Monday, December 31, 2018

The Gambit


The Russians are referring to the recent "decision" made by US President Trump [announced by him via his "Twitter" account to pull US military troops out of Syria] as a "gambit"  Here is the Webster definition of the word gambit:

gambit (gămˈbĭt)

  • n.
    An opening in chess in which a minor piece, or pieces, usually a pawn, is offered in exchange for a favorable position.
  • n.
    A maneuver, stratagem, or ploy, especially one used at an initial stage.
  • n.
    A remark intended to open a conversation.

    Here is the relevant quote from the pro Russian news outlet Sputnik:

    "Last week, President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of US from Syria, posting on Twitter that the US had defeated the Daesh terrorist group in the Arab country.

    The reasons for the US decision to withdraw troops from Syria, as well as Washington's future plans in the Middle East, are not yet known, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Igor Tsarikov said on Thursday.

"...We have repeatedly pointed out that the US illegitimate armed presence in Syria is an obstacle to settlement. However, we still do not know anything about the reasons for this decision of the future plans of the US. This gambit has yet to be figured out", Tsarikov told a joint extended meeting of Russian and Syrian interdepartmental coordinating committees on the return of Syrian refugees...."


Greencrow says:  It's instructive for Westerners to read translations of Russian into English, if only that it forces us to refer to our English dictionaries to find out the true meaning of words which have been sheepdipped for centuries to the point of losing all original meaning.  The word "Gambit", as an example, has been used by Hollywood as the name for several movies.  I, myself, did not know that its primary meaning originates from the game of chess.

How appropriate, then, for the Russians to refer to Trump's shocking "decision" as a "gambit".  So, in the case at hand, US's bases in Syria are being "offered up for a more favourable position".  This is what the geopolitical pundits, mainstream and alternative, have been pondering ever since the announcement.  What is the "more favourable position" that Trump is seeking?  In my last post I submitted that Trump's decision to pull out of Syria was to avoid a NATO-busting military conflict with Turkey.  I also surmised that Trump was signalling to Putin that...with the USrael Deep State closing in on him domestically, that he was "reaching out" to Russia and its allies for help in order to remain in he [Trump] was the last, best hope for any kind of peace in the Middle East and even globally.

This is still my best assessment of the maneuver.  But, of course, the Deep State has immediately muddied the water and "paused" the pull-out.  Buying time?  Most likely.  Trump is on a tightrope. Further, on the French military bases situated in Syria which just recently came to light.  I hope my blogging colleagues have drawn a line connecting the dots between these NATO bases and Macron's problems with the "yellow vests" in France.  The vests might be yellow, but I smell blackmail.  I always knew those demonstrations were Sorosian frauds/false flags.

The bottom line is this.  The Rooskies have terminally out-gunned the West.  It will take decades for the West to even catch up with the Russian weaponry.  Perhaps the Deep State UK-based Rothchild bankster gargoyles are in denial over this....but I suspect the Western military, or at least the portion of it that remains sane [probably a minority] is not.  These few, beleaguered, generals know that if the Rooskies have to "prove" that they actually have the weaponry as they firing off an Avangard or two....these very generals will be the first to be incinerated.  THAT, my good readers, is the bottom line.

So, IMO, the gambit was not actually a was a flare...shot into the night sky, indicating an SOS.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Perpetual War for Israel -- Under Threat by Donald's Dilemma

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu

The house is almost back to normal after a fantabulous Christmas. The mother hen (aka little moi) was surrounded by all her chicks--and the house was bursting with Christmas cheer. Highlight occurred when 4 year old granddaughter was overheard teaching her slightly younger cousin how to make things out of playdough...using the same tone of voice and gestures as her grandma : )

I finally have the time and space this morning to go into the netherworld of global geopolitics on the Internet to see what's transpired during the holiday hiatus.  Blogging colleague Ed(itor) from Occurrences was kind enough to have forwarded a link this morning.  It's to Seemorerocks...the blog maintained by Robin Westenra. Westenra astutely identifies the serious threat to world peace constituted by that General of the Satanic Army on Earth, Bibi Netanyahu.  Netanyahu uses President Donald Trump's own favourite silly method of public communication--"tweeting"--to threaten Trump and America for Trump's recent decision[?] to withdraw US troops from Syria.  Please read the "tweet" and I will have more comments to follow:


Bibi tweets Donald - with a threat





Greencrow says: So, Bibi has spoken to "millions" of generals. Hmmmmm….logistically that would be an almost impossible task, given the relevant timeframe. But, on further consideration, given that Netanyahu is a senior general of Satan's army....and the numbers of fallen angels that can dance on the head of a pin might conceivably number into the millions...perhaps it was doable after all.

In any case, Bibi is understandably upset that his raison d'etre...the decades long, deadly perpetual war for the Jews and their Yinon plan....has been summarily and casually thrown into the dumpster by Donald...or so it appears. Ever since Donald's clumsy and unprofessional "twitter" announcement...I, too, have been wondering about the sincerity and feasibility of this abrupt change of strategy.

As I have made abundantly clear on this blog...I neither respect nor trust Donald Trump. My kindest analysis has been that Trump's in the early to middle stages of dementia and should not be in the position of authority that he holds. This assessment comes with the corollary that the "alternative", Hillary Clinton, would have been far worse, if you can believe it. I also believe that Donald should not be this would only drag out the trauma of having an incompetent leader. USrael has been labouring under incompetent and impotent leaders for some decades now. In fact, IMO, the United States is under occupation by foreign powers and is not even ALLOWED to have a competent and empowered POTUS.

But, [perhaps] I digress.

My best conclusion about the "rationale" behind Trump's decision to remove US forces from Syria is that, as he said, this "phase" of the war is over. It's not a cease fire or a peacemaking initiative, but only a move to another "phase". The next phase will involve Israel having to fight it's own battles, perchance????

For Israel, this will present some difficulty as Israel can only do war by deception. It's hard to put boots on the ground by deception. USrael tried with proxies [al Qaeda and ISIS] and were foiled by the Rooskies...who were able to fight in the light of day and put real boots on the ground.

Of course the Israelis will still do their usual thang...i.e., bombs, false flags and assassinations...that won't change...that can't change because it's in their's what they doooooo. And they will still pull the strings of their bought and paid for US Senate and Congress, as well as the big lobbies on the mess with American politics [which they've now taken to another level by blaming everything on the Russians]. Here's a very good update found in Thehill, in which one of the other Generals in Satan's army on earth, USrael politician/gofer Lindsay Graham, is opining that the proxy/patsy Kurds [abandoned by Trump] now aligning with Assad "would be a major disaster". Peace might well break out...Satan would be so displeased...where would he get his regular bloodfeasts?

But, finally, back to the question of this post. Why did Trump switch horses in midstream? IMO, he did it because Erdogan finally told him to fish or cut bait. Either to stand with a fellow NATO ally, Turkey...or risk having that crucial (may I use the word "indispensable"?) ally, Turkey, due to its strategic location guarding the Strait of Bosporus, go even further over to the Russian camp. Trump/and his Pentagon supporters...which by no means are the entire Pentagon staff...were caught between a rock and a hard place. Trump finally had to make an actual decision...rather than just piss into the wind which is what he's been doing since he took office.

Trump is going to be very disappointed that, in spite of taking such a risk [of incurring Jewish opprobrium/deceptive retaliation] to maintain the NATO alliance between US and Turkey...Turkey will NOT cancel the S-400 deal with Russia. Hey, Erdogan, unlike 90% of the American/Western public, does NOT have the memory of a flea. Erdogan clearly remembers who was behind the Gulanist attempt to topple/assassinate him. Erdogan learned in a very hard way what side his bread is buttered on. He desperately needs those S-400 anti-missile systems to maintain Turkish sovereignty--and his own life.

The greencrow flies high and gets the very big picture. In this case...what has really happened here is that Trump...and his rag/tag band of Pentagon anti Deep State supporters...have ALSO gone over to the Rooskies and are now also, de facto, asking for Putin's protection. Just like Erdogan and Mohamed bin Salman before them. Putin now knows that he'll never get a more amenable USrael leader than Trump--who blinked at imminent war between Turkey and US. Putin now also knows that the circle has formed...the circle of wagons...if you will. Outside, are the Deep State Satanic forces...gnashing their teeth...plotting their next move.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Merry Christmas to All

Christmas Elves and Other Cheerful Things
Wishing you all the Best for a 
Merry Christmas 2018

Time to take a break from blogging... and other regular activities for a few days... and get immersed in the Joys of the Season.  Time to get close to family and friends who become separated from us by time and space during the year.  Time to indulge in memories.  Simple things like old ornaments and decorations taken out and viewed with the eyes of experience...and yearning for the time of innocence.  Christmas is a time of, and for, children...and miraculously, it awakens the child in all of us...if only for a fleeting moment.

Best wishes to all my treasured readers and blogging colleagues.


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Hypocrite Chrystia Freeland Pontificates to Chinese: "Canada Governed by Rule of Law"

Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister - Chrystia Freeland

Rarely in Canadian history have we been subjected to the kind of rank hypocrisy that is emanating out of Ottawa on a regular basis these days.  Oh, I don't blame the "puppets du jour" walking the halls of power...I blame the sheeple who put up with them.  And I blame the non-existent M$M press "journalists" who accept and adhere to the "D-Memos"....forbidding press coverage of "certain issues"... that are cascading down from lofty heights of the Washington snowflakes in an Ottawa blizzard.

Hypocrisy is the arrogant dichotomy between an entity's words vs action.  Witness the hypocrisy of le Dauphin's neo-Nazi supporting Canadian Foreign Minister, the Sorosian factotum, Chrystia Freeland.  Yesterday, she called for the immediate release of the two Canadians arrested by the Chinese...after Canada arrested a Chinese CEO based on arbitrary US Sanctions...made for political/economic reasons and NOT according to established International Law.  Please read the following snippets from the M$M and I will have more comments to follow:


U.S. joins Freeland in condemning 'arbitrary detention' of Canadians and calls for 'immediate release'

From the CBC

"We are deeply concerned by the arbitrary detention by Chinese authorities of two Canadians earlier this month and call for their immediate release," Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland said in a statement released this afternoon.
"I wish to express Canada's appreciation to those who have spoken recently in support of the rule of law as fundamental to free societies. We share with our partners the conviction that the rule of law is not a choice: it is the bedrock of democracy. Canada will not compromise nor politicize the rule of law and due process."


Greencrow says
:  lol.  Have you ever read such fucking bullshit in all your life?  Canada believes that the rule of law is not a choice?  What about the "Travesty of Justice" [according to a BC Appeals Court Judge] that took place regarding the two vulnerable patsies set up by the RCMP under the orders of the MosCIAd mole, CSIS? I wrote about them at length in my previous post.  "...Canada will not compromise nor politicize the rule of law and due process".  lol.  Not only WILL Canada compromise and politicize the rule of law and due process...but it will use million$ of Canadian taxpayer funds to do so--and will waste thousands of police man hours...creating a criminal false flag "sting" operation... all the while an illegal drug epidemic is raging....killing an average of one person a day in BC! 

Not only Will Canada aid and abet the scofflaws in the so-called "security agencies" by turning a blind eye to their crimes...but it will ex post facto order the press to cover up the Appeal Courts verdict which termed the police conduct a "Travesty of Justice".  And what about the government looking into who and what police and security agency leaders and policies created the "Travesty of Justice"?  No announcement on that...but there was a report in today's news that indicates the "reverence" that the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau and his henchwoman Freeland have for the Rule of Law and Due Process.  Here is this morning's headline:

"Short-staffed RCMP look at lifting ban on recruits with criminal records"

Greencrow concludes:
Canada might as well hire the sort of folks who have the same regard for the rule of law and due process as the so-called "leaders".

Thursday, December 20, 2018

UPDATED: "Canadian Terror Patsies" Walk Free...but Media Cover-up Begins re "TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE"

UPDATED:  December 20, 2018  I just checked the front pages of the three "national" newspapers in Canada, the CBC, The Globe and Mail and the National Post. NONE of these papers contains any reference to the fact that the Appeals Court Justice called the RCMP/CSIS behaviour of entrapping Nuttall and Korody a "Travesty of Justice".  No one is calling the Prime Minister, the Attorney General of Canada or any politicians to task over this shocking revelation. In fact, it would appear that a "cover up" has been set in that these kinds of taxpayer-paid-for police/security agency criminal exploitations of vulnerable citizens for foreign policy subservience and Deep State agendas can happen again.  NOTE:  Regular Commenter on this blog, "Reading Between The Lines" has just advised that a paper finally has the guts to write about the issue.  Here is the link to that paper. Thanks RBTL!

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody
Set Free Today from Canadian Security Agencies
Efforts to Use them as Terror Patsies way back in 2013

I HAVE UPDATED THIS POST. SEE LAST PARAGRAPHS FOR DETAILS.  As regular readers know, I have been following this local story for years.  In my opinion, this legal decision is the most significant decision in Canadian history...during my lifetime, anyway.  This decision reinforces the fundamental legal principle that "no one is above the law"...not even the police or security agencies.  Please read the report and I will have more comments to follow:

From News 1130
B.C. couple found guilty of plotting to bomb legislature to walk free
John Nuttall-Amanda Korody's convictions had been stayed due to entrapment, abuse of process

"The judge said police used deceit and veiled threats to engineer the bomb plot."

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – A couple found guilty of plotting to set off pressure cooker bombs outside the provincial legislature have had their convictions stayed.

The BC Court of Appeal has agreed with a lower court judge who said the RCMP officers manipulated John Nuttall and Amanda Korody into going ahead with the attack planned for Canada Day 2013.

A jury initially convicted the two on several charges in 2015, but the judge tossed them out months later because of issues with the investigation.

More to come…


Wanting to get this posted ASAP, I will save my detailed summation of the significance of this decision for a later time.  Suffice it to say that this "travesty of justice" has been a powder keg ticking "time bomb" in Canada for years.  Now that the ruling reinforces the rule of law in Canada...there will be huge ramifications for the government, the security agencies and the victims, John Nuttall and Amanda Korody.  The couple can now get themselves good lawyers and sue the pants off the government, the RCMP and CSIS [aka the USrael mole in Canada], which in my opinion was the "brains" behind the operation...getting the RCMP to do its dirty work.  It won't be the first time the Canadian government has had to pay million$ to victims of miscarriage of justice resulting from corruption in the "security agencies"...actually malfeasance is a regular event here in Canada.

The timing is also significant.  After this decision has been delayed [justice delayed justice certainly I said time after time] for so many years...why now?  Why indeed, when Canada has recently been betrayed by the government/security agencies in USrael, recently, after toadying up to them and arresting the Chinese CEO...then being left hung out to dry by them.

If there is a thorough "Royal Commission" investigation into this travesty, which I believe there should be, then we can all follow the smell of Deep State Corruption...right back to the cesspool in Langley, Virgina...the home of the MosCIAd.  These patsy/Terror bomb FALSE FLAG capers were SOP and still are--all over the West.  Just in this case, the RCMP botched the assignment so badly that the public was able to surmise what has been going on...well, at least the 33% of the public with two brain cells to rub together anyway.  As the 1130 report says...

...more to come.

UPDATE:  December 19, 2018  According to Global News the lawyer for Amanda Korody said the following today:
"....Sandford said she feels Wednesday’s decision sends a clear message.

“I think that the court has drawn a line and underscored that these type of American-style sting operations… are not going to be tolerated here and that we have a strong and robust principle of entrapment that the courts are going to uphold.”...
Greencrow says: Canadians need and deserve to know the history of this "travesty of justice". It was much more than a "sting operation". It was a potential False Flag. Perhaps under different dynamics the "security agencies" would have allowed it to follow its course and citizens could have been killed... as they have been in other similar cases. It signals deep corruption on the part of the government, the police and CSIS.  Remember the million$ in police salaries, including overtime?  Who made the corrupt decisions?  Are these individuals still in positions of power in Canada??????  Watch the government, the M$M and particularly the "security agencies" go into desperate damage control mode. After the previous "Travesties of Justice" in the Omar Khadr and Maher Arar cases [amongst many others]...will we be suckered again? Or, this time will some intrepid investigative team or preferably a Royal Commission....FINALLY trace the stench of the Nuttall/Korody matter right back to its source...IMO, in Langley, Virginia?

Monday, December 17, 2018

Yellow Vests = Perception Management + Crowd Control Drills + Coded Deceptive "Show of Ziofascist Power"

Staged Protests as a Covert/Deception sign of Power?

Is it over yet?  I don't watch the Main$stream Media news regularly so I don't know.  I'm referring to the latest effort at mass mind control called the "Yellow Jackets" demonstrations in the streets of France.  There are still a few articles about it posted on the Internet...but all the contrived commotion seems to be subsiding...just prior to the Christmas Season.  What was it really all about?  As you can see from the headline of this post, the greencrow has some opinions.

Having watched the geopolitical scene for about 60 + years now, I'm in a position to notice repeating patterns.  Street demonstrations in France and Paris particularly are as regular as the moon...rising and disappearing into the morning mists.  There was a huge student revolt in Paris in 1968 and many smaller ones since.  Of course our "history" books [inevitably written by the winners] say the proclivity to demonstrate in the streets dates back to the French revolution.

The French Revolution in Retrospect

Even that "official" version is now being subjected to alternative revisionism and some analysts/bloggers detect the same old, same old forces behind the original "reign of terror" and the regular eruptions since.  

Looking at the phenomenon through the lens of current mind control exerted on humanity by the Rothchild/Khazar controlled mass media I see three major elements:  

First:  Perception Management

Yellow Vests = Perception Management

A French news channel was caught doctoring a Yellow Vest sign to remove the word "Resign" after the name of the French Leader Macron

French News Channel Caught Doctoring & Changing Sign Of Yellow Vest Protester

M$M Sign #1 "Macron Resign"

M$M Sign #2 "Macron" - [Edited]

Greencrow says:
  RT is reporting that there are some staged formats and archetypes inserted into the demonstration to subliminally "message" Jewish propaganda... like the Zombie-like "illuminati" women of "Eyes Wide Shut" fame....

Mysterious half-naked ‘Mariannes’

These silver-painted women in blood-red hoodies, posing as the national revolutionary icon, clearly added a new flavor to the demonstrations. Standing silently in front of police and gendarmes in full gear, the women made quite an impression on social media. Many users admitted that they loved these Mariannes and appreciated their symbolism.

Anti Christmas characterizations of "Santa Claus" as a vandal....

Christmas is coming

With five weeks of never-ending protests, first against fuel tax hikes and then against Emmanuel Macron’s policies, the demonstrators were reminded that Christmas is approaching. Several Santa Clauses added a festive mood to scuffles on Saturday.

Direct references to Hollywood Propaganda Movies like "La La Land"

Yellow La La Land

The A7 motorway, linking Lyon and Marseille, was blocked by protesters for several hours on Saturday. Yet one dancing team didn’t miss a chance and, inspired both by the movie ‘La La Land’ and the Yellow Vests, made a hip hop video. Bouncing to the tunes, they re-enacted the opening scene of the movie.

….and positive identification of "the People" with Police other words...the Police, even though they represent and enact State Power are in actual fact your friends....

Armored vehicle of peace

The heavy armored vehicles belonging to Gendarmerie – French military police – have been a frequent site at the protests. One girl in Le Mans city put on quite a special costume – a personalized wheelchair (also in vivid yellow colors) imitating the vehicles, and bearing the statements ‘Peace force’ and ‘power of the people’.

All of which begs the question:

Who is paying for and supplying the vests?

Nothing is being said about who is sourcing the hundreds of thousands of yellow vests.  In recent "colour revolutions" we belatedly discovered that the entire demonstration "production" was being paid for by Jewish oligarch and Deep State operative George Soros.  Remember the pink pussycat hats?  Remember all the flags and paraphernalia of all the "colour revolutions" in the middle east and Europe?  The greencrow even has a Soros-paid for "peace" sign in her closet as I type...just as a reminder of how I was bullshitted and deceived into marching in a fruitless "peace" demonstration against the Iraq War in the early 2000's.  Now I realize that that demonstration was controlled entirely by the same entities that go around stoking and dousing human mass behaviours all over the world...and even here in Canada.

I'm not the only one who smells a rat.  Here are a few other links to inklings that the French demonstrations might be being coddled and used by the usual suspects to lull the sheeple into thinking they're "going somewhere" or "are in some kind of control over their destinies".  Much like they designed those slaughter house ramps to wind upwards in a lull the cattle prior to the slaughter.  The inevitable result?  No real reforms are ever made resulting from these demonstrations...which just serves to reinforce the feelings of hopelessness in yet another generation of human cattle.

Whenever I want to find out what contribution the Deep State is making to the public issue under discussion, I go to the lyin' BBC and "reverse read" whatever it has to report on the topic.  The BBC is not only a compulsive, pathological liar...but it is a reliable barometer of what the usual suspects are up to.  Here is RT reporting that the BBC is reporting that we should...

Pin it all on Russia???

The BBC can never resist the opportunity to tar Russia with whatever black brush is available on any given day...and...sadly, the sheeple lap it up like new mown hay. I hate to be this cynical and blunt, folks, but the mere fact you're being inundated with M$M newz about the demonstrations MEANS THAT THE USUAL SUSPECTS ARE BEHIND THEM.  There are public demonstrations going on all the time all over the world...but most of them you NEVER read about in the M$M.

But, as I said at the outset...there are many practical reasons for the perps to foster, control and financially support street demonstrations.  Not the least important is holding necessary "practice drills" just in case the sheeple should finally wake up.  What follows is a snippet of a report from the UK Daily Mail about a new form of chemical weapon which might be tested on the sheeple...ahem...I mean "demonstrators".  Please read and I will have final comments to follow:

Second:  Crowd Control Drills

"....French security forces are ready to smother the centre of Paris with a ‘last resort’ chemical weapon in a bid to keep protesters away from key buildings, it has emerged.
Astonishing revelations about the debilitating powder – which can be spread across an area the size of six football pitches in just ten seconds – highlights the increasing desperation of President Emmanuel Macron’s administration as it faces up to a law and order crisis.
There were 168 arrests in Paris on Saturday alone as the demonstrators – who are named after their high visibility jackets – fought running battles with police, who responded with water cannon, baton charges and tear gas.
Now senior officers have confirmed that some of the 14 armoured cars deployed by gendarmes contained ‘a radical device that was only to be used as a last resort’ against their own citizens.
A gun-like distributor on the vehicles’ turrets can spray the powder over 430,500 sq. ft. in ten seconds, Marianne magazine reports.
The high-density noxious product contains the same power as 200 tear gas grenades, and is designed to knock people out indiscriminately in an emergency.
A source at the Paris police prefecture said: ‘If a large crowd forced barriers through the security perimeter, then the powder would be used as a last resort in order to stop them.' …"
"....But it is sure to raise concerned questions among civic rights groups, as well as monitoring organisations, including the Hague-based Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, of which France is a member.
Colonel Richard Carminache, of the Gendarmerie, confirmed that the controversial devices had ‘never been used in cities to my knowledge.’
Each distribution would result in ‘a highly concentrated teargas cloud, the equivalent of 200 grenades in one go,’ said Col. Carminache, who added: ‘It’s best to run to get out’.
Teargas is classed as a chemical weapon, and is actually banned from warzones, in line with international agreements.
Yet French gendarmes and police – who have been criticised during the latest law and order crisis for acts of extreme violence against civilians – use it constantly.
In Britain, teargas use is heavily restricted, and never used indiscriminately against large crowds containing men, women and children, as happens in France."
Greencrow says:  Below is a video I watched last night.  An interview with a French demonstrator.  Having seen these types of "man in the street" interviews before, I recognized it as similar to the ones conducted with covert IC assets on 9/11.  Guys [likely intelligence operatives] in the street wearing baseball caps who defined the "official version" of the story even before the main$tream media presstitute puppets opened their mouths. The guy in the videos below mouthed all kinds of high minded rationale for the demonstrators...getting rid of taxes on the elderly, that kind of thing.  He blamed the entire "mess" in France on the banksters and usury.  But said that the police "seemed to be on our side".  This is what I have come to recognize as a "limited hang-out".  In any case...the man appeared to be handsome (i.e., telegenic) , well spoken and sympathetic...and...he wore a bight yellow vest.
Yellow Jacket Protester Blames
France's problems on Banks/Usury

Third:  Coded Messages/Reassurance of Continued Deception to Insiders

So, readers, in summary, we have been entertained, titillated and socially aroused by yet another staged and controlled public event...and, as always, ALL paid for by the simpleton taxpayers.  No doubt some clueless sheeple were swept up in it and were genuine demonstrators...but it was conceived, bankrolled and controlled from soup to nutz by the usual suspects.  They, themselves are laughing up their sleeves at how gullible and easily manipulatable the sheeple are.  They love to regularly reassure and congratulate themselves that the masses are hopelessly dumb, brainwashed...and that their crowd control techniques are adequate for continued global financial and social domination.

Move along, nothing [more] to see here.