Monday, December 3, 2018

Taking it to the Bank

Mohammed bin Salman and Putin
Chatting it up at the G20

How do you know when the USrael is lying?  When any of its factotums are moving their lips. Here is a report from RT where US General "Mad Dog" Mattis slammed Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin as a "slow learner".  The remarks by Mattis show just how desperate the US is to escape being encircled and chased around in a blur by Putin...who has spent almost 20 years playing "The Roadrunner" to a series of hapless American president "Wile E. Coyotes".

Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote cartoon

Please read the following Snippet and I will have more comments to follow:

‘Mad Dog’ Mattis calls Putin a ‘slow learner’… then bemoans ‘worsened’ US relations with Russia 

Vladimir Putin’s simple-minded nature is to blame for the growing tensions between the US and Russia, Defense Secretary James Mattis has claimed, flexing his elite Marine Corps analytical skills.
The Pentagon chief on Sunday accused Russia’s president of being a “slow learner” whose irresponsible denseness is creating “animosity against his people” – incendiary comments that somehow clash with the view of his current boss, Donald Trump, as well as former US President Bill Clinton...."


Greencrow says: There is a Latin legal saying I like to use to make a point. It was taught to me by my mother who learned it from her father who was a judge. My grandfather's father was also a judge so the legal maxims are part of a heritage package that I used when I spent 10 years as a legal secretary back when I was in my 20's. Anyhooo….the legal maxim is "Res Ipsa Loquitur". It means "The Thing Speaks For Itself". In other words, conclusive evidence is self-evident. Of course, you have to be a rational, logical and intelligent being to "see" the evidence.....and this is why the perps and their minions are able to mouth such facile lies...they're NOT rational, logical and intelligent. Nor is their target audience...the Western sheeple.
An Example of Res Ipsa Loquitur NOT Mattis saying that Putin is a slow learner...this, despite the fact that Putin has managed to survive and thrive for 20 years in the most challenging role on the planet...Leader of the largest country in the world, the Russian Federation...where history is replete with instances where Russian leaders have met very sad ends...
I would not even bother responding to Mattis's nonsense if it were not that a lot of alternative bloggers are completely missing the forest for the trees in the Mohammed bin Salman/Khashoggi "murder" mystery.  They're saying that Salman is guilty of complicity in the murder of the known CIA patsy Khashoggi.  I'm saying that, Res Ipsa Loquitur, MBS is NOT guilty of involvement in the Khashoggi murder....simply because Putin went up to him [MBS] shook his hand and then sat with him and had a very convivial conversation with the Arab Leader.
Res Ipsa Loquitur, Putin would NOT HAVE GREETED OR SAT WITH MBS at the recent G20 meeting in Argentina....IF MBS WERE IN ANY WAY INVOLVED IN THE MURDER OF KHASHOGGI.  Putin is an ex intelligence officer...he has access to the best intelligence on the planet.  He no doubt has agent mole contacts all over the world including in the SA palace.  If Salman were guilty of involvement in any way in the death of Khashoggi, Putin would know about it and would never have sacrificed his entire 20 year reputation by appearing to be on "bromance" terms with Salman at the G20.
Putin knows Salman is innocent and that there is NO Independent EVIDENCE that will jump out of the woodwork later that will tar him [Putin] with the same black brush that the West is so frenetically painting Salman with at the a desperate effort to remove MBS from power BEFORE THE S-400'S ARRIVE.  In fact, Putin's greeting of Salman at the G20 was a signal to all intelligent/independent, critical thinkers in the world that Salman is innocent!
So, readers, you can take Mohammed bin Salman's innocence to the bank.  Putin has staked his entire reputation on it...and Putin is no "slow learner"!


Evelyn said...

Thank you for pointing out something that had escaped me -- and everyone else, apparently.

greencrow said...

Thanks Evelyn:

It's what I dooooooo : ) said...

Excellent point, Greencrow. As you say, Putin's background alone should indicate knowledge, or at least a pretty good idea, of the true circumstances behind Khashoggi's disappearance.

Reading between the lines said...

I understand the logic and the rational reasoning and to be honest ,I would trust Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin more that I probably would any other leader of the world.
Though I always try to reserve judgment , I will hold same , for now ,in the hopes that you can say "I told you so " in the very near future.