Sunday, December 2, 2018

Colouring Book PM Trudeau Bores Putin and Salman at G20 Meet and Greet

Trudeau Told Putin and MBS "A Thing Or Two"

You can just imagine how Russian President Vladimir Putin felt as he saw Canada's "Colouring Book" Prime Minister Justin Trudeau making his way towards him through the crush of attendees, mingling and sipping their wine at the G20 Meet and Greet prior to the sit down supper.  You've probably been there yourself....forced to steel yourself at the thought of being bored and having your intelligence insulted by some arrogant, braying moron who comes up, monopolizes your time and starts yammering away about something of which he knows nothing.  I can visualize the pained, forced smile Putin adopted, as his eyes glazed over and he squeezed that button he keeps in his pocket to signal Lavrov, or somebody--to come and bail him out.

Getting his geopolitics strictly from Superman and Batman comics, Trudeau never fails to slap a black/white unidimensional perspective on every international situation.  While most colouring book enthusiasts have at least an 8 pack of Crayola crayons, Trudeau threw out 7 long ago...and just keeps the black one.  It's worn down to a nub now.  Those spaces he wants to be white, he just leaves uncoloured.  It's so much simpler that way.  Please read the CBC report on how Trudeau told Putin and Mohammed bin Salman "A Thing or Two", while no response from Putin is reported. That's what you do with these guys, you just let them rattle on.  Trudeau was not given longer to talk with no official appointments [thankfully, for Putin and MBS] were arranged.  Nothing to talk about, perchance?

Trudeau tells Mohammed bin Salman Canada will 'always stand up strongly' for human rights

PM also spoke with Putin at G20, expressing Canada's concern over Russia's actions in Ukraine

Canadian officials have been openly critical of the actions of both Russia and Saudi Arabia, and in an open forum with their leaders, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn't back away.

The prime minister confirmed Saturday afternoon in Argentina that he'd "directly" approached both Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman at the G20 summit.

Trudeau explained he'd conveyed Canada's concerns to Putin at the leaders' plenary session, particularly with the situation in the Sea of Azov, where Ukranian boats were attacked by Russian vessels earlier this week — and reiterated the demand that the captured sailors be released.

Canada has also spearheaded a G7 foreign ministers' statement that condemns Russian aggression in Ukraine, Minister Chrystia Freeland confirmed earlier this week.

There wasn't opportunity for Putin to respond at the leaders' retreat, Trudeau said when asked if he was worried about repercussions from Russia.
Better answers needed over Khashoggi's killing

In his conversation with Saudi Arabia's Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Trudeau said better answers about the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi were required. He also pushed the issue of imprisoned human rights workers and the "humanitarian catastrophe" from violence in Yemen.

"I made it clear Canada was concerned.

Trudeau said he stressed the fact that Canada will "always stand up strongly and clearly for human rights."

All eyes have been on the Saudi crown prince during the trip, which marks his first major overseas appearance since the killing of Khashoggi in October.

Though the leaders spoke, Trudeau did not hold official meetings with either Putin or bin Salman.

With Russia's previous cyberthreats and Saudi Arabia's poor reaction — freezing trade and investment — to earlier criticism of their human rights record, backlash could be a possibility. However, Trudeau didn't seem too worried.

"Frank and direct conversations … is better than not talking," he told reporters..."

Because Canada, being a "Five-Eyes Vassal State", is not allowed to purchase any armaments other than US/UK "best before date" cast offs, Trudeau can't factor in how Mohammed bin Salman...wanting to purchase state-of-the-art S-400 defensive weaponry from evil Russia...might colour the recent West's framing of Mohammed bin Salman with murder.

Because his only foreign affairs advisor is a neo-Nazi-Kiev Junta-supporting Soros mole, Trudeau doesn't factor into the ongoing concocted Western casus belli for WWIII in Ukraine, the fact that the ethnic Russian citizens of Crimea voted [as did Quebec, during the 1970's - when Trudeau Sr. was in power] in an internationally-monitored referendum, by a vote OF OVER 90% to rejoin the Russian Federation.  This was AFTER, an illegal coup in Ukraine, planned and funded by the USrael State Department denied the pro Russian minority in eastern Ukraine basic rights, including the right to elect a pro Russian leader.

No, Trudeau cannot see more than what his single black crayon will show him.  And he will continue to stun and humiliate those few aware Canadians who follow his antics. Humiliation that only deepens when reading this further piece of absolute crap...full of false allegations and more Western frame-ups from the CBC.


Penny said...

LOL, love it GC
Trudeau bores Putin and Salman...blah, blah, blah
Trudeau is a virtue signaler extraordinaire
and he's nothing more..

"Virtue Signalling refers to the public expression of an opinion on a given topic primarily for the purpose of displaying one’s moral superiority before a large audience to solicit their approval. Online, the practice is often associated with various platitudes shared on social media that proclaim one's political affiliation or stance on a variety of hot-button issues related to social justice; it has been criticized by some as a shallow attempt at improving social status within a particular group."

I swear the whole Trump/Trudeau dynamic was concocted by the elites asses to manage perceptions- as hubby just said a marketers dream. Bernays lives

greencrow said...

Your hubby is right...the combo of Trudeau and Trump IS a marketers dream!