Saturday, November 10, 2018

US Military Woefully Unprepared for World War - but Satanic Element driving towards cliff anyway

Example of America's Handiwork - Benghazi, Libya

The Saker has a must read article from up on his blog this morning.  As we are pummeled again by the relentless series of false flag and/or false flag hoax "mass casualty events"--as dutifully reported by the failed Hollywood scriptwriter bullsh!t that passes for newz these is important, and a source of emotional relief to read the article below, which explains why the USrael Deep State is so desperate for mass distraction/manipulation.  Please watch the video and/or read the entire report as reported in The Saker.  I have posted only two sections of the report below and will have my own comments to follow:

Why the U.S. Military is Woefully Unprepared for a Major Conventional Conflict
"...Institutional Corruption

If one had to identify the main reason behind the utter failure of the U.S. political establishment and military leadership, both civilian and in uniform, to identify and prioritize weapons programs and procurement that was truly in line with the national defense needs of the country, it would be the institutional corruption of the U.S. military industrial complex. This is not a fault of one party, but is the inevitable outcome of a thoroughly corrupted system that both generates and wastes great wealth at the expense of the many for the benefit of the few.

Massive defense budgets do not lead to powerful military forces nor sound national defense strategy. The United States is the most glaring example of how a nation’s treasure can be wasted, its citizens robbed for generations, and its political processes undermined by an industry bent on maximizing profitability by encouraging and exacerbating conflict. At this point it is questionable that the United States’ could remain economically viable without war, so much of its GDP is connected in some way to the pursuit of conflict.

There is no doubt that the War Department was renamed the Department of Defense in an Orwellian sleight of hand in 1947, just a few years after end of World War II. The military industrial complex grew into a monolith during the war, and the only way to justify the expansion of the complex, was by finding a new enemy to justify the new reality of a massive standing military, something that the U.S. Constitution expressly forbids. This unlawful state of affairs has persisted and expanded into a rotten, bloated edifice of waste. Wasted effort, wasted wealth and the wasted lives of millions of people spanning every corner of the planet. Tens of thousands of brave men and women in uniform, and millions of civilians of so many nations, have been tossed into the blades of this immoral meat grinder for generations.

President Donald Trump was very proud to announce the largest U.S. military budget in the nation’s history last year. The United States spent (or more accurately, borrowed from generations yet to come) no less than $874.4 billion USD. The declared base budget for 2017 was $523.2 billion USD, yet there are also the Overseas Contingency Operations and Support budgets that have to be considered in determining the total cost. The total DOD annual costs have doubled from 2003 to the present. Yet, what has the DOD really accomplished with so much money and effort? Very little of benefit to the U.S. tax payer for sure, and paradoxically the exorbitant waste of the past fifteen years have left every branch of the U.S. military weaker.

The U.S. Congress has the duty and responsibility of reigning in the military adventurism of the executive branch. They have the sole authority to declare war, but more importantly, the sole authority to approve the budget requests of the military. It is laughable to think that the U.S. Congress will do anything to reign in military spending. The Congress and the Senate are as equally guilty as the Executive in promoting and benefitting from the military industrial complex. Envisioned as a bulwark against executive power, the U.S. Congress has become an integral component of that complex. No Senator or Representative would dare to go against the industry that employs so many constituents within their state, or pass up on the benefits afforded them through the legalized insider-trading exclusive to them, or the lucrative jobs that await them in the defense industry and the many think tanks that promote continued prosecution of war...."


The United States stands at a crossroads in many respects, and the nation’s military equally so. All empires experience a period of over-expansion, military, economic and political over-reach and imbalance. The United States has followed in the wake of the many imperialist endeavors before it, with apparently little lessons having been learned. Imperialism is the inevitable result of power devoid of wisdom and humility. A nation borne out of a revolution against empire and absolutism has itself devolved into a much more dangerous and immoral avatar of its former oppressor. This must change.

While Defense Secretary Mattis clearly acknowledged the need to transform the U.S. military and realign it in a direction more focused on fighting and winning a conventional conflict with the near peer adversaries he identified as Russia and China, one can only hope that he realizes how the U.S. military that he served in for decades, got to the deplorable state that it now finds itself in. The greatest enemy that the U.S. military has fought for the past seventy years is undoubtedly the military industrial complex that it is an integral component of. The Soviet Union, North Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, and Syria were never as much of a threat to the U.S. Armed Services as the corrupt military industrial complex and the Deep State that serves as its guardian.

The United States military is in the weakest state of material strength and readiness since the conclusion of the Cold War. The conventional ground forces of the Army have been transformed into a force bent on occupation and counterinsurgency. Its heavy armored formations are in a state of disrepair and material inferiority vis-a-vis its most capable theoretical adversaries. The cornerstone of American power projection and intimidation, the aircraft carrier strike groups, are a sad shadow of their former self. The carrier air wing, the entire reason that an aircraft carrier exists in the first place, has devolved into a tool of increasingly limited utility, with an ever diminishing reach.

The corrupt military industrial system that permeates every facet of American economic, political and even cultural life has sucked the very lifeblood from the nation, eroded its morality, bankrupt its economic future, and stolen a generation of its most patriotic and selfless sons and daughters. While James Mattis acknowledges the challenges facing the national security of the United States, he clearly misattributes the blame and misidentifies the very real adversary. Russia and China are not existential threats to the continued welfare of the American state. James Mattis need only look in the mirror to see the real threat, for he has come to represent the cabal of special interests that enslaves the nation and constitution he has pledged to serve, and holds the remainder of the world equally hostage.

There is very little chance that the reforms mentioned in this analysis will be adopted, or that the United States will move in a direction that brings it back to its inception as a constitutional republic. The interests of the military industrial complex in promoting conflict, and maximizing financial profit will continue to steer the United States military, and the nation as a whole, on an unsustainable and self-destructive path. There is little doubt that if the Deep State pushes the nation to war against Russia or China, and likely an alliance of the two, that the United States military has ever been in a weaker position. Such a conflict would be of no benefit to any of the nations concerned, yet many potential flash points exist that could lead to a conflict, including the South China Sea, Syria or Ukraine. As the United States plays catch-up after decades of military adventurism, China and Russia have spent that same time patiently and judiciously gathering their strength. The scenario of a one-sided victory in favor of the United States is pure fantasy, existing only in the daydreams of the emperor who wears no clothes."

Greencrow says:  The second last paragraph in this analysis mirrors what I have been saying about the United States since beginning to comment on Internet forums in 2003 and then starting up this blog in 2006. It is what all my alternative blogger colleagues have been saying on their blogs as well.  Particularly this sentence, which, in the aftermath of the eventual final showdown, should be engraved on the national tombstone of the USA:

"...The corrupt military industrial system that permeates every facet of American economic, political and even cultural life has sucked the very lifeblood from the nation, eroded its morality, bankrupt its economic future, and stolen a generation of its most patriotic and selfless sons and daughters....James Mattis need only look in the mirror to see the real threat, for he has come to represent the cabal of special interests that enslaves the nation and constitution he has pledged to serve, and holds the remainder of the world equally hostage..."

The author of the excellent report from Southfront leaves the responsibility for the demise of the United States as we knew it on the doorstep of the Military Industrial Complex.  That, IMO, does not go far enough.  Who or what within the MIC possesses within their DNA the unified tribal narcissism, the psychopathology, the greed, the blood lust, the voracious, relentless craving for power at all levels from dogcatcher on up through the legal, medical, educational systems, etc?  In other words, Who is/are the representative(s) of satanic forces here on earth?  Because what we are really facing in the near future is the war that Milton described in his epic poem "Paradise Lost".


wallflower said...

Hi Greencrow...
It's curious that you mentioned Milton's Paradise Lost...when just late Thursday into Friday California 'camp fires' totally wiped out towns in just minuets to include Paradise, CA.

For me the matter of waking up America is and is going to be harsher than not. The drunkeness of wealth/power/pride/freedom to do anything whether right or wrong...the zombie manipulative powers of tv/smartphone society to feel no pain nor to know no pain...has its limits. As I've mentioned several times before to say "thanks" to my warning northern friends, many don't give a damn about anyone else except themselves. To them I say goodbye and good riddance because [" and stolen a generation of its most patriotic and selfless sons and daughters."] just doesn't get it for me. They knowingly sign their name for murder with pay from the beginning. I am one American sick and tired of hearing about the military (as I was a spouse for many years who worked on bases for many of those years) defending this sorry ass nation full of fat and over populated monsters devoid of morality. No one (except for Vietnam) makes them sign their name. And even Vietnam War couldn't have held that many antiwar fodder in the US prisons. I have been on the receiving end of these arrogant jerks and care not to ever see them again. I hate the way this once beautiful land devoid of white settlers used to the land can't even grow corn without severe GMO's and poisonous sprays, killing the most basic natural life there is. No one even stops on the road to let them pass...they just run them over. Utterly unforgivable. California is just a glimpse into what is waiting for the rest of this stench hellhole.

greencrow said...

Hi Wallflower:

Thanks for your excellent, thoughtful comment. As the article in my post intimated...the enemy of the US is within. I find the spate of wildfires in California very suspicious...they way they suddenly get fanned by winds and out of control. Sounds like more geo-engineered extreme weather wars to me.

Why? To move populations around. The cataclysmic hurricanes and tornadoes are for the same reason. They want to move populations black people away from prime lands, send Americans up to Canada to further dilute our cultural/social/political cohesion...[that's a laff].

As the Southfront analysis concluded...Americans need to realize that their greatest enemy is the Deep State MIC operating from within...and to rid themselves of this mortal enemy...they will need to dissolve the federal government that the parasites have attached themselves to in a death spiral.

Anonymous said...

You said
, Who is/are the representative(s) of satanic forces here on earth? Because what we are really facing in the near future is the war that Milton described in his epic poem "Paradise Los
I say
Men in uniform
They enforce everything that is bad

The fires
What timing
A madman shooting people
Hell on earth
I always thought it was the Mexicans
I heard in a video a radical talking about how the white man Is dying out and that they want California,Texas and Arizona back

I read somewhere that back in time,fire destruction was done as warfare and I was telling someone that and they agreed.

Your idea of moving populations around,that is what I used to think
Only I believe flooding is done by the town tyrants in the hopes of grabbing land and the same for coatal flooding or whatever
Manipulating things for local scum so they can develop and start over

There are many ways you can twist it
I listen to Farrahkan and he said it is gods wrath or the spaceship above earth
For one thing I know he loves what is going on and you could say it is his people
Or Like Duke says
Diversity will topple this place for instant justice is on its way

We came here and was the minority
Then our friends came here and when we outnumbered the land owners we showed them how friendly we are and claimed ownership

Now all dark skins are coming here as submissive and thankfull

Once we get outnumbered

They will show us what we showed the natives

That is my take

wallflower said...

Hi again GC...It's been so long since having internet, I spent the day browsing around. Not trying to be off topic but I found this video to elaborate on your comment about the weather and the manipulation of it. At the end of it you won't be surprised at who it is that worships extreme control and sovereignty over people or goyim. The faster time goes by the realization of the end seems to arrive... (and by this I envy my late mother's freedom of this horrible darkness)

Northerntruthseeker said...

Great article, Crow... Considering the fact that I posted this exact article from the Southfront website almost a month ago over at my blog!!

But the reality is of course that the lunatics running the asylum in the US Pentagram are indeed wanting a war, and any war right now for the US economy is in full collapse and the only way out that these freaks can think of is to have the US fighting a war to somehow boost their failing economy...