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Remembrance Day Post, November 11, 2018

Wooden Wreath with Bird and Poppy

I took the photo above just a few moments ago.  It's of a wreath currently hanging on our front door.  I made the wreath out of circles of discarded wood, and carved the little "comfort bird" perched on the wreath.  This year, I decided to add a poppy to the wreath, as a mark of respect for all the naïve and well meaning men and women who have been hoodwinked over the years to fight in wars rigged by the Khazarian bankster Jews.  As readers will learn by reading the concise history written and posted this morning by my blogging colleague, Northern Truthseeker, the "official stories" of the Wars I and II that have been shoved down our craws by the owned mainstream media and all our other institutions, including academic, have all been blatant lies. Please read the summation of the brutal truth about why we're "celebrating" Remembrance Day written by NTS, and I will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

Today of course marks the 100th anniversary of the surrender of German forces at the end of World War I "The Great War" as they signed the "armistice"..... This is the day that Canada and much of the UK Commonwealth has marked off as a day of remembrance for those who fought not only in the "Great War" but World War II, the Boer War, the Korean Conflict, the Vietnam War, and those other Rothschild controlled UN conflicts as so called "peace keepers".....

I for one am NOT here to slur or to take shots at those veterans who fought so bravely for what they believed was a "just" cause... Many of those soldiers fell for the propaganda at the time and believed that they were indeed fighting "on the right side" in these conflicts, and I will give them credit as well as honour their sacrifices.... However, I am in this for the truth and to state that in almost all of these conflicts, these men fought for absolutely the wrong cause and on the wrong side... They were sacrificed for the criminal Jewish banking maniacs who both caused and financed almost all of these conflicts....

Being a man of history, I have written already several key articles at this blog over the last decade explaining WHY the so called 'Great War' was fought and how that conflict was used to not only attempt the Jewish criminal elite's first attempt at a "One world government" under the disguise of the "League of Nations" but was also fought primarily to pave the way for the creation of the psychotic state of Israel with the imposition of the most diabolical Balfour Declaration that gave the region of Palestine illegally to the Rothschild banking cartel for them to eventually set up that criminal state....Some +30 Million soldiers and civilians were sacrificed in that conflict to also tear Europe apart, allow the deaths of millions of innocent white Gentiles, and to foment the creation of the Bolshevik revolution that seized the Russian Empire that eventually led to the bloodbath of some 60 million Russians dying at the hands of these Jewish monsters after the war....

The only real victors in that conflict were of course the Jewish bankers who made BILLIONS of dollars financing both sides in the conflict, plunging the world into debt enslavement, while making out like bandits from the profits as well as getting Palestine for their eventual criminal base of world wide operations... But of course they were not satisfied, for 21 years later they caused World War II to destroy Germany, make even more profits from financing the war economies, as well as to get their state of Israel off and running.. Wars are indeed 'banker's wars" or what should be properly called "Jewish banker's wars"...."

Greencrow says:  After all these years of "celebrating" Remembrance Day, it has become increasingly weird.  Why does "the West" continue to revive all those old memories of WWI and WWII...and deliberately ignore/downplay the significant numbers of soldiers and civilians who have died the Perpetual Wars for the Jews [Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Yemen]...not to mention the non-stop genocide going on in Palestine?  Well, the answer should be obvious.  Remembrance Day has become a distraction from all the "other wars".  I read somewhere the other day that an American was on one of those "gatekeeper" social medias...and insisted that America was not currently "at war".  lololol.  What a dumbass...but, sadly, there are probably millions like him...the subterfuge has been that successful.

The West likes to drag out all the old war stories regarding World Wars I and II because, unlike all the wars that have been staged since, "we won those wars"...the M$M is careful to ignore the truth that it was the efforts and sacrifices of millions of Russian soldiers that won WWI and WWII for us.  All the other wars are still dragging on and we don't like to point and draw attention to all the IED mines and "friendly fire" fragging that's going on in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan...nations that we're still trying to pillage, loot and destroy.

Another reason we like to brag about "beating" the Germans and the Japanese is a very important one.  We want to remind the world's populations that Germany and Japan are still "occupied" countries.  Should Germany and Japan [and South Korea] try to emerge from the state of occupation that they have been relegated to for 70+ years now and try to kick out the hundreds of thousands of occupation soldiers still in military bases on their soil, the West can easily revive all the old racist stereotypes...about "huns" and "gooks" that are trotted out on a subliminal level every year at this time.  We certainly don't want to draw people's attention to facts like the tiny country of Yemen [with the help of Iran and Hezbollah] is currently beating our ally, Saudi Arabia's sorry ass.  The fact of the matter is that the "West" has not won any war since the end of WWII and that is why we keep beating that old drum.

Finally, I wonder what the young people are thinking they watch those faded black and white movies of WWI and WWII, playing incessantly on the Talmudvision.  Do they even relate to those images?  Surely something must have happened over the past 70 years that THEY can identify with and be proud of...that they can find inspirational in order to march off to war.  It's getting a bit pathetic.

All those fading images of soldiers that fought in WWI and WWII...are looking more and more like the truth that they were...impossibly young and terminally naïve white gentile men being sacrificed to the greed of the Khazarian bankster Jews.


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all the gentle men gone but not forgotten.

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Yes, it would appear you're right. Aangirfan is currently gone off the Internet. Can you provide any further details about this most recent truth culling/psyops terror event? They would be most appreciated.


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