Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Lavrov: "international law is something that calls for universal coordination, while a rules-based order is something they can invent themselves.”

Plains of Abraham - Quebec City, Quebec
on the banks of the St Laurance.  The Rothchild/Khazars
are looking for a MUCH bigger battlefield for WWIII

It's getting down to the short strokes in the relentless lead-up to the collapse of this phase of the eternal Rothchild/Khazar-controlled Western economy.  All financial signs are that the Usury/Printed Money "Federal Bank" system has reached it's "best before" expiration date.  What to do?  What to Do!  A "Reset" is desperately needed...and soon.  Otherwise, the massive sheeple populations of the West might feel the pinch in their credit card collection and....egads….WAKE UP!

The first and only, really, international war for North America took place on the Plains of Abraham, a farmers field, located near Quebec City on the banks of the St. Lawrence.  The Battle of the Plains of Abraham was fought between England [under General James Wolfe] and France [under the General Marquis de Montcalm].  Both generals died as a result of battle wounds.  The reason I'm bringing this sad matter up is because the Rothchild/Khazars are looking for another battlefield(s) to fight their "reset" WWIII in.  Russia has stated emphatically that its territory will NOT be a battleground in the coming conflict.  I don't see China supplying a battlefield either...too far afield and too heavily guarded by the biggest ground army in human history.

No.  World War battlefields are generally located in middling countries...conveniently located between the major combatants.  WWII was fought in France and Italy...between England and Germany.  WWI was fought in France.  Where will the battlefield be located for WWIII?  Canada is stupidly setting itself up as a battlefield.  And the coming nuclear extinction war will be nothing like the Battle of the Plains of Abraham...which messed up and bloodied just one farmer's field and a fortress.

Clown vs Clown

Witness how Canada clownishly arrested a CEO of Huawei, a major Chinese corporation, Meng Wanzhou recently.  This arrest, made on very spurious grounds, was a direct affront to the Chinese government, which retaliated in short order by arresting a former Canadian "diplomat".

Former Canadian diplomat detained in China: reports

UPDATE:  December 13, 2018 It is now reported that another Canadian has gone missing in China and it is feared that he has been detained by Chinese government officials in retaliation for the arrest of CEO Meng

Meng's Crime?  Sitting on a Stage Next to Vladimir Putin

Let's back up a moment.  Why did Canada arrest the Chinese CEO in the first place?  Apparently, she sat beside Vladimir Putin at an economic conference last year.  Well, at least that's the photo and video footage that's being pounded into the infinitesimally small brains of the sheeple by the Talmudvision Networks.

The stated reason is that she did not abide by the sanctions placed on Iran by the United States.  This reason begs the question...what do the arbitrary US economic sanctions against Iran have to do with Canada?  Aren't they a bilateral matter between the US and Iran?  Well, apparently not.  According to the clownfest called the Canadian government...American economic sanctions are sacred...more sacred than international law itself and certainly more sacred than Canadian "sovereignty" [sic]

So they arrested the Chinese CEO and kept her in prison while clowning their way through several the fact that she already owns two homes in Vancouver and stays here for several weeks out of the year anyway...and left the threat hanging over her head of extradition to the US where she might spend 30 years in jail for something that is not officially a crime in Canada.

China, predictably, retaliated by summoning the American ambassador to Beijing.  Hey, why summon the Canadian ambassador when the strings are obviously been pulled from Washington...see what I'm saying about Canadian "sovereignty" [sic]?

As usual, Russia said it best and proved that it, too, is running out of patience with the travelling Western Clown Circus:

Russia is running out of Patience

Here is a snippet from an analysis by pro-Russian blogger John Helmer...who quotes the always eloquent Sergei Lavrov.  Please read and I will have final comments to follow:



“...Our Western colleagues use the term ‘international law’  less and less often,” responded Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. “Instead, they talk more about a rules-based order. I do not see the difference between a rules-based order and international law, but judging by the situations in which this new term is used, our Western colleagues believe that international law is something that calls for universal coordination, while a rules-based order is something they can invent themselves.”

Regarding the Canadian arrest of Meng, Lavrov added: “It’s an arrogant, jingoist policy no one accepts. It already sparks rejection even amongst the US’ closest allies. It has to end.”


Greencrow says: Events have moved very quickly in this latest clown circus two-ring circus act.  While up in Canada the courts have finally released the Chinese CEO on very stringent bail terms...all this for contravening some arbitrary rule that doesn't even apply in Canada [presuming it was a sovereign nation].  Meanwhile, the Canadian so-called former "diplomat" is still under arrest in China...and likely to remain so as long as the Chinese CEO is forced to wear her ankle bracelet.

Then in a totally prankish twist, US President Donald Trump said yesterday that HE would negotiate the freedom of the Chinese CEO if it would serve the United States' security or trade interests. ....lolololol...thus abruptly pulling the rug out from under le Dauphin, who was caught in the delicate process of kissing American @$$.....lololol.

Trump has really gone nutsy coo coo.  I have said this many times, but not recently, that Trump behaves like he's in the early stages of dementia.  He seems to have some crazy "mad on" against Justin Trudeau...perhaps because Trudeau wears a smaller suit size than the Pillsbury Dough Boy Trump.  No, really!  That's the level of thinking we're dealing with.

In a desperate effort to inject some kind of sanity into the above goings on...I submit that the back story is this:

The OTHER side of the US spy vs spy civil war that's going on in the know the side...the one that does NOT support Trump...but that does support the Soros puppet Trudeau [let's call them the Hillary--ites] was behind the Chinese CEO arrest.  The Hillary-ites ordered Trudeau to arrest the Chinese CEO for "sitting next to Putin".  This, as part of an ongoing strategy of harassment of anyone who allies him/herself with Russia--the "enemy du jour"...[and future major foe in WWIII] and/or any of its allies--like Iran.

Trump probably didn't even know the arrest was separate are the two warring intelligence groups.  So Trump threw one of his verbal/Twitter spanners in the works.  As the link above states...Trump has become completely divested of power.  The only power he has is to shock and disturb by way of his Twitter account.

Trudeau, likewise, has no power to preserve what little is left of Canadian sovereignty...even if he wanted to...which he doesn't.  What he doesn't realize is that the Deep State powers are measuring him and Canada up...not for a classy new suit...but for a battleground...big enough for all the nukes and war machines being readied for a WWIII on Canadian soil.  What a dumb@$$!

Footnote:  There's an old saying..."History is a race between knowledge and catastrophe".  It has never been so true as now...Apparently there is a New York legal association that has launched a legal action based on the 9/11 evidence that has been "hiding in plain sight" for the past 17 years.  If, by some miracle, this evidence should reach its natural destination--and become exposed to the disinfectant sunlight of an open courtroom...then all of the above clown vs clown and spy vs spy ca ca would become moot.  The entire cabal of Deep State, mass murdering, neocon, Ziofascist warmongers would be sent to jail and the global nightmare would finally be over.  Chances of that happening?

Chances of a Snowman surviving
in Hell


Reading between the lines said...

One of your best article greencrow .Canadian leadership,if one can call it that,is now so pathetic ,I find myself totally ashamed .It is now so in your face ,only the snoring,sleeping sheeple can avoid seeing it.

greencrow said...


Thanks for the Kudo. It's reassuring to know that there ARE those Canadians out there who understand what's going on and how Canada is being maneuvered into being WWIII's "spoils of war"....much like Germany and Japan were the "spoils of war" after WWII.

The most alarming thing about Trudeau and his silly bitch Freeland is that there is NO opposition! The Perps have carefully set it up to be that way. We're buggered.