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Western Neo-Nazi Supporters Planning Next Move in Donbass

Donetsk Leader Alexander Zakarchenko
 - recently assassinated by the poppy-wearing
 Neo-Nazi Supporting Ziofacists
in the West

Now that the Western Charlatan Leaders have gone through their yearly November 11th hypocritical ritual of pretending to mourn the dead and regret the death and destruction of the past wars--that killed millions of innocents...they can return to their normal business agenda...fomenting more wars to feed the craw of the Military Industrial, Ziofascist, Globalist Warmongering Bankster Cabal.

The republics of the former eastern Ukraine, ethnic Russian Donetsk and Lugansk, have recently held elections.  The results confirmed their resilience and determination to follow their own destiny, in spite of the non-stop Kiev Junta military aggression usually conducted by way of middle of the night bombings of civilian neighbourhoods but also by way of cold-blooded assassinations of leaders...such as Alexander Zakarchenko, photo above.  This non-violent electoral determination was responded to by the West simply by repudiating the authenticity of the elections themselves...thus denying the Donbass the right to even voice its democratic will.  Such a response only serves to push the Donbass further into the orbit of the Russian Federation...and to negate the Minsk Peace Process.  Minsk was the peace formula spearheaded by Putin...which the West reluctantly engaged in only to save the sorry a$$es of their legion of Neo-Nazi militants who had been surrounded in the Debaltsevo Cauldron.  

If the West attacks the Donbass again, there'll be no saving the rag tag bunch of foreign-backed mercenaries they send. "Finish them off!"  will be the cry from those Novorossiyans, still deep in grief over the cold-blooded murders of their slain war heroes: "Motorola", "Givi" And Zakarchenko.

Recent rumours coming out of the corrupt Western-occupied Ukraine capital of Kiev, is that their leader, Poroshenko, is busily tying up business loose ends, with a view to fleeing the bankrupted nation ahead of the coming Ukraine elections, in which polls he's running behind the opposition in double digits.  More about this later. Please read the excellent assessment by Canadian geopolitical analyst, Christopher Black.  I found this on the blog Aletho  I will have final comments to follow:


The Donbass Dilemma
By Christopher Black – New Eastern Outlook – 16.11.2018

The November 11th elections of the leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples Republics along with the members of their People’s Councils has again underlined the dilemma facing Ukraine, its NATO masters, and Russia for, as Tass reported, the result makes it very clear that there is a high level of support among the peoples of the Donbass for integration with Russia.

It is a dilemma for the NATO puppet regime in Kiev since the political solidity of the Republics remains even in the face of the assassinations of Donbass leaders that have taken place since 2014 including that of Donetsk leader Alexander Zakharchenko in August of this year and in the face of the constant state of siege under which the peoples of the republics live as they resist the attempts to break them. The regime in Kiev is once again forced to recognise that it rules a divided country that is a direct result of the NATO backed putsch that put them in power and the attempts to suppress the Russian language, culture and influence in Ukraine that immediately followed that putsch.

The Russian government on Tuesday the 13th stated as much, ever hopeful, at the OSCE in Vienna,

Russia believes that Sunday’s elections … represent a major step towards dialogue between Donbass and Kiev on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements.

That belief can only be based on the fact that the elections confirm the political integrity and will of the peoples of the Donbass republics and confirm the failure of the Kiev state of siege to break them. This should, hope the Russians, force NATO and Kiev back to the Minsk agreements and a compromise political solution. But there is little chance of that when the immediate response of the US government was to condemn the elections.

Their State Department spokesperson said on the 12th,

The United States joins our European Allies and partners in condemning the November 11th, sham elections in Russia controlled eastern Ukraine. Yesterday’s illegitimate processes were an attempt by Moscow to institutionalise its Donbass proxies, the so-called …Republics. These entities have no place within the Minsk agreements or within Ukraine’s constitutional government, and they should be dismantled along with their armed formations.

It is in fact a declaration of war, founded on lies. One of them is that Russia has already annexed the territories of the republics when it has not, the other that the peoples governments are just Russian stage sets when they have proven that they are truly representative of the peoples of the Donbass and often have conflicting views with Russia on how to move forward. The third lie is that the Republics have no place in the agreements when in fact the agreements were all about the special status of the republics, or “regions” and the nature of their “interim self-government.”

The Americans finished by stating they regard the elections as a violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and that they will continue their illegal economic warfare against Russia, under the quasi-legal guise of “sanctions,” adding in for good measure, until Russia surrenders “its control of Crimea to Ukraine”.

The fact that this is the same United States that, as it spoke, was in illegal occupation of Afghanistan, and Syria, had bombed and occupied Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya, set up the illegal status of the Serbian province of Kosovo as its puppet state under a confessed war criminal, Hashim Thaci, constantly violates the territorial integrity of China and threatens the DPRK and Iran with imminent attack. This is the same government that was involved in the overthrow of the legitimate government of Ukraine in 2014, revealing the other lie in the American statement because Ukraine does not have a legitimate, constitutional government representative of the people but one riddled with Nazis and ultra reactionary forces willing to sell their country to the Americans and Germans. The evidence of members of the present Kiev regime being involved, along with foreign snipers, including US Army snipers, in the killings in the Maidan in Kiev in 2014 is strong evidence that the shootings, chaos and final putsch were an organised NATO operation to install a puppet regime.

It is a dilemma for NATO because with the putsch they had hoped to secure control of the big naval base at Sevastopol and place their battle formations directly on Russia’s border. Russia’s quick action of acceding to the request of the Crimean people to have a referendum on Crimea’s integration with Russia saved both the Russians living there from the nightmare of rule by the Nazi infected regime of Poroshenko and saved their strategic base from falling into NATO’s hands. Instead of the quick victory they had hoped for NATO are faced with a determined opposition from two buffer states that are closely allied to and supported by Russia while stuck with a corrupt and incompetent cabal in Kiev that cannot deliver what they want, complete control of Ukraine.

For Russia the dilemma is whether to absorb the republics into Russia or maintain the very messy status quo of stalemate and siege and the danger of being dragged into a larger war in Ukraine. Integration would have a number of advantages, including bringing under Russian control the mining and industrial strength of those republics, the loyalty of their people, their military experience and resources, and a resolution of the stalemate. On the other hand the Russian leadership fears that integration will be deemed by the NATO gang as an “invasion and annexation” of Ukraine and would be used as a pretext for a wider war against Russia. A wider war can lead to a nuclear war something that Russia, unlike the United States, wants to avoid. But as we see they are already accused of annexing those territories, and that propaganda narrative is not going to change.

And so, the stalemate remains. The dilemma remains. The peoples of the Donbass have expressed their wish. They have shown their courage and their determination, their resilience. They cannot be ignored. But neither can the real concerns of the Russian government. The Minsk Accords of 2015 provide a workable framework for a political resolution that requires compromises to be made. The Donbass republics and Russia have tried to adhere to the agreements consistently while Kiev and NATO violate them at every turn and maintain a state of siege against civilian populations and cities, with daily bombardments, small but deadly engagements, always the threat of larger ones, assassinations, committing war crimes on a daily basis, all supported by the NATO democracies who, as they spent November commemorating the war dead of the past, at the same time celebrated the large scale military exercises they are holding in Norway; practice for an attack on Russia.

The United States, unpleasant as it is to tell you, seizes every opportunity for bloodshed, like a raven flying to the stink of carrion. One day its unbounded greed will deliver the fate it deserves, but its leadership is not interested in political solutions that involve compromise. They want everything. In the case of Ukraine it is clear with the assassination of Zakharchenko that their intention is to resolve the problem with war. Their reaction to the elections confirms it.

Everything the American government does points to war. Not that the world is not already at war. When has it not been, and when has the United States and it allies not been behind them? But the very quick build up of economic warfare on Iran, China, Russia, the DPRK, the rejection of nuclear arms treaties under pretexts, the continuous series of military exercises surrounding Russia, Iran, China, the occupation of Afghanistan, the reactivation of the US 2nd Fleet, the ever hysterical anti Russian, and now beginning to build, anti-Chinese propaganda, are signs they have a military solution in mind in order to solve their problems.

For Russia and the Republics the way out of the dilemma is good will, negotiations and a peaceful resolution. For the US and its allies the way out is more hostility, diktats and violence. Is there an answer?

Clausewitz gives us a clue when he says,

“Since war is not an act of senseless passion but is controlled by its political object, the value of the object must determine the sacrifices to be made for it in magnitude and also in duration. Once the expenditure of effort exceeds the value of the political object, the object must be renounced and peace must follow.”

Russia is saying simply, “your war, your siege, your assassinations, your “sanctions” have failed. The elections are a statement of strength and determination to resist. You cannot subdue them. You must abandon the effort and restore the peace. To continue is illogical, an act of stupidity, a danger to the world. The risks are not worth the object.”

Unfortunately, we all know the NATO leadership is locked into their self created fantasies and delusions and so cannot perceive reality or comprehend it when they do, any more than the captain and officers of the NATO Norwegian frigate that, despite all its high tech gear, were unable to see what was right in front of them and collided with a slow moving oil tanker and then sank after returning from the NATO exercise in the area; because they believed in their own infallibility. But this is how all wars start, with delusions, with insanity.

Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto. He is known for a number of high-profile war crimes cases and recently published his novel Beneath the Clouds.

Greencrow says:  A very big rat is about to jump into the Black Sea to flee the sinking ship that is Western-occupied Ukraine.  Prime Minister Poroshenko, the always somewhat reluctant oligarch leader of the Kiev Junta occupation government of Western Ukraine, is tidying up his business affairs and preparing to flee, once his destiny is sealed in the upcoming election...or perhaps even before.  According to this report, he's in the middle of negotiations over his extended business enterprises with two potential buyer groups.  One is a bunch of other corrupt Ukraine oligarchs and the second is a Western-backed group led by none other than " Dmitry Firtash and two high-ranking members of the US Democratic Party, with the support of Joe Biden and Michael Pence."

Now, I just wonder who will win the negotiations and take over Poroshenko's extensive Ukraine business interests?  Anybody wanna make a guess?  That is all it was about, folks, yet another "economic hit" by the usual hitmen.  That, and a little bit of MIC gravy thrown in...the potential take-over of the Russian naval base in Sevastopol, Crimea.  Unfortunately for the usual perps, it all went sideways when Putin decided to draw a line in the Crimean sand.  Terminal hubris strikes again...and all that's left is a bankrupt country that costs a fortune to maintain...with all its closed businesses/industries and unemployed population [sans those Ukrainians who are fleeing the country...mainly for Russia!]

Russia was always saddled with propping up Ukraine when it was part of the USSR and thereafter "just because".  But now that it's occupied by the West, Russia is unexpectedly freed of this colossal financial burden and can simply stand by and watch the slow-motion economic collapse.

The only happy souls out of all of this are the banksters.  They've set up the global system so that they win, no matter what.  If Ukraine goes belly-up, they win because they can pick off the corpse like the vultures they are.  If war breaks out with Russia...or even if the stalemate persists with perpetual military harassment on Russia's border with Ukraine, they also win because then they can feed the maws of their Military Industrial Complex they get a psychotic rush from all the blood spilled. So for them it is, and always will be, "win win".

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