Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Notice to Readers

Little Green Faerie #3

As my readers can see above, I finally finished carving and painting my "little green faerie".  He's going to be part of the Christmas decorations I'm currently putting up.  I will be taking a few days off from blogging as we're going to be busy with family and friends social activities. While I'm having a bit of "down time" I invite readers to browse through the more than 2,000 posts I've published on this blog.  Also have a look at what my colleagues [see my sidebar for links] in the truth movement are saying.

Northerntruthseeker and Pennyforyourthoughts are two of my fellow Canadian bloggers who give POV's that are, like mine, from a Canadian perspective.  NTS posted about the Khashoggi False Flag assassination recently and linked to my previous post.  Here is my response to him.

greencrow said...


Thanks for posting that link about Khashoggi and Putin at the G20. I consider it one of the most important posts in my "blogging career".

You mention that Khashoggi was certainly murdered because his body was cut up. Where are the pieces? When you examine the facts...there is absolutely NO evidence that Khashoggi died at all. The only evidence presented was "gathered" by the CIA. Which is a non-stop obsessive compulsive and pathological liar. The only mystery to me is why anyone would believe anything coming from that source?

I do not know what [if anything] happened to Khashoggi. He may have died he may not have died. All I know is that the MosCIAd Deep State wants MBS gone...and will do and say anything to get rid of him "before the S-400's arrive" and before the chance to loot SA via the ARAMCO scam has evaporated. It is so plain to me...why not others?" 


As I said to NTS, I consider my previous post one of the most important that I have published on this blog.  Please have a read of it if you have not already done so.  It looks from the M$M that the perp MosCIAd is going to try and ride this False Flag to a major incident in the coming weeks.

So, on to a couple of days rest before the next lie-filled, concocted event.  bbl

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