Friday, November 30, 2018

The "High Five" Slap Heard Around the World

Putin Gives Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman
a "High Five" at the G20 Meeting in Argentina

Lol.  This is why I LOVE geopolitics...such a combination of comedy, tragedy, and Chess moves.  Look at the screen capture in the video above.  Putin and the "officially disgraced" Mohammed bin Salman clutching hands...with Trump in the background looking non-plussed. lololol.

As I reported yesterday, Trump was forced to cancel his meeting with Russia's Putin by his handlers in the Deep State MosCIAd.  The Kremlin's reaction to hearing second hand about the cancellation?  Now Putin will have extra time to meet with other leaders.  Like Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman as shown above, no doubt.

Can you imagine?  Putin meeting with the leader of one of the staunchest Western "allies"? In fact the West does not actually have just has vassals. Saudi Arabia is one of the longest held captive.  As  I have previously opined, SA is planning to escape the clutches of USRAEL via its purchase of the state of the art defensive weaponry, the Russian S-400.

Once Saudi Arabia has the S-400 installed and no longer fears attack or invasion by USrael, it can move to kick all the Western operatives and moles out of the country and stop being a murderous, backward henchman/moneypit for the West.

Yes, the West has once again shot itself in the foot.  Or, as Putin likes to put it...."Not in the foot, exactly, but a bit higher up."

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Just another photo opp for the sheeple
baaaaaaaaaahah baaaaaaaaaaaaahhh
Means nothing