Saturday, November 3, 2018

Hidden History: Ancient Map suggests the "Eye of Africa/Eye of the Sahara" might also be the Lost City of Atlantis

New theory of location of the
"Lost City of Atlantis"

Browsing the Internet yesterday, I "stumbled upon" a video on thetruthseeker which has caused me to re-examine some of my long held views.  In the video above, a young man "Jimmy" connects the dots between ancient history and the geological mystery that is "The Eye of Africa".  The theory he has come up with is that the "Eye of Africa or Eye of the Sahara" formally known as the Richat Structure may have been the location of the ancient "Lost City of Atlantis".

Here is the ancient map of the then known world, which has been attributed to the "first historian" Herodotus.  Please look at it closely and in particular the far western coast of what is now Mauritania, Africa.  You will see references to "Atlas" and "Atlantis"

Reconstruction of Herodotus World Map (ca. 450 B.C.)
The Richat Structure is located to the far left 
near where it says "Atlas"
(click on photo to enlarge)

In his video, Jimmy says there are compelling similarities between the geological formation called the Richat Structure and the drawings from ancient descriptions of what the City of Atlantis looked like...including a series of concentric circles [water-filled canals]...a central "pupil" to the Eye and the City Centre of Atlantis.  

It seems that the Richat Structure, located in what is now known as Mauritania, was once a wet, swampy area and may have devolved over millions of years due to volcanic eruptions/upheavals.  In spite of sporadic efforts by experts to solve the mystery of why such a perfectly formed series of rock circles evolved in such an arid and formidable location, even the Wikipedia entry concludes that the origin of the "Eye of Africa/Eye of the Sahara" is largely still a mystery.  One of the biggest anomalies is the variety of rare rocks located within the Richat Structure.  Please look at the series of photos of the Richat Structure below and I will have more thoughts to follow:

Richat Structure - photo taken from Space

Topographical rendition of Richat Structure

Richat Structure seen from Space
Richat Structure seen from earth (tiretracks are manmade)

Greencrow says:  After viewing the video above in its entirety, the first question, of many, that occurred to me was "Why didn't I already know this?"  That question, in and of itself, is a big red flag.  At my age, I know about most major anomalies on this planet that I've called home for going on seven decades now.  To have such a major geological anomaly come as a total surprise, truly made me wonder...was I not supposed to know this?!  I asked my husband if he knew about the "Eye of Africa/Eye of Sahara" and he also did not know about it.  Growing up in Sweden, my husband had a far better primary education than I did, particularly concerning geography and geology.

Why is there so little known, even today, about this anomaly? And why are there so many misconceptions out there, like this link, which points the reader who is searching for the lost City of Atlantis in the direction of Bolivia, of all places...when there already is an Atlantis/Atlas on the first ancient map of the known world.

Here are some artist's drawings of what Atlantis may have looked like, according to the descriptions of Herodotus and other ancient scribes:

Drawing of the City of Atlantis

Drawing of the City of Atlantis

Greencrow concludes:  Well, it just shows to go ya, if you live long enough you'll learn a lot more hidden history than if you die young. We learn something new every day is a maxim I've found to be more often true than not. Why has the story of Atlantis been kept a mystery/secret?  Well, it likely has something to do with the "official version[s]" of history [i.e., the Bible/Evolution] that we have been told for millennia...a spontaneous eruption of intelligent life....and which is constantly being undermined by mysterious findings all over the gigantic humanoid skeletons, huge labyrinths of tunnels and caves throughout the world, etc., etc.  I don't generally get into these topics on my blog because as soon as you do...the perps, by way of their paid Internet trolls, go nutZ and do their "tin-foil hat" number on you.

So, what I'm doing with this post is just lay it out like a neat waiter and invite my readers to "serve themselves".  As for me, what I've learned about the Richat Structure has expanded my base of probabilities regarding the mystery of Atlantis, plus adding to what I already know about theories regarding the Anunnaki etc. In my wildest imagination...perhaps the Richat Structure is where the Anunnaki landed and made their base camp, when they came to mine precious metals here on earth...and to create [by insertion of a "third" strand of DNA] a new species of "intelligent" hominids, suitable for use as their slaves/miners.  Perhaps that is why the perps don't want to draw attention to it.  And why is it even called the "Richat structure"?  That's a very good question. [NOTE: Richat means "Eye" in Arabic.]

Suffice it to say...just like everything else on this Planet...the reality is not what we've been and are being told.


HPrice said...

I've done a LOT of reading about Atlantis, and although I have watched the Youtuber mentioned, and I generally like his videos, it is my opinion that he is entirely wrong about this. Atlantis was a metaphor of sorts. It was to do with how a city state can come undone. And although the romantic in me would like for it to exist, it didn't.
However, Plato may have got inspiration from somewhere, say the island of Thera which exploded decimating the island and its population, or somewhere else.
Plato said that Atlantis was beyond the Pillars of Hercules (thought to be the Straits of Gibralter). So it was on either side of that, in the Mediterranean or the Atlantic. The geology of the Atlantic does not support anything like the size of Atlantis so it must have been the Med ... but of course, it didn't exist so it's something of a moot point :D.

Anyway, the past is a strange beast, and we know very little about it, so there is always room to be very wrong. But I don't think so in the case of Atlantis ... even though it would be very cool if it existed at all ...

greencrow said...

Hi HPrice

Thanks for your thoughtful comments. You say "the past is a strange beast" and I would is ancient to modern geology. What is now known as Mauritania and is largely desert, may have looked much different in ancient times.

What makes me think that there could have been an Atlantis and it could have been located somewhere is that we have experienced a complete "melt down" of official history in modern times beginning with 9/11 [although it probably started much earlier than that, even]. Sentient beings are being asked to believe wholly outrageous versions of history such as the lunar hoax, 9/11 and all the false flags [Sandy Hoax, etc.] that have occurred non stop since. Since humanity has constantly been duped as to history...our origins are likely fictitious as well.

Because of all lies we've been fed, we need to examine all the myths and legends as to perhaps being clues to the reality. The way things stand, we're being forced to accept as reality some outrageous myths and legends....shoved down our craw each and every day by the M$M.

So while I am also not convinced that the theory about Atlantis proposed by "Jimmy" in the video is fact...I'm saying that because of all the lies...everything is on the table when it comes to truth.