Saturday, December 29, 2018

Perpetual War for Israel -- Under Threat by Donald's Dilemma

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu

The house is almost back to normal after a fantabulous Christmas. The mother hen (aka little moi) was surrounded by all her chicks--and the house was bursting with Christmas cheer. Highlight occurred when 4 year old granddaughter was overheard teaching her slightly younger cousin how to make things out of playdough...using the same tone of voice and gestures as her grandma : )

I finally have the time and space this morning to go into the netherworld of global geopolitics on the Internet to see what's transpired during the holiday hiatus.  Blogging colleague Ed(itor) from Occurrences was kind enough to have forwarded a link this morning.  It's to Seemorerocks...the blog maintained by Robin Westenra. Westenra astutely identifies the serious threat to world peace constituted by that General of the Satanic Army on Earth, Bibi Netanyahu.  Netanyahu uses President Donald Trump's own favourite silly method of public communication--"tweeting"--to threaten Trump and America for Trump's recent decision[?] to withdraw US troops from Syria.  Please read the "tweet" and I will have more comments to follow:


Bibi tweets Donald - with a threat





Greencrow says: So, Bibi has spoken to "millions" of generals. Hmmmmm….logistically that would be an almost impossible task, given the relevant timeframe. But, on further consideration, given that Netanyahu is a senior general of Satan's army....and the numbers of fallen angels that can dance on the head of a pin might conceivably number into the millions...perhaps it was doable after all.

In any case, Bibi is understandably upset that his raison d'etre...the decades long, deadly perpetual war for the Jews and their Yinon plan....has been summarily and casually thrown into the dumpster by Donald...or so it appears. Ever since Donald's clumsy and unprofessional "twitter" announcement...I, too, have been wondering about the sincerity and feasibility of this abrupt change of strategy.

As I have made abundantly clear on this blog...I neither respect nor trust Donald Trump. My kindest analysis has been that Trump's in the early to middle stages of dementia and should not be in the position of authority that he holds. This assessment comes with the corollary that the "alternative", Hillary Clinton, would have been far worse, if you can believe it. I also believe that Donald should not be this would only drag out the trauma of having an incompetent leader. USrael has been labouring under incompetent and impotent leaders for some decades now. In fact, IMO, the United States is under occupation by foreign powers and is not even ALLOWED to have a competent and empowered POTUS.

But, [perhaps] I digress.

My best conclusion about the "rationale" behind Trump's decision to remove US forces from Syria is that, as he said, this "phase" of the war is over. It's not a cease fire or a peacemaking initiative, but only a move to another "phase". The next phase will involve Israel having to fight it's own battles, perchance????

For Israel, this will present some difficulty as Israel can only do war by deception. It's hard to put boots on the ground by deception. USrael tried with proxies [al Qaeda and ISIS] and were foiled by the Rooskies...who were able to fight in the light of day and put real boots on the ground.

Of course the Israelis will still do their usual thang...i.e., bombs, false flags and assassinations...that won't change...that can't change because it's in their's what they doooooo. And they will still pull the strings of their bought and paid for US Senate and Congress, as well as the big lobbies on the mess with American politics [which they've now taken to another level by blaming everything on the Russians]. Here's a very good update found in Thehill, in which one of the other Generals in Satan's army on earth, USrael politician/gofer Lindsay Graham, is opining that the proxy/patsy Kurds [abandoned by Trump] now aligning with Assad "would be a major disaster". Peace might well break out...Satan would be so displeased...where would he get his regular bloodfeasts?

But, finally, back to the question of this post. Why did Trump switch horses in midstream? IMO, he did it because Erdogan finally told him to fish or cut bait. Either to stand with a fellow NATO ally, Turkey...or risk having that crucial (may I use the word "indispensable"?) ally, Turkey, due to its strategic location guarding the Strait of Bosporus, go even further over to the Russian camp. Trump/and his Pentagon supporters...which by no means are the entire Pentagon staff...were caught between a rock and a hard place. Trump finally had to make an actual decision...rather than just piss into the wind which is what he's been doing since he took office.

Trump is going to be very disappointed that, in spite of taking such a risk [of incurring Jewish opprobrium/deceptive retaliation] to maintain the NATO alliance between US and Turkey...Turkey will NOT cancel the S-400 deal with Russia. Hey, Erdogan, unlike 90% of the American/Western public, does NOT have the memory of a flea. Erdogan clearly remembers who was behind the Gulanist attempt to topple/assassinate him. Erdogan learned in a very hard way what side his bread is buttered on. He desperately needs those S-400 anti-missile systems to maintain Turkish sovereignty--and his own life.

The greencrow flies high and gets the very big picture. In this case...what has really happened here is that Trump...and his rag/tag band of Pentagon anti Deep State supporters...have ALSO gone over to the Rooskies and are now also, de facto, asking for Putin's protection. Just like Erdogan and Mohamed bin Salman before them. Putin now knows that he'll never get a more amenable USrael leader than Trump--who blinked at imminent war between Turkey and US. Putin now also knows that the circle has formed...the circle of wagons...if you will. Outside, are the Deep State Satanic forces...gnashing their teeth...plotting their next move.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, GC. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas.

I'm surprised the Nut and Yahoo didn't say he spoke with Six Million Generals!


Anonymous said...

Right about now, Bibi is speaking to the walls and threatening his household staff ...


greencrow said...

Hi Laskarina:

Best Wishes for the New Year to you and yours too! Yes, six million generals was the appropriate number...but as we know...legends need time to grow.


greencrow said...

Hi Ed(itor)

Thanks for the links. Particularly enlightening was the one about internal Israeli is always worth wading through the raw sewage to find the nugget of truth therein. In this case, I learned that an election will be held in the Spring in Israel.

wallflower said...

Well here's one General he spoke with:

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower.

Is Israel trying to offload all the US substandard military hardware?

wallflower said...

GC...idk really. But according to this paragraph:
["Mattis, according to the report, promptly rejected the request from Netanyahu and accused Tel Aviv of attempting to sell the jets with advanced electronic systems that are superior to U.S.-made jets. Washington has instructed Israel to only sell the planes in their original condition."]

...apparently the israeli's were trying to 'upgrade' the original (US) systems that would make them more superior, to sell them for more money. (can't have any kind of competition in defense security) Which makes me think about USS Liberty...
So my interpretation other than a breach of that Israel can't be trusted! The curse that keeps on giving.

BuelahMan said...

Google Eretz Israel.

No matter what Kabuki is going on to distract you, I guarantee you that Greater Israel is THE goal.

That is the ball everyone takes their eye off of for some reason.

Now find a map of Greater Israel and see how all these movements and alignments are providing that very map for the joos who run everything (especially Donald Trump). All the players are in cahoots. The supposed opposition is the Kabuki. But the leaders are all on board (with the possible exception of Assad).

Reading between the lines said...

As I wrote this morning on another forum/blog site , if the only thing that Trump does
on his last 2 years of his Presidency is to pull out completely from Syria and Afghanistan ,he will have accomplished a lot .For the most part not only contributing to peace in the regions ,but also to make public just how demonic the US administration has become .
For those that are not familiar with this here is a link that further substantiates the corruption.

greencrow said...

Hi BuelaMan

While Greater Israel is the goal there is genuine opposition to this goal...and it's more than Assad.

greencrow said...


Listening to the podcast right now. It's very compelling. How much of what we know is real? I'm going to do a post soon saying that all the stats on our blogs are fake...they have "click farms" that create the stats. Today, for instance, I'm getting thousands of hits from a "click farm" in Russia.

I'm thinking that the entire United States is essentially a fake operation...and the podcast supports that conclusion.

Reading between the lines said...

To be more specific ,what we thought we knew about the United States is essentially fake.We have been conned and scammed par excellence .And to think that our intelligence here in Canada is probably blood brothers with the CIA makes it all the more ominous.

wallflower said...

Hi GC and to everyone here...

I found this @Aangirfan.

I burst out weeping...
Christmas in liberated Aleppo! Merry Christmas to all!


Northerntruthseeker said...

Great article, Crow...

I am in agreement with Buelahman that the evil Jewish dicks are still hell bent on Syria's destruction because of their map of their sicko Greater Israel project.

It does call into question as to the ulterior motive by Jew dick ducking Drumpf who is absolutely hell bent on doing what his masters' desire.

There is a diabolical plan still afoot here and we may see the answer soon.

Reading between the lines said...

@ wallflower .Thank you for the link but one must press refresh as soon as the link opens otherwise one gets the ugly face of Netanyahu .
I felt the same way it is hard to keep the tears back .Such a wonderful scene.
I do hope the President's wife Asma is doing well as she was diagnosed with breast cancer .
The best New Year to all.

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower and RBTL

Yes, the link to the video--where Aleppo celebrates its first Christmas [in 2017] since freedom from al Qaeda occupation is very moving and inspiring. It's a shame that the Western Sheeple are totally "protected" from such videos, even though they're allowed on YouTube. If I were to send a link to the video to friends and family of mine...unfortunately, they would almost certainly react with anger and disbelief. They would call it Russian propaganda. THAT is how brainwashed the Sheeple of the West are.

Penny said...

Note to Buehlaman:

It is the greater Israel project dressed up as the creation of Kurdistan or as I like to call it Israel 2.0.

Some of us have been on it for years...