
Cheers Rachel

wallflower said...

Hi GC...with all due respect,

I have been following this on 'certain' twitter accounts. What I have observed in defense of Rachel above is a mixture. There is a true rebellion for a true cause; however there are infiltrators to illegitimise a true uprising. Take this for just one of many instances of brutal regime forces against the elderly, handicapped, women and youth...

Desert Hawk 🏴 Retweeted

Desert Hawk 🏴

Dec 17
#France: #Macron's fascist regime forces put a tear gas grenade in the jacket of a #GiletJaunes, it is seriously injured

#MacronDemission #GJ #Resistance #Paris #YellowVests #FrenchProtests
16 replies 134 retweets 103 likes
Reply 16 Retweet 134 Like 103

**Some tweets say it was his jacket but others say it was placed between his legs...

It is a all too common picture of IDF trained police in every western country and their brutality. Again it is a mixture that takes discernment because there are so much false narratives...and the fact that we are not physically there. The video(s) speak for themselves. Thanks...and I understand your relevant observations too.

wallflower said...
Desert Hawk 🏴 Retweeted

Desert Hawk 🏴

Dec 18
🚧 First #GiletsJaunes protests in #Canada: In Edmonton and Calgary, hundreds demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and that Canada does not ratify the UN #MigrationPact #YellowVests
#YellowVestsCanada #Resistance
Dora zwitschert
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Desert Hawk 🏴 Retweeted

Desert Hawk 🏴

Dec 17
⚠ MORE French Police Brutality:

#France: A policewoman puts a grenade between the legs of a #YellowVests #GiletsJaunes

#Resistance #PoliceBrutality #MacronDemission #Paris .
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Desert Hawk 🏴 Retweeted

Desert Hawk 🏴

Nov 25
#Paris: the police brutality under the #Macron regime, unfortunately not shown in the western #msm media #GiletsJaunes #Yellowjackets #24novembre #resistance
Desert Hawk 🏴 Retweeted

PETE JOHN ︻╦╤─ 10

Dec 17
Recently arrived in #Mariupol group of #Israeli operatives teach #UAF counterintelligence
Desert Hawk 🏴 Retweeted

Desert Hawk 🏴

Dec 16
Apocalyptic scenes from #Brussels: regime-minions beat on the people which resist against a illusory policy of the #EU autocrats, today in anti-#MigrationPact protests #Belgium
⚠French #Regime forces acting like blood dogs in a dictatorship

ℹ #France: a policeman deflated the tires of a wheelchair because his owner was way too agitated

The scene took place at #Bailleul

#YellowVests #15december #MacronDemission #GiletsJaunes
La Plume Libre
Desert Hawk 🏴 Retweeted

Desert Hawk 🏴

Dec 9
#France: #Macron has also send his special thugs (police affiliated with semi-uniform and without insignia) to #Lyon for beating #GiletsJaunes protesters which resisting the elites #Regime

#Acte5 next Saturday in #Paris
#Resistance means existence!

***just a few more videos***

wallflower said...

Hi again...this is what I mean to whom is the telltale sign of infiltrators and who is usurping a legitimate cause. See here:
Mr. NoahItALL!

Dec 17
Replying to @Syrian_Lion
#GiletsJaunes #MacronDemission #MacronMustGo It's Obvious That, The #French Police Are "Scared"; Fearful! Scared Of What??? Fearful Of Losing Their 'Paycheck', Their 'Job', Their Ability To Feed Their Family; Pay The Bills! So, What Do They Do? They Follow Their #Illegal Orders!

***LOOK AT THE TWEET! It is in English. It is speaking about "I was just following orders" Not a defense at Nuremberg...[We all know now that the Nuremberg trials were a farce at the highest levels] and given the name of the Tweet acct reveals the jews participation in this whole thing. Not to mention the puke show in Tel Aviv and their version of yellow vest protests.

**over and out!*** thank you GC

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower and all

Thanks everyone for your comments on this issue. Some of you have done a lot more research on it than I, considering I don't go on Facebook or Twitter at all.

I hope it is apparent to all that Facebook and Twitter are "virtual" and therefore not real. This seems to be where a lot of the resistance supporters are doing their bit.

Facebook, Twitter and "social" media seems to be where the perps want us to take our resistance.