Wednesday, November 14, 2018

NASA wants Canada's taxpayer funds so it can make "Lunatics" out of all of us

Photo of "First Footprint on Moon"
PT Barnum would die of Envy
...if he were not already dead

What is it about Canada?  Perhaps it's our famous and legendary "sense of humour".  After all, we've produced more comedians per population than any other country on earth.  Jim Carrey, Mike Myers just to name two.  But the United States must think Canada as a whole is a joke.  Otherwise, why would they allow their "space agency" NASA [aka "Never A Straight Answer"] to make the ridiculous suggestion in the headline below?  In some respects, Canada is a bit ridiculous.  The second largest country on the face of the earth, defended by one of the world's most piss poor militaries--and virtually isolated from any nation that could actually defend it from the most predatory nation in the world--that just happens to be its next door neighbour. I could go on in that regard, but I digress.  

Please read the CBC report below .  I have inserted my comments in red and will have more thoughts in comments to follow:

NASA wants Canadian boots on the moon as first step in deep space exploration

[let's see some AMERICAN boots there first!]

U.S. is seeking support for its next-generation space station launching in 2021.

[The United States has never HAD a space station. The only space station in history is the Russian designed and built International Space NASA has never proved itself in this regard]

The head of the U.S. space agency said today he wants to see Canadian astronauts walking on the moon before long — part of a first step toward the farther reaches of space.
[No human has ever walked on the moon. Most sentient beings have accepted by now that NASA subjected them to one of the biggest hoaxes in history. Radiation belts surrounding earth--called the Van Allen Radiation belts--preclude human beings from traversing them into "outer space". NASA has even admitted as much in rare truthful interviews with NASA officials and "astronauts".]

Jim Bridenstine, administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, said he wants Canada's decades-long space partnership with the U.S. to continue as NASA embarks on the creation of its new Lunar Gateway.
The U.S. is seeking broad international support for the next-generation space station it is planning to send into orbit around the moon starting in 2021.
[Before sending a space station into orbit, NASA has to solve it's "rocket" problem. It simply has not been able to devise rocket engines with enough thrust to launch satellites into space...much less heavier space stations.]

Bridenstine said he wants Canada to contribute its expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics, and that could include a next-generation Canadarm on the Lunar Gateway and more Canadian technology inside.
[What "expertise" in artificial intelligence and robotics? Other than the "Canadarm", Canada is woefully behind other nations--like Russia and China--in this regard. Bridenstine is just trying to stroke Canada's ego so it can milk tax dollars for its next hoax....Hollywood calling!]

He said NASA wants to create a "sustainable lunar architecture" that would allow people and equipment to go back and forth to the moon regularly.
[The US has not been able to "go back and forth" to the moon regularly in 50 years, so what's changed? NASA has even somehow "lost" all the telemetric material [photos and videos] that "got it to the moon in 1969". The only thing that NASA is good at...and it is very, very bamboozling humanity's expense.]

Next stop: Mars

"If Canadians want to be involved in missions to the surface of the moon with astronauts, we welcome that. We want to see that day materialize," he told a small group of journalists in Ottawa today.
"We think it would be fantastic for the world to see people on the surface of the moon that are not just wearing the American flag, but wearing the flags of other nations."
[Having the Canadian "flag on the moon"! That's the vainglorious bait used by NASA to sucker yet another generation of dimwit sheeple!]

He said the return to the moon is a stepping stone toward a much more ambitious goal: exploration that could include reaching Mars in the next two decades.
[What was it that Barnum said" "There's a sucker born every minute!" And what was it that Goebbels said? "The bigger the lie, the more people will be taken in by it!"]

"The moon is, in essence, a proving ground for deeper space exploration," he said.
["The moon is, in essence, a proving ground to find out how many billions of new suckers we can make idiots out of around the world, how many distractions and TV infotainments we can produce.... and how much taxpayer dollars we can loot!"]

Bridenstine is in Ottawa for a large gathering of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, where speculation is running high about Canada's possible participation in the U.S. space program.
[...a large gathering of taxpayer-funded charlatans and suckers...all meeting at taxpayer's expense]

Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains, a vocal booster of Canada's AI hubs in Ontario and Quebec, is also scheduled to speak, along with one of Canada's former astronauts, Marc Garneau, the current federal transport minister.
On Dec. 3, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques will travel to the International Space Station on his first mission.
[The western media NEVER acknowledges that it is only due to Russia's generosity and willingness to share that the West is even associated with the International Space Station]

Greencrow says:  What a "puff piece" load of intelligence-insulting piffle!  If Canadians have any sense at all...they'll tell the NASA fraudsters to take their taxpayer-funded hoax plans and shove them where the sun don't shine...and I don't mean outer space!


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